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(© 24 January 2017: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
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Since long, I have been trying to convince all those studying cancer  world-wide that it is not ACID that promotes cancers.

It is Calcium – free Ca, that accumulates within the body when one consumes too much of it – that is, beyond the body’s tolerance limit, that initiates BOTH the cancer as well as the Type-2 Diabetes.

It is common knowledge that our Ca requirement is only about 500 mg/day., and of course, it is double when it comes to the juvenile children.

If we happen to consume far too much of Ca through our food and drinks, our body rejects the unwanted excesses then and there, and expels them through urinary excretions, and this process keeps us healthy all the time.

The problems starts only when someone UNDER-URINATES, thus preventing the removal of the Ca excesses from the body.

The under-urination – not the excessive consumption of Ca-rich foods or Ca-supplements that enhances such accumulations within the body.

These excesses need a storage facility, and the soft cells of all parts of the body, such as the organs and muscles, appear to be the best locations for such purposes.

The Calcitonin hormone from the Thyroid gland, that keeps circulating in the blood, transfers the calcium excesses (that may create a fatal disaster if retained by changing the pH of the blood to higher than pH7.45, or lower than 7.35), into the Lymph vessels.

The Lymph fluid then transmits such Ca excesses to the many soft cells in the body.

Repeated dumping of such Ca excesses tend to sell/bloat up each of those cells, resulting in the formation of a lump. The breast lump that forms can be cited as a typical example of the phenomenon.

Almost similar to the Ca-collecting lactiferous cells in the breast, the cells that make up the PROSTATE GLAND too scavenge and gather abundant Ca (from the lymph ducts) for purposes of making up the seminal fluid – and that results in PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT.

The over-filled soft cells tend to split mechanically – mitotically (and not sexually) into two, four, eight, and so on, just to accommodate more and more of the oncoming Ca excesses.

The accumulated Ca inside the cells tend to change into Calcium oxalate crystals – the stone-like structures that eventually turn into Cancers.

The ENLARGEMENT (- the bloating up) of the soft cells due to over-filling of the Ca is frequently mistaken to be INFLAMMATION – similar to what happens when bacterial infection happens, for instance.

It appears researchers tend to attribute such swellings to bacterial or viral infections, and that concept tends to mislead them to think that they occur due to acidifications (that results after such infections) – which seems to be a total contradiction to the reality.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Let us take the case of a TONGUE CANCER, a STOMACH CANCER, or a COLO-RECTAL CANCER, and see to what extent my explanation fits into any of these:

When a person constantly chews betel leaves that are treated with plenty of lime (Calcium hydroxide), he/she tends to develop cancer in the tongue – or, cancer in any part of the mouth.

This appears to be a clear-cut evidence to confirm that this cancer is the result of continuous and excessive absorption of Ca, and its accumulation in the soft cells of the tongue or any part of the mouth.

*     *     *     *     *     *

We know the peristalsis action of the intestine ceases to function by night, while we are at sleep.

This results in the stagnation of the consumed food at various spots along the pathway of the gastro-intestinal system.

The peristalsis action tends to stop by about 10.30 p.m. or so, and revives by about 5.30 a.m. or so.

If the above is correct, any food ingested though a late-night dinner, tends to stagnate either in the stomach itself, or at any spot in the intestinal tract.

Habitual late-night dining tends to enhance the food stagnation at the stomach itself.

When this happens, the Ca in the food, being highly water-soluble, tends to get absorbed by the lining glandular ADENOMATOUS CELLS there.

A continued Ca absorption and its retention by the soft lining cells in the stomach tends to give rise to the STOMACH CANCER, following the same phenomenon described above.

*     *     *     *     *     *

Let us see the case of COLO-RECTAL CANCER:

The process appears to be nearly identical to the stomach cancer.

Most of the Ca present in vegetables consumed by people tend to get eliminated as part of the faecal matter – it is said that such rejected Ca can even go up to 80% of what is present in the vegetable matter.

In the first place, such a rejection of Ca should be due to our BRAIN’s way of management.

If our body has already obtained its requirement of the 500 mg of Ca for the day, it may then reject nearly all those Ca present in the vegetables.

The vice-versa may also be true.

That is, if the person did not consume adequate Ca through his other food and drinks, then, his brain may induce the absorption of MOST of the Ca present in the consumed vegetable matter.

However, since nearly ALL the food items we eat tend to have plenty of Ca, we may not run short of Ca. Therefore, nearly all the time, the Ca contained in the vegetable matter is mostly rejected by the body – of course to varying levels.

If and when a person defecates faeces that is SOLID and SHAPELY, it would mean that abundant Ca is present in it

However, if the faeces turns SLIMY (or watery, often called diarrhoea) due to any reason, then, the Ca present in the faeces gets easily absorbed by the GLANDULAR ADENOMA CELLS present in the lining of the COLO-RECTAL region.

The normal solid and shapely faeces turns slimy if the person consumes EXCESSIVE FIBRES. Consumption of any over-ripe fruit, especially PAPAYA, tends to make the faeces slimy*.

(*Often, biscuits, chocolates, nuts – especially peanuts, bakery products, over-ripe fruits, etc. make the faeces slimy)

Based on some misconception, the type-2 diabetic patients tend to consume over-ripe papaya regularly, and they defecate slimy faeces nearly all the time.

This appears to be the major cause for most of the type-2 diabetic patients living in the tropical countries for getting a COLO-RECTAL CANCER*.

(* I have observed type-2 diabetics defecating slimy faces for five years at a stretch, developing colo-rectal cancers)

*     *     *     *     *     *

The above explanations tends to show the following:

·       It is accumulation of excessive Ca in the soft cells that tends to give rise to cancers.

·       Ca, being ALKALINE, the cancer structures are also bound to be alkaline, and NOT acidic.

·       The PRE-CANCEROUS CELLS, being ALKALINE, can be ‘killed’ (or REVERSED) by treating them with ACID substances, and NOT by any alkaline substance. 

*     *     *     *     *     *

I came across the following article in Medical Xpress 23 January 2017. The full story may be read through the following URL:

Researchers find stomach cancer pathway doesn’t work as previously thought

Conventional wisdom holds that the loss of cells that secrete acid in the stomach leads to a condition that eventually can develop into stomach cancer.

But new research at Washington University School of Medicine and Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University in St. Louis indicates otherwise.

Researchers (doctoral candidate Joseph Burclaff, working  with Professor Jason C. Mills) found that damage to acid-secreting cells alone doesn’t jump-start the transformation of healthy cells into precancerous cells—at least in a mouse model.

Their research is published online in the journal Gastroenterology.

“… we’ll need to identify the real culprit.”

… they had concluded long ago that damage to acid-secreting cells in the stomach leads directly to a precancerous condition called metaplasia. But … the researchers learned that the conventional wisdom was wrong.

“… when we selectively destroyed only these acid-secreting cells in the stomachs of mice, the animals didn’t develop metaplasia,” …

The two main causes of the precancerous condition are bacterial infections—particularly with H pylori, the microbe associated with stomach ulcers—and inflammation caused by the body’s own immune system.

Burclaff and Mills now believe whatever is contributing to the precancerous condition also may be causing the acid-secreting cells to die*.

“These experiments suggest the loss of the acid-secreting cells and metaplasia may occur through different mechanisms,” Mills said*.

(* The accumulated Ca should be contributing to the pre-cancerous condition, and it should be the same Ca (being alkaline) that should be neutralising the acidity, and thereby collapsing the cells, resulting in their death – Dr. Palani)

*     *     *     *     *     *

I believe that my (this) article tends to answer the questions raised by the above researchers.

More information on the same subject can be read from several of my other articles posted in this BLOG


Several of my books, especially:

1.    Obesity: Causes, cure and prevention

2.    The true causes of all diseases, and

3.    Cancers: Causes, cure and prevention

Have vivid descriptions / explanations of the

phenomenon that leads to cancer formation in people.

In addition to the above, the following are






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