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Dear Dr. Nathan Richardson​,

Thank you for your communication.

It is with interest I looked at your United States Infographic Statistics 2017-20130, and am much impressed about your fascinating study.

(Let me cite here the relevant URL that would lead interested readers to reach your very interesting presentation there:

Ever since I recognised the TRUE causative factors of obesity, I have always been feeling bad whenever I read people referring to the so-called ‘bad’ lifestyle, referring particularly to NOT doing exercises to spend the over-consumed calories (‘sedentary lifestyle’) and all matters related to food, particularly fats, oils, carbohydrates (‘unutilised calories’) and the like.

In your work on US Infographic Statistics work, I could see references being made to fructose, calories, etc. as well.

I am of the firm opinion, based on my 43 years of study, that it is NOT just adipose tissue that gives rise to MORIBID OBESITY.

Overeating high calorie food and under-exercising may add on to the adipose build up in the COLD countries to SOME extent, but how about the hot-climate-prevailing equatorial countries?

Sheep in cold regions are designed to build adipose tissue at sub-cutaneous levels for purposes of withstanding freezing temperatures – hence, genetic! (If they are raised in Malaysia, for instance, they would not grow up bare-skinned.)

The tropical GOATS, even if raised in the cold climate, would NOT build a thick layer of fat under its skin – they would simply perish, for want of protection.

If one can attribute the obesity in people to fat-building in the TEMPERATE climate, how would you explain overweight & obesity build-ups in the very hot climate – among people of tropical origin?

My finding is: the adipose tissue build up in people of cold countries does occur, but only to an insignificant extent, and certainly NOT to the extent of giving rise to anything related to MORBID OBESITY-related diseases.

Again, what exactly is there in the ADIPOSE TISSUE (fat) that can give all of the major diseases that arise on attaining the obesity status?

Also, why is it that NOT all the obese people are not getting those dreadful diseases?

Unless you (I mean, all the scientists involved in obesity or related researches) accept my studies / findings / interpretations, you will not be able to provide a meaningful answer!

The reality, time and again I have traced, appears to be related NOT to over-eating AS SUCH, but to the extent to which the over-eaten food contains the mineral CALCIUM, and the extent to which that adds up to a level that is beyond the body’s tolerance limit – the threshold point!

When a person overeats, if he/she turns overweight and obese WITHOUT any of the diseases, only then THAT can be attributed to the build up of CALORIES.


If the overweight and obesity are caused due to the accumulation of CALCIUM as I have brought to recognition, then, no amount of starvation and calorie expenditure through any means would make the person disease-free!

Mere reduction in the body weight only through avoidance or losses of calories would never ever remove the stone diseases, heart blockages including athero/arteriosclerosis, hypothyroidism, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, tumours and cancers in any part of the body, and also Type-2 Diabetes!

On the other hand, I have CURED numerous cases of nearly all the diseases related to MORBID OBESITY, simply be the REMOVAL of the Calcium EXCESSES – through a process of DECALCIFIATION I have developed. 

*     *     *     *     *     *     *
ALL the above (my statements) would become evident if you can answer the following question:

If the build of excessive calories is the causative factor for morbid obesity, why then when people STARVE (almost similar to Anorexis nervosa-kind) for even prolonged periods, STILL KEEP ON BECOMING INCRESINGLY OBESE?
As per my finding, the answer is:
(1) UNDER-URINATE accumulate too much of the mineral CALCIUM – the unwanted Ca excesses that are supposed to get out of the body in a dissolved state in the urine, gets retained within the body (for, the smaller quantities of urine will not be able to ‘carry’ in it beyond its saturation point) – and gets stored in EACH of the SOFT cells enhanced by the Mitochondria present within each of those cells. This contributes to VOLUME INCREASE AS WELL AS DRY WEIGHT INCREASE! 

(2) ANOTHER source of Ca increase within the body has relevance to people defecating SLIMY FAECES (watery, diarrhoea-like) most of the time, induced by very high fibre consumption (over-ripe fruits, chocolates, biscuits, refined glutinous/wheat flour, etc.). 

We know very well that some 70 or 80% of the Calcium present in the vegetable matter consumed does NOT get absorbed by the gastro-intestinal system, and that gets thrown out of our body as part of the body.

All the explanations offered in this regard, I am sure, you would have found them very vague! 

The truth is, when our body has already received the required quantity of calcium at any one time from any source (such as very easily water-soluble natural calcium present in most the consumed liquids and food, calcium-enriched eatables, supplements), the brain REJECTS ANY EXCESS THAT MAY BECOME AVAILABLE. 

Rejecting ‘locked-up’ calcium present in the vegetable matter is relatively a lot easier than rejecting the already water-dissolved calcium!

In other words, the calcium contents in vegetable matter, unless they are easily soluble in water, are just left ;unprocessed’, and thus they become part of the defecated matter. 

The Ca being alkaline, keeps the faecal matter in a consolidated SOLID shape.

If one consumes very high fibre or anything such as over-ripe papaya, chocolates, biscuits, and the like, the faeces turns SLIMY – slightly WATERY!

This releases the hither-to-locked-up Ca, and the Adenomatous glandular cells present at the lining of the GI tract (essentially at the colo-rectal region) to absorb such Ca – only to end up in gathering MORE CALCIUM THAN NEEDED.

If these Ca excesses from the faecal matter get absorbed at nocturnal times (while a person is asleep, without any physical movement), naturally, for want of LYMPH MOBILITY*, those excesses tend to STAY within the cells of the ADENOMA themselves, resulting in their (mis-described) INFLAMMATION – only to develop into a COLO-RECTAL CANCER! 

(* I hope no one would question me about the mode of transportation of the calcium excesses.  For the benefit of non-biologists, let me highlight the following:

The calcium excesses will have to be transported through the LYMPH fluid, and NOT through the blood stream, for any calcium (being alkaline) addition would raise the blood pH to an enormous level from being 7.4 or so, and that can result in the immediate death of the person, unless, of course, the CALCITONIN that secretes from the thyroid gland pushes such calcium excesses, again, into the LYMPH fluid!)

if the above process happens by DAY-TIME while the person’s muscles enhance the LYMPH flow, then all the Ca excesses thus absorbed from the colo-rectal regions tend to get pushed to various locations in the body, which may give rise to a wide variety of illnesses, such as inflammations, lumps, tumours and cancers. 

Ca thus pushed apart and scavenged by the soft cells that make up the PROSTATE GLAND for purposes of synthesising SEMEN tend to SWELL up, thus giving rise to PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT – and to cancer there, along with time and further progression*.

(* If the obesity is due the accumulation of fat cells – the adipose tissue, why should the prostate gland get enlarged?)

The SAME, if it happens during day time in women, those soft cells that make up the Lactiferous cells in the breast scavenge and absorb these Ca excesses – of course for the purpose of synthesising milk for the baby.

In the absence of pregnancy, they accumulate within the soft cells of the milk ducts there and form BREAST LUMPS*, only to give rise to BREAST CANCER, again, along with time and further progression of the same process.

(*  Again, if the obesity is due to the adipose tissues, why should a woman develop breast lumps? Does the breast lump formed in a woman filled with adipose tissue? Are the lumps made of mere fat cells?)

Of course, if the person happens to consume EXTRA calcium from food and drinks, and also from SUPPLEMENTS (with the assumption that Calcium to ANY EXTENT – ANY AMOUNT IN UNLIMITED QUANTITIES IS GOOD (?), IN ADDITION TO UNDR-URINATION & DEFECATING SLIMY FAECES, then naturally, ALL OTHER SOFT TISSUES IN THE BODY would receive those Ca excesses, only to retain them within their own cells, again, helped by the mitochondria!*

(* Professor Emeritus Dr. VR. Muthukkaruppan, an authority on studies related to Mitochondria will have to tell us if the Mitochondria attracts FATS into the cells and turn EACH cell into an inflamed state, and then promote mitotic cell divisions to the extent of forming lumps.

As per my study, it is calcium excess – its accumulation beyond the tolerance limit or the threshold point of that cell that enhances its ‘break-up’ mitotically into two cells, and facilitating the process to go on until the continued input of calcium is stopped.)

ALL the soft cells serve as STORAGE organs, for want of space for storage of the unwanted Ca excesses.

This would result in the ELARGEMENT of EACH of those cells, and the DRY MATTER would add on to the overall WEIGHT of THAT person,

As a result of all these, THE BODY TURNS OBESE – since the Ca excesses are going to perform foul-play, it would become MORBIDLY OBESE!

Thus, dear Mr Nathan Richardson, the whole world, unfortunately, has been hitherto misbelieving with the wrong notion that it is over-eating, calorie excess, lack of exercises, etc. are responsible to adipose build up, and that is what makes a person morbidly obese. 

Again, no one seems to have explained as why or what makes some people morbidly obese while some others remain healthy. Mine does!

Thank you Mr. Richardson for giving me an opportunity to let you know my findings – especially because you are an important personality to whom it occurred to me that I should convey the matter.

If you have the power and influence, kindly bring my findings to the open for the recognition of WHO and important health-oriented bodies.

I have so far written 20 books, of which 17 are directly relevant to human health.

Two of the books are on OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE, AND PREVENTION.

My books are well appreciated in this part of the world.

I have been communicating with WHO authorities and several important scientists scattered all over the world for the past decade.

Besides the above, I have published 348 ORIGINAL articles in my BLOG: http:/ on most relevant health-care matters.

I have also published some 167 papers on multivariate media.

Malaysian (International) News Agency BERNAMA has published my works, at various times, since year 2000.

Since a month, I have started presenting my findings through YouTube in TAMIL language – my mother tongue.  Soon, I intend to do likewise in English as well.

Many, in different countries, have been slowly, in bits and pieces, have been‘ re-discovering’ my findings – often claiming that those are their own findings being reported for the first time! Eh! Diplomatically executed plagiarism?

Most probably, I will be publishing THIS reply of mine to you in my blog, for the benefit of people at large.

Kindly let me know if you will have any objection to adding in that article YOUR name and identity. (If not, I will publish it, addressing to Mr.X or so). Thanks.

Thanks, and with best wishes and regards,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.
(Dated: 9 July 2017)
Blog: http://ecohealingsystem.blogspot.comMobile: 6-012-2071414.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



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