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(© 29 June 2016: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D., Mobile:6-012-2071414;  vmpalaniappan@gmail.com )

Many in the world must have felt too bad to have read the news about the premature death of Miss Yumara Lopez of Nicaragua.
If you are unaware of the news, you may want to click the following URL to read and know more about the cause of her death: http://www.msn.com/en-my/entertainment/celebritynews/former-miss-world-contestant-yumara-lopez-dies-aged-just-22-after-losing-battle-with-cancer/ar-AAhvxhp?li=BBr8Hnu&ocid=UE01DHP

If you want to know more about this kind of cancer, please read it from any of the authorities from: http://ask.reference.com/web?s=t&q=grade%202%20astrocytoma.&l=dir&qsrc=2891&o=10616 
For easy understanding of the same, you may want to read it from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrocytoma


Sad, indeed!

Miss Lopez is said to have died of brain cancer, called Grade 2 Astrocytoma (astro = star-shaped. cyte = cell. Ma = tumour)

It is said (Wikepedia, 2016) to be slow-growing, and BENIGN most of the time, meaning, it tends to remain NON-CANCEROUS.

It is also said to be prevalent in younger people who suffer from SEIZURES* (i.e., epileptic attacks).

(* I have explained in my previous publications and postings that seizures occur when there is inadequate oxygen supply to the brain. Such an inadequacy can also happen if the blood supply to the brain gets impeded. That can mean, if a tumour in the brain suppresses some parts of the brain and thereby the blood vessels there, oxygen supply can get impeded, thus causing the seizures. Such seizures enhance the blood flow, and thereby the oxygen supply gets resumed, resulting in the cessation of the seizures.) 

Grade-2 Astrocytoma can ‘spread’ to nearby good cells in the brain.


Let us evaluate the situation, based on my (Dr.Palani’s) research findings / theory:


Any cell in the SOFT TISSUE (e.g., muscles are made of soft tissues; bones are of hard tissues) is capable of absorbing CARBOHYDRATES (i.e., sugars), enhanced by the Mitochondria present within the cell. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_tissue).

These cells can become ‘bloated up’ when they receive too much of carbohydrates.

When a person eats TOO MUCH of carbohydrates – A LOT MORE THAN he/she can BURN OUT as energy, that UNUSED EXCESS(carbohydrate / sugar / glucose / animal starch / glycogen) gets STORED in the cells of the SOFT TISSUES of any organ – in any part of the body.

The above phenomenon is similar to a plant storing its carbohydrates (i.e., starch, synthesised from photosynthesis) in the tubers (e.g., potato, turnip, carrot, etc.) or in the aerial fruits (pumpkin, apples, etc.)

Let us see the sequence:

If and when there is un-utilisable EXCESS of carbohydrates within the body, it is taken to an organ made of SOFT TISSUES.

The carbohydrates, perhaps in the form of glycogen, enter into ONE SOFT CELL in that organ, ‘sucked-in’ with the help of the Mitochondria that is inside that cell.

As and when more and more unused glycogen keeps coming in, more and more of the soft cells in that tissue get filled in.

Further input of the glycogen, for want of MORE ‘empty’ cells, tends to OVER-FILL each of those soft cells, thus making EACH cell into a BLOATED structure, creating a pressure on the cell membrane from within.

As a result, the cell tends to split mechanically into two – i.e., the asexual MITOTIC cell division occurs.

This way, one cell becomes two, and two become four, and so on, until numerous cells – in proportion to the need of storage space, are formed.

When too many over-bulged cells form at one location, it would turn into a CYST / LUMP.

If such a lump forms in the breast of a woman, for want of space on the inner side of the body, it would bulge out.

If such a bulge forms in the brain, since the hard skull would not allow any protrusion on the outer side, the lump would only press the inner part of the tender brain to get ‘lodged there.

In other words, the lump would press the brain, thus causing some adverse damage. Seizures described above is one such damage.

Until this stage, since the CYST / lump consists of nothing else than plain GLYCOGEN, it tends to remain as a BENIGN structure only.


How and when does a benign glycogen-storing lump turn into a CANCER?

What makes the benign lump into cancer?

Let us evaluate further:


When a person eats food or drinks water (or any liquid), it may not be possible to consume the exact quantity that is required by the body.

However, when the body’s need for a particular nutrient or water is fulfilled, our brain creates in us a sense of SATISFACTION.

If we over-consume the same even after the satisfaction, we develop some discomfort initially, and then we start hating it.

In spite of the hatred, if we force-in more of it, our brain gives us a nauseating feeling, and subsequent intake makes us vomit the excess. This sequence happens to guard us from falling sick due to excesses of anything – even if that happens to be the best food or medicine.

If we happen to somehow (by changing the taste, flavour, etc.) manage to push in still more of the same into our digestive system, our body gathers such excesses, and eliminates them as EXCRETORY wastes.

Most of the time, only the indigestible fibrous wastesget removed as faecal matter through the rectum and anus.

The water-soluble excesses get carried, helped by the LYMPH fluid, into the kidneys, and gets excreted as part of the URINE.


Let us consider the fate of CALCIUM that is present in nearly EVERYTHING that goes into the intestinal tract.

We (adults) need about 500 mg or so of Calcium daily.

The health-care industry has convinced people that calcium is very good for a variety of reasons – even if that happens to be too much than what can be utilised by the body.

As a result, most of the manufactured foods and drinks tend to contain excess of it.

This makes nearly all the people (including infants) to consume far too much of calcium daily.

The undeniable fact that remains true at all times is that, anything in excess will be harmful / dangerous. Calcium does not form an exception to this rule.

So, when we end up consuming abundant Calcium – a lot more than our body’s needs, that Calcium excess gets excreted along with the urine – in a dissolved state.

The body then remains healthy.

However, a HUGE problem arises only when these Calcium excesses are RETAINED WITHIN the body, without getting thrown out of the body.


What can enhance such Calcium retentions?

The following would explain it:


Elephants, rabbits, and all vegetable-grazing animals, as well as all the sea-living organisms end up consuming almost ‘unlimited’ quantities of Calcium.

In Nature, all such Calcium EXCESSES get excreted from all of the wild animals then and there through the urinations*.

(* Unless, of course, there is water scarcity in their living environment that can be due to various reasons, including a dry spell in the climate.)

When it comes to most of the domesticated animals that are under the care of their care-takers, they depend upon their ‘masters’ for their drinking-water needs.

If less water is provided to a cow tied in the shed, it can urinate only less urine. Such lesser quantities of urine can remove only lesser quantities of the Calcium excesses, leaving behind in the body MOST of the excesses.

Then, such animals tend to suffer the ill-effects that are related to the Calcium excesses.


When it comes to humans, we have the capacity to control our urinations.

·       If we do not drink adequate quantity of water, we can end up under-urinating.

·       If we allow loss of our body liquids through profuse sweating, we can end up voiding very little urine.

·       If we drink only soups, juices, and the like, that too can add on more calcium to the body’s stock, rather than helping in the removal of the excesses.

·       We tend to train our body to withhold urges for urination, under the pretext of being in the school, in a meeting, not having a toilet, driving, and the like.

As a result of all the above, most of the calcium excesses tend to remain within the body.


Now, the following question arises:

How, or where do such Calcium EXCESSES get stored within the body?

Or, what can happen if too much of the Calcium gets stored within the body?


Another doubt can also arise at this point.

Is under-urination the only factor that brings about calcium accumulation within the body?

No! There is yet another important source, and that has relevance to the Calcium content of plant materials eaten, but NOT digested and absorbed by the intestinal tract.

Often, a significant quantity of the calcium present in such consumed vegetable matter remains intact, and then it gets removed as part of the faecal matter.

This occurs, as per my recognition, when the body’s need for the Calcium mineral is satisfied, the brain rejects all the excesses by not absorbing them.

In other words, if the food (and drinks) consumed has very little Calcium in them – less than the body’s needs, then, nearly ALL of it may get absorbed, and only an insignificant quantity may get thrown out of the body.

When the undigested organic bulk arrives at the colo-rectal region as faecal matter, it tends to be in a SOLID and SHAPELY form.

This consolidated faeces turns SLIMY or WATERY when it gets mixed with WATER in the end-part of the digestive tract.

Consumption of certain food items such as over-ripefruits that contain excessive fibres (e.g., fully ripe papaya), chocolates, certain ultra-refined wheat-based items such as some of the bakery products (e.g., biscuits, cakes), etc. tend to make the faeces watery / slimy (diarrhoea-like).

In the presence of water, the calcium in the faeces tends to get dissolved, and that enhances its easy absorption by the glandular cells present in the lining of the colo-rectal region, thus increasing further the ALREADY EXCESSIVE Calcium bulk that has accumulated within the body.

In other words, BOTH – the under-urination as well as defecating slimy faeces – jointly spoil the good health.

(I have even recognised that it is the prolonged(for five years or so) colo-rectal absorption of the hither-to unabsorbed calcium by the lining glandular adenomatous cells that gives rise to colo-rectal cancer.)

As described earlier, the combined / cumulative Calcium excesses enter into the cells of the soft tissues that are already enlarged to form benign cysts / lumps, now get over-filled with these Calcium excesses, and turn them into HARDENED STRUCTURES.

(I have found that these ‘rocky’ structures cannot be dissolved, and they can only be removed from the concerned organ through surgical procedures.)


If the Calcium excess continues to come, then these cancers become much enlarged in size (often cited by Oncologists as “aggressive”).

Under normal circumstances, withholding the urinal pressure / urge, along with eating ‘undesirable’ foods (as listed above) tend to become a HABIT of the concerned people.

Therefore, these ‘bad’ habits, also because the health-science books and publications do not highlight these as ‘dangerous’ and ‘bad’ habits, the ‘victims’ tend to continue their under-urination and ‘wrong-food eating habits’.

As a result, the patient tends to carry on accumulating more and more of the Calcium EXCESSES.

So, endlessly, the process goes on until the CANCER STRUCTURE reaches a size that becomes beyond the tolerance (or accommodating)scope of the ORGAN in which the cancer has developed.

The fully ‘matured’ cancer, in reality, does NOT spread to other organs, as is stipulated by Oncologists.

The following is what happens at this so-called ‘advanced stage’:

The patient continues to under-urinate, and continues to defecate slimy faeces, thus allowing a continuous and non-stop accumulation of the calcium excesses.

Since no more ‘empty’ cells are available in THAT particular organ (where the ‘huge’ cancer has already reached its maximum storing capacity), the freshly on-coming Calcium EXCESSES will have to find a new location for their storage.

In that search, the ‘empty’ cells that make up the soft tissues of another organ become the target location for the ‘fresh’ dumping of those freshly on-coming excesses.

Unfortunately, this process is mistaken by Oncologists, and therefore, they call it an advanced stage of metastasis (i.e., spreading of the cancer cells.).

Thus, it should be clear that there are NO such thing as “cancer CELLS”, and the spreading of cancers to other parts of the body also does not occur.

Therefore, using chemical poisons (chemotherapy) or radiations to kill the non-existing thing does not seem to make any sense.

In the name of ‘killing’ the potential cancer cells, after a surgical removal of the hardened cancer structure, they end up destroying the good cells of those soft tissues! Thus, it forms a misadventure that paves a way for an early death of the patient.

The right procedure, as per my suggestion, should involve the surgical removal of the cancers, followed by some DECALCIFICATION of the calcium excesses only, as described in most of my publications.


Based on my clinical observations (which I have recorded in my book on cancer in 2010), the following must be true:

·       When girls and boys, during their juvenile period (between 10 and 20 years or so)drink plenty of water and sweat profusely (by participating in sports activities), they end up under-urinating: they void little urine twice or thrice daily.

·       This under-urination forms a habit, and that enhances accumulation of calcium excesses within their body.

·       Since these accumulations are occurring during the growth period, their long bones (i.e., limb bones) grow very long, and they end up becoming VERY TALLpersons.

·       After their juvenile period, with effect from their 20 or so, their growth in terms of height stops. In girls, the soft tissues in their BREASTS begin to accommodate these calcium excesses, and that process makes their breasts VERY BIG.

·       These girls, if they happen to eat more food than their body’s needs, they would put on weight, become overweight and obese. They would then look very tall and huge-bodied women (or ‘giant-sized men’, in the case of over-eating boys).

·       If these girls eat VERY LITTLE FOOD, they remain VERY SLIM, but with HUGE BREASTS.

·       Since these tall and slim girls with huge breasts continue to under-urinate, they will be experiencing profuse sweating (hyperhidrosis) all the time, and that would also make them emit strong body sweat (urine) odour. Their palms and feet would be moist / watery all the time.

·       In the case of these under-urinating, slim, tall, big-breasted, profusely sweating, strong odour emitting, less food eating(similar to starving, anorexia nervosa-like) girls, the Calcium EXCESSES would accumulate in the soft tissues of the BREASTS or in the BRAIN, depending upon certain lifestyle habits.

·       If these girls continue performing their strenuous sports activities (such as Marathon running) even in their late teens and early twenties, they seem to be developing Leukaemia (i.e., blood cancer) (see Palaniappan, 2010).

At this, we may want to question as what makes the cancer     to occur in the breast tissues in some, and in the brain tissues in others.

    Here is the answer:

We know that apple from the tree drops to the ground because of the earth’s gravitational pull.

In the case of blood circulation within the body, the heart pumps it, and therefore, the gravitational pull cannot have any effect over its flow.

However, when it comes to the LYMPH fluid that circulates in all parts of the body though the false ducts, that system has NO heart or heart-like pumping mechanism of any kind.

The lymph moves only by muscular movements.

If we lie down flat in a sleeping position, without any movement, the lymph fluid stagnates, and goes down to the lower parts of the body – to be horizontal, in line with the ground surface.

Often, it is the LYMPH fluid that forms the DRAINAGE system that carries all the wastes, including the Calcium EXCESSES*.

(*The blood cannot carry such excesses, because the Calcitonin hormone that secretes from the thyroid gland does not allow such Calcium excesses to be in the blood, since the latter can change the pH of the blood to higher alkalinity from being pH7.4 that may result in the death of the person.)

If the girl sleeps WITHOUT A PILLOW, resting her head at a lesser level compared to her body level, then, ALL the Calcium EXCESSES in the liquid state are bound to flow to her BRAIN, where it can accumulate in the cells of the SOFT CELLS there – namely, the brain – either in the spaces between the cells, or inside the cell itself.

This flow is enhanced by the earth’s gravitational pull.

If the girl happens to sleep using, say two pillows, the GLYCOGEN excesses would flow to the breast area, and accumulate in the soft cells there to form the cysts and then into a cancer when the Calcium EXCESSES arrive.


    Another question arises at this occasion.

If the girl has been eating very little food, or almost starving, how can GLYCOGEN build-up occur in the soft cells of the breasts?

I have observed numerous times clinically that this happens only when a girl of this kind takes GLUCOSE (as Dextrose, dissolved in water) to obtain the required energy for her very living as well as to perform her sports activities.

When a person consumes Glucose drinks frequently, he/she almost definitely develops a cyst or a benign tumour in some parts of the body.

If there happens to be a wound*(or burnt tissue in the oesophagus due to drinking excessive hot drinks, all the time), these glucose excesses get stored in those cells as glycogen, which, when added up with GLUCOSE EXCESSES, turn into CANCERS.

(* The recurrence of benign cysts at the sutured locations appears to be due to this reason.)

The purpose of glycogen accumulation at the wounds appears to be occurring in order to heal the wounds.

So, based on all the above understanding, we can now explain the phenomenon that could have occurred in the case of Miss Lopez, which led her to her premature death at 22:

Miss Lopez must have been:
·       Eating very little food all the time, and that must have kept her very slim (as seen in her earlier photos).

·       She must have been drinking plenty of dextrose / glucose drinks for her energy needs.

·       She must have been a very active person (e.g., in sports) in her juvenile growth period (between 10 and 20, or so).

·       She must have been drinking plenty of water all the time.

·       She must have been experiencing excessive sweating all the time.

·       She must have been under-urinating all the time (just twice or thrice daily).

·       She must have emitted strong body odour (sweat smell, few hours after her shower), all the time.

·       She must have avoided using pillow while sleeping, all the time.

·       Towards her later years (closer to her death), her later-photo, where her face looks muscular, shows she must have eaten more food for her energy, rather than taking glucose.

If a person close to her, like her mother or any other family member is asked, she may vouch all the above were true.

If they can vouch, then the chances of W.H.O. as well as other researchers may be willing to accept my findings as true, and THAT recognition can save BILLIONS of people from their early and miserable deaths.

Thanks, friends,

With love and affection, and with sincere prayers for the SOUL of Miss Yumara Lopez to rest in peace, in heaven, and with God Himself.

Dr. Palani, Ph.D. 

So, what do you think ?