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Dear friends, you may want to know ALL ASPECTS OF DIABETES.

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                Exclusively Dr. Palani’s Discoveries (92 Articles)

           TITLE OF THE ARTICLE + Key Words
1. 1. IS BEER-DRINKING GOOD FOR HEART? beer, calcium, Chris Chan, cirrhosis,   ERRONEOUS EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN, heart, heart blockage, menstrual fluid, obese, overweight, under urination, water consumption, type-2 diabetes.                     
3.      INADEQUATE WATER CONSUMPTION HAS DEFINITE IMPACT ON OBESITY BMI, children, dehydration, diseases, hydration, morbid obesity, non-communicable, obesity, over-urination, overweight, type-2 diabetes, under-urination, under-weight, water.
4.      THE RISE OF NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES CAN SOON DESTROY THE WORLD POPULATION. Definite cure for all non-communicable diseases, Destruction of world population, Dr .Margaret Chan, non-communicable diseases, President Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed el-Saidi, W.H.O., World Health Assembly.
5.      MORE TOWARDS SOLVING A GENETIC MYSTERY IN TYPE-1 DIABETES Dato Seri Dr. Hilmi Yahaya, Dato Sri Dr. S. Subramanaiam, delayed recognition, electrolyte, gene, genetics, insulin, Ministry of Health, premature discovery, salt, sugar, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, WHO.
6.      ‘INCURABLE’ NEURO-FIBRO-MATOSIS – A DISEASE OF THE NERVES, CAN BE CURED. genetic disorder, plagiarism, skin disease, unhealthy lifestyle, WHO.
7.      CAUSES THAT MAKE A PERSON DIABETIC, AND A SIMPLE METHOD TO PREVENT OR CURE IT calcium accumulation, decalcification, exercises, insulin, mango, over-ripe fruits, profuse sweating, rain water, seafood, sugarcane, type-2 diabetes, under urination.
8.      WEIGHT CAN NEVER BE LOST THROUGH EXERCISES FOR THE PREVENTION OF OBESITY-RELATED DISEASES adipose tissue, calcium accumulation, calories, exercises, fat accumulation, goat, Herman Pontzer, inflammation, Ministry of Health, morbid obesity, salt, sheep, sugar, under urination, WHO, weight
9.      MY STUDY SHOWS THAT LIBERAL SALT CONSUMPTION IS DEFINITELY GOOD, AND THAT HAS NEVER BEEN A CULPRIT FOR ANY OF THE MAJOR DISEASES brain, electrolytes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, hypertension, hypothyroidism, major diseases, nervous system, salt, thyroid problems, under urination, water intake, WHO.
11.   ENVIRONMENTAL and BEHAVIOURAL ASPECTS are the DEFINITE CAUSES for ALL TYPES of CANCERS behavioural aspects, BERNAMA, Brook University, calcium accumulation, cancer, chronic constipation, diabetes, environmental factors, genes, Song Wu, true causes of cancers, under urination, vitamin-D, Yusuf Hannun.
12.   THE BEST WAY TO TREAT WOMEN WITH ‘STAGE-0’ (OR, EVEN ADVANCED) BREAST CANCER Adyar Cancer Institute, breast cancer, Dr. Margaret Chan, Dr. Shanta, Duke Cancer Institute, E. Shelley Hwang, hormonal therapy, hypothyroidism, kidney stones, Marc Ryser, radiation, type-2 diabetes, WHO
13.   THE TRUE CAUSE OF TYPE-1 DIABETES American Diabetes Association, auto-immune disease, Ayurveda, calcium excess, carbohydrates, diabetes insipidus, gestational diabetes, Griffen, sugar, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, under-urination
14.   CERVICAL CANCERS: THE TRUE CAUSES AND REMEDIAL MEASURES calcium excess, calcium supplement, cervical cancer, cure for cervical cancer, frequent sex, inflammation, menses, Nobel Prize, risk factors, semen, under urination, uterus, vagina, vitamin-D, WHO.
15.   FRACTURES IN POSTMENOPAUSAL WOMEN OCCUR DUE TO AN AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE, WITH KNOWN CAUSES auto-immune disease, calcium accumulation, calcium supplement, cancer, Dr. Carolyn Crandall, fractures, lactic acid, lump, menses, oestrogen, post-menopausal women, spur, under urination, vitamin-D, wrist facture
16.   VITAMIN-D SUFFICIENCY MAY NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ERECTION IN MEN. blood flow, blood pressure, calcium, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, lymph flow, tight briefs, underwear, vitamin-D.
17.   PARADOX OF METABOLICALLY HEALTHY OBESITY: IS THIS PLAGIARISM? DAniel Chen, Dato Sri Dr. S. Subramanaiam, Dr. Dorit Samocha-Bonet, Garvan Inst. of Medical Research, Jerry Greenfield, Minister of Health, obese, pseudo-obese, water
18.   THE WEIGHT INCREASE IN PREGNANT WOMEN IN USA SHOULD BE DUE TO UNDER-URINATION, AND NOT OVER-EATING. Andrea Sharma, breast, calcitonin, calcium accumulation, foetus, gestational diabetes, lactiferous tissues, lymph, over-eating, pregnant women, under-urination, weight increase.
19.   IRON ABSORPTION CAN VARY ACCORDING TO THE OBESITY STATUS OF WOMEN alkaline pH, breast cancer, breast lump, calcitonin, calcium, calcium accumulation, calcium excess, hepcidin, iron absorption, iron deficiency, iron supplementation, Michael B. Zimmermann, under-urination
20.   FOOD THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN CALCIUM WILL NOT GIVE RISE TO OBESITYcalcium accumulation, candy, chocolates, Dr. Brian Wansink, Dr. David Just, exercises, fast food, food, morbid obesity, obesity, soda, under-urination.
21.   HOW DOES VITAMIN-D SUPPLEMENT HELP IN THE LOWERING OF HEART DISEASES? atherosclerosis, calcium, calcium accumulation, calcium excess, Dr. Raquel Revulta Iniesta, Dr .Emad Al- Dujaili, heart diseases, kidneys, lymph fluid, obesity, overweight, soft cells, under-urination, vitamin-D
22.   STROKES AND HYPERTENSIONS TEND TO BE INTER-RELATED, AND THEY CAN BE CURED WITHOUT MEDICATIONS. China, Dr. Tang, electrolytes, exercise, heart attack, high blood pressure, hypertension, lifestyle, low pressure, Professor Dayi Hu, Professor Michel Komaida, salt, strokes, type-2 diabetes, under urination, WHO.
23.   INTENSE SUNSHINE WOULD POSITIVELY INCREASE BONE WEIGHT IN CHILDREN body weight, bone density, calcium accumulation, chocolates, lump, slimy faeces, soft cells, sunlight, tumour, under urination, vitamin-D.
24.   GOVERNMENT STRATEGIES FOR DIABETES AND CHILDHOOD OBESITY MAY NOT WORK AS EXPECTED calcification, calcium accumulation, calcium excess, calcium supplementation, erroneous eating habit, junk food, lifestyle, morbid obesity, sedentary lifestyle, slimy faeces, type-2 diabetes, under urination
25.   WHY ARE TALLER WOMEN PRONE TO CANCERS, WHITE DISCHARGES AND BODY ODOUR, IN ADDITION TO DEVELOPING BIG BREASTS? big breasts, body odour, calcium, cancers, chemotherapy, dimples, Emilie Benyi, heart blockage, Jack Cuzick, Jen Green, lumps, metastasis, obesity, radiation, tall women, under-urination, white discharge
26.   THE WHO. SHOULD EVALUATE A DISCOVERY THAT CAN ERADICATE ALL MAJOR DISEASES big breasts, breakthrough, calcium excess, cancer, diabetes, E. Garfield, heart diseases, leprosy, major diseases, morbid obesity, premature discovery, scientific discovery, slimy faeces, under-urination, WHO.
27.   WOMEN DRINKING BEER CAN RUN THE RISK OF HEART ATTACK COMPARED TO THOSE WHO DRINK WATER alcohol, beer, calcification, calcium, cancer, cirrhosis, Dominique Hange, ERRONEOUS EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN, heart attack, leprosy, menopausal, moderate drinking, slimy faeces, under-urination, women
28.   THE MOST PROBABLE CAUSE FOR ADULT DIABETES IN CHILDREN adult diabetes, calcium, childhood diabetes, exercise, lifestyle, obesity, overweight, profuse sweating, seafood, sugar consumption, type-2 diabetes, under-urination.
29.   OVEREATING VERY HIGH-CALORIE DIET AS SUCH MAY NOT LEAD TO DIABETES calcium, carbohydrates, Dr. Boden, high-calorie diet, insulin, insulin resistance, obesity, overeating, pre-diabetes, sugar, Temple University, type-2 diabetes, urine, water.
30.   FRUIT JUICES CAN GIVE RISE TO OBESITY AND COLON CANCER alkaline faeces, anenomatous cells, body weight, breast cancer, calcium, colon cancer, diarrhoea, fermentation bacteria, fruit juice, glandular cells, High fibre, lumps, menopausal woman, obesity, papaya, slimming.
31.   THE COMMON FACTOR THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OBESITY AND BREAST CANCER breast, calcium, cancer, cancer cure, cancer research, cysts, Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ecohealing, endometriosis, High fibre, lumps, obesity, overeating, overweight, Prostate Dr. Palani, slimming
32.   A MOST PROBABLE EXPLANATION FOR THE OCCURRENCE OF ALL AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES alkaline water, Autoimmune diseases, blood pressure, calcium, cancer research, diabetes, diet, insulin, iodine, obesity, salt, sodium, thyroid, under-urination.
33.   ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION CAN BE ALMOST CERTAINLY CORRECTED THROUGH A SIMPLE PROCESS Body Towel Massage, calcium, decalcification, drugless recovery, erectile dysfunction, heart blockage, hormone atherosclerosis, impotency, lymph, prostectomy, scrotum, sperm, testicles, type-2 diabetes, WHO
34.   SUGAR AS SUCH DOES NOT POISON THE HUMAN BODY AT ALL – THE ILL-INFORMED RESEARCHERS DO! auto-immune disease, British Nutrition Foundation, calories, diabetes, drugless cure, insulin, overweight, pancreas, sugar, sugar is tobacco, under-urination, WHO
35.   EVALUATION OF THE VALIDITY OF OBESITY TREATMENTS calories, Dr. Christopher Ochner, drugless therapy, erroneous eating habit, excessive calcium, exercise, Icahn School of Medicine, menopause, obesity, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, slimy faeces
36.   TYPE-2 DIABETES CANNOT BE REVERSED THROUGH LIFESTYLE CHANGES, UNLESS THE DEFINITION OF SO-CALLED “GOOD LIFESTYLE” IS CHANGED. auto-immune disease, calcium, calories, cancer, drugless cure, Eberhard Stand, exercise, High fibre, lifestyle, lymph, obesity, over-ripe fruits, prostate, slimy faeces, sugar, type-2 diabetes
37.   GASTRIC / INTESTINAL ULCERS: CAUSES AND CURE, AND A SLIGHT MISHAP THAT HAD HAPPENED IN THE AWARD OF A NOBEL PRIZE. antibioltics, Barry J. Marshall, duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, gastro-intestinal ulcers, H. pylori, Helicobactor pylori, Nobel Laureates, Nobel Prize, peptic ulcer, Robin Warren
38.   SEE MY SPECIAL APPROACH FOR AN IMMEDIATE RECOGNITION OF A ‘PREMATURE’ AND BREAKTHROUGH HEALTH SCIENCE DISCOVERY, THAT WAS ‘RESISTED’ ALL THIS WHILEB. Cronin, breakthrough discovery, Carl Bergstrom, Eugene Garlfield, Francis Narin, H. Zuckerman., J.E. Hirsch, K.S. Warren, L. Leydesdorff, premature discovery, recognition, resisted discovery, S.R. Hamad, W. Goffman
39.   DO HEAVY DRINKERS REALLY OUTLIVE NON-DRINKERS? alcohol, beer, calcium, calcium excess, Charles Holahan, experimental design, extended lifespan, heavy drinkers, long life, mortality, non-drinkers, University of Texas at Austin
40.   HEALING PROGRAMS, AIMED AT CURING / PREVENTING NEARLY ALL MAJOR DISEASES.  Ecological Healing System, EcoTherapy, Group Therapy in Tamil, Group Therapy Programs, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Time table
41.   THE POSSIBLE TRUTH ABOUT THE WEIGHT LOSS CLAIMS OF TV’s Dr. Ozcalcitonin, calcium, cancers, Carcinia cambogia, diabetes, Dr. Mehmet Oz, fats, heart blockages, hypothyroidism, kidney stones, Lindsay Wise, morbid obesity, Oprah Winfrey, slimy faeces, urination, vitamin-D
42.   A NOVEL APPROACH FOR THE PREVENTION AND/OR A CURE OF MORBID OBESITY AND ALL RELATED DISEASES, INCLUDING TYPE-2 DIABETES AND CANCERS. .big breasts, cancer, cyst, excessive calcium, High fibre, lump, morbid obesity, overeating, tumours, type-2 diabetes, under-urination, virus infection
43.   INCREASES IN DIABETIC CASES WORLDWIDE CAN BE STOPPED, AND POSSIBLY REVERSED, IF EGOISTIC PROTECTIONISM IS RELAXED. cancers, diabetes, egoism, obesity, protectionism, type-2 diabetes, under-urination, unhealthy lifestyle, WHO.
44.   CONTINUED OVER-CONSUMPTION OF CERTAIN CHOCOLATE TYPES MAY INCREASE TYPE-2 DIABETES IN THE LONG RUN calcium, chocolates, colon cancer, excessive calcium, faeces, High fibre, lymph fluid, menopause, milk, obesity, osteoporosis, polyps, sugar, sunshine, type-2 diabetes
45.   OPEN LETTER TO MINISTERS OF HEALTH IN MALAYSIA & ALL OTHER COUNTRIES awareness, calcium accumulation, calcium supplement, diabetes, diabetes in children, Health Minister, insulin, lifestyle, Malaysia, pancreas, risk factor, slimy faeces, sugar
47.   CRITICAL EVALUATION OF CERTAIN STUDIES THAT FOUND CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS MAY REDUCE Arabic Health Encyclopaedia, brain tumour, calcium accumulation, calcium supplementation, cancer, colo-rectal cancer, constipation, iron, obesity, overweight, under-urination
48.   REDUCED SUGAR CONSUMPTION WILL CERTAINLY INCREASE THE NUMBER OF TYPE-2 DIABETIC CASES calcium accumulation, calcium excess, Health Minister, insulin, insulin resistance, lime, lymph, mango, meta analysis, minerals, pancreas, slimy faeces, sugar consumption, type-2 diabetes
49.   SUGAR CONSUMPTION WILL NOT GIVE TYPE-2 DIABETES, AS FEARED BY MOST PEOPLE auto-immune disease, calcium accumulation, cane sugar, carbohydrates, Health Ministry, insulin, lime, pancreas, slimy faeces, sucrose, sugar consumption, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, under-urination, WHO.
50.   DO YOU KNOW WHY AND HOW TOM HANKS, PATTI LABELLE, DREW CAREY, SHERRI SHEPHERD AND PAULA DEEN DEVELOPED TYPE-2 DIABETES? calcium accumulation, calcium excess, constipation, Drew Carey, Hanks, insulin, pancreas, Patti Labelle, Paula Deen, Sherri Shepherd, slimy faeces, sugar, type-2 diabetes, under-urination, water intake
51.   MENOPAUSE AS SUCH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OSTEOPOROSIS , CANCER, CARDIO-VASCULAR, OR STONE DISEASES. calcium accumulation, calcium excess, calcium supplements, female orgasm, hormone therapy, menopause, menses, menstrual fluid, osteoporosis, satisfactory sex, under-urination
52.   EXCESSIVE CALCIUM INTAKE CAN CAUSE OSTEOPOROSIS auto-immune disease, bulged face, calcium supplement, cholesterol, constipation, excessive calcium, lactic acid, menopausal women, morbid obesity, osteoporosis, sugar, sweets, under-urination
53.   EXCESSIVE FIBRE CONTENT IN EATABLES THAT MAKES FAECES SLIMY CAN INCREASE BLOOD SUGAR CONTENT IN DIABETICS, AND ALSO GIVE RISE TO COLORECTAL CANCER biscuits, calcium excess, chocolates, colo-rectal cancer, excessive fibre, fibroids, flatulence, groundnuts, kidney stones, lumps, lymph, over-ripe fruits, papaya, slimy faeces, type-2 diabetes
54.   THERE ARE DEFINITE POTENTIALS FOR CURING BLOOD CANCER biscuits, blood cancer, calcitonin, calcium excess, cancer, chocolate drinks, Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, hyperhidrosis, iron, leukaemia, lymphoma, milk, Mrs. Kamakshi Subramaniam, obesity, soups, under-urination
55.   CAN THE CLAIM THAT POMEGRANATE HAS THE POTENTIALS TO HEAL HEART DISEASES BE AN EXAGGERATION. atherosclerosis, beer, calcium excess, cancer, cancers, cysts, dietary supplement, fruit juice, heart diseases, kidney stones, lumps, pomegranate, prostate enlargement, rain water, type-2 diabetes, under urination
56.   TASMANIAN DEVIL CANCER MAY HAVE IDENTICAL CAUSATIVE FACTOR AS THAT OF HUMANS, AND IT SHOULD BE PREVENTABLE body odour, calcium accumulation, calcium excess, colo-rectal cancer, eggs, hyperplasia, hypertrophy, leprosy, leukoderma, lymph, lymph fluid, mouth cancer, slimy faeces, Tasmanian devil, under urination, vitiligo
57.   IS CANCER CARE A HUMBUG? A CANCER SPECIALIST SHOULD NOT DIE OF CANCER! body odour, calf density, cancer, cancer care, dandruff, diabetes, diagnosis of health status, Dr. Albert Lim Kok Hooi, heart blockage, hyperhidrosis, obesity status, Obesity Type IV, radiotherapy, Withered
58.   OBESITY, TYPE-2 DIABETES, AND HEART ATTACKS CAN NEVER BE PREVENTED THROUGH BALANCED DIET AND EXERCISES balanced diet, exercise, fatty food, Health Ministry, heart attack, morbid obesity, obesity, overweight children, tropical countries, type-2 diabetes, under-urination
59.   FREQUENT DRY MASTURBATION CAN BE ONE OF THE CAUSES FOR KNEE PAIN IN MEN anaemia, cigarette smoking, dhall, dhosai, high protein diet, idly, insomnia, knee pain, localised hyperacidosis, masturbation, muscle wastage, old food, onions, sour drinks, surgery, tamarind, testosterone, yoghurt
60.   BEST AGE FOR GIRLS TO ATTAIN PUBERTY BMI, body odour, ear wax, erratic menses, menopause, menses, moon-shaped face, obesity, osteoporosis, overgrowth, overweight, pre-menstrual syndrome, puberty, white discharge
61.   DIZZINESS AFTER EATING FOOD CAN PROVE TO BE DANGEROUS anabolism, anorexia nervosa, blood pressure, blood sugar, brain, catabolism, dizziness, food energy, headaches, insomnia, iodized salt, iron, iron toxicity, metabolism, oxygen, red blood cell, vegetable
62.   THE MUCH PROMOTED LIFE STYLE PRACTICE IS BOUND TO INCREASE THE PREVALENCE OF TYPE-2 DIABETES WORLDWIDE. calcium excess, cancers, exercises, heart blockage, insulin, lifestyle, lime, lumps, overweight, pancreas, pregnancy, sugar, sugarcane, type-2 diabetes, under urination
63.   AIR CHILLED BY INTENSE AIR-CONDITIONING CAN BE LIFE-THREATENING air-conditioner, body temperature, cold air, hypothermia, India, life-threatening, low temperature, morbid obesity, obesity, overweight, sleeping bags, Tamil Nadu, Winter clothing
64.   THIN PEOPLE VISITING INDIA SHOULD TAKE WITH THEM UNIODISED SALT. goitre, hypothyroidism, India, iodine, iodine toxicity, iodized salt, mental retardation, obese, overweight, sea salt, seaweed, thyroid gland, thyroid hormone, thyroxin, under-urination
65.   CALCIUM CONTENT IN WESTERN STYLE FAST FOODS CONTRIBUTES TO TYPE-2 DIABETES AND HEART ATTACKS acidity, auto-immune disease, carbohydrates, cheese, fast foods calcium excess, insulin, Melissa Pang, pancreas, pizzas, Singapore, sugar, sugarcane, type-1 diabetes, type-2 diabetes, under urination
66.   THE DIABETICS DEVELOP POLYPS MORE THAN THE NON-DIABETIC OBESE calcium accumulation, chronic constipation, colon polyps, diabetics, diverticulum, ejaculation, menopause, menses, obese, overweight, polyps, semen, slimy faeces, type-2 diabetes, under urination
69.   WORKING UNDER COLD TEMPERATURE CAN MAKE YOU OBESE body odour, calcium accumulation, calcium excess, Canada, cyst, heart attack, heart blockages, hypothyroidism, lump, obese, overweight, prostate enlargement, type-2 diabetes, under urination
70.   ACID SUBSTANCES CAN HELP IN THE REDUCTION / CURING OF CANCERS, HEART ATTACKS AND STROKES, HYPOTHYROIDISM, AND ALSO TYPE-2 DIABETES aspirin, blockages, calcium accumulation, cancer cure, excessive calcium, frozen shoulder, heart attack, kidney stones, metastasis, obesity, overweight, Peter Rothwell, strokes, type-2 diabetes, under urination
71.   SPERM SIZE GETS ENLARGED, THE COUNT GETS REDUCED, AND FERTILITY GETS LOST IN OBESE PEOPLE calcium accumulation, calcium excess, calcium supplements, cancers, Carcinia cambogia, Dr.Mehmet Oz, Linsay Wise, Nobel Prize, obesity, Oprah Winfrey TV Shows, sperm size, type-2 diabetes, under urination
72.   HEART FAILURE DEATH RISK HIGHER FOR WOMEN AFTER ATTAINING MENOPAUSE calcium, calcium accumulation, cholesterol, heart attacks, high blood pressure, kidney stones, menopausal women, under-urination
73.   HIGH DIABETIC RISK FOR SEDENTARY WOMEN auto-immune disease, calcium excess, excessive calcium, inflammation, insulin, pancreas, type-2 diabetes, under-urination
74.   ADVERSE OUTCOMES AND COMPLICATIONS IN PREGNANT WOMEN BMI, calcium excess, gestational diabetes, hypertension, hypoglycaemia. obese, menses, neonatal mortality, overweight, pre-natal mortality, preterm birth, Professor David McIntype, stillbirth, under urination
75.   UNDER-URINATION MAKES CHILDREN OBESE, NOT CAESAREAN DELIVERY asthma, babies, breast milk, caesarean delivery, calcium, calcium accumulation, children, constipation, gestational diabetes, infants, obesity, overweight, pregnant mother, slimy faeces, under-urination
76.   CANCERS CAN BE CREATED IN HEALTHY PEOPLE calcium accumulation, calcium excess, calcium oxalate crystal, cure, prostate cancer, prostate enlargement, prostate gland, PSA reading, soups
77.   MARRIAGE COMPATIBILITY body odour, calcium accumulation, obese, overeating, profuse sweat, slim, thin, under-urination, water, water Intake/ Urine Output Ratio
78.   DAILY CONSUMPTION OF FRESH JUICES CAN INCREASE BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL IN DIABETICS bitter gourd, carrot juice, detox, diabetes, fruit juice, sugar, vegetable juice
79.   REDUCED WATER CONSUMPTION RUINS SEX POTENTIALS asthma, diabetes, excessive water consumption, exercise, hawker stalls, hydration, hyperhidrosis, Malaysian Heart Institute, obesity, school children, sex potentials, under-urination, water
80.   A NEW DIABETIC DRUG MAY CAUSE BLADDER AND BREAST CANCERS bladder cancer, breast, breast cancer, Dapagliflozin, diabetes, drug, FDA, input/output ratio, under-urination
81.   WILL BEER EXTEND YOUR LIFESPAN? alcohol, beer, biased conclusion, calcium, cirrhosis, drinkers, ERRONEOUS EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN, heart blockage, heart disease, life-span, longer life, non-drinkers, toxins, under-urination, water
82.   LACK OF DESIRE FOR SEX  aphrodisiac, common cold, diabetes, immunity against virus, love, Milton, Paradise Lost, Sex, sex potentials, sex suppressors, Thirukkural
83.   DIABETES AT ALL TIME HIGH – WHY & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT?blood glucose, diabetes, dietician, epidemic, Gym exercises, Imperial College of Science and Technology, Majid Ezzati, Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands, Saudi Arabia, WHO.
84.   WHY POOR PEOPLE ARE HYPER-SEXED? erectile dysfunction, high density food, hyper-sexed, sex potentials, under-sexed
85.   WHAT IS MODERATE EXERCISE? calcium, diabetes, excessive water consumption, hyperacidosis, Marathon, Multiple Sclerosis, over-urination, strenuous exercises, type-2 diabetes, Yoga

87.   OBESITY IN SCHOOL CHILDREN gall stones, high blood pressure, obesity, salt, sugar, type-2 diabetes
88.   JUNK FOOD DOES NOT MAKE CHILDREN OBESE air-conditioner, body odour, calcium accumulation, children, Health Ministry, junk food, obesity, over-eating, overweight, under-urination, urinal pressure
89.   BREAST CANCER verses MAMMOGRAM breast, breast cancer, cancer, mammogram, WHO.
90.   Pregnancy Diabetes (Gestational Diabetes)carbohydrates, constipation, pregnancy diabetes, type-2 diabetes, under urination
92.   DIRTY TEETH, CHEST PHLEGM & HEART DISEASE British Medical Journal, calcium accumulation, calcium excess, cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, heart diseases, phlegm, plaque, polycystic ovary, t tumours

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