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(© 7 November 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

Here is a news that came up in yesterday’s Medical Xpress (6 November 2015):

Iron supplementation: When less is really more

You can read the original story through:

The study by a group of researchers working with Diego Moretti, senior assistant to ETH Professor Michael B. Zimmermann, published in the journal called BLOOD, has the following information for us to know: 

·      It may be difficult for the body to absorb iron in quantities that are necessary and desirable when the supplement doses are administered in 24-hour intervals. 

·      This may be due to hepcidin. As soon as iron enters the body, hepcidin production begins in the liver. This tiny protein… released into the bloodstream reaches the intestine … to regulate the amount of iron absorbed into the body through the cells of the gastrointestinal tract.  

·      The scientists observed over 50 young women whose iron reserves were depleted but who did not yet suffer from anaemia.

·      The participants in the study were all healthy young women without anemia. 


I have observed in my study the following details, which should be of some interest to the above Researchers:

1.  Iron mineral will become absorbable only if the pH (acid-base reaction) happens to be within a narrow mid-range spectrum.  

2.  If the medium is very highly ALKALINE or VERY HIGHLY ACIDIC, the iron mineral will not become available for absorption. 

3.  The above being the case, if the medium either in the gastro-intestinal tract, OR elsewhere in the body where the mineral is to be utilised for anabolism (i.e., for constructive purposes, such as red blood cell building and the like) happens to be in that ‘out-of-bounds’ pH range, then, naturally the iron will get lost. 

4.  As for the ACID pH, the gastric juice itself may form a hindrance. 

5.  However, when it comes to an ALKALINE STATUS, the following details should justify: 

The CALCIUM from food sources can turn the medium into such a high ALKALINE environment. 

6.  The CALCIUM itself is very much ANTAGONISTIC to IRON. (They are ‘enemies’.) 

7.  At this, we have to go a bit further to understand the dynamism of the CALCIUM role, particularly in women.

It is common knowledge that women require a little MORE Calcium than men, since the women lose substantial quantities of Calcium through their menstrual discharges, repeatedly at monthly intervals.

Any SOFT CELL in a tissue (in any of the organs / muscles) tends to get harder when ‘fully’ filled with Calcium. It turn tender when such Calcium is depleted.

The Calcium losses during menstruations make several parts of a woman’s body (such as breasts, face – chin, thighs, lower leg – the soleus muscles, etc.) tender.

Thus, immediately AFTER the menses, a woman loses some weight essentially because of such Calcium losses.

As time passes by, her body gathers from food and replaces the lost Calcium, and as a result, all the tissues that had gone tender gradually become ‘hardened’, or ‘gets filled’.

As a result of this process, a woman’s face would look ‘filled’ and the breasts hardened just a day prior to the next menses.

The sequence occurs in every fertile woman.

While the above being the norm, if for instance, a woman takes Calcium supplementations or plenty of calcium-enriched eatables and drinks, or for that matter, if she happens to eat a lot seafood, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, her body would end up receiving ABUNDANT Calcium, which may be a lot more than her body’s needs.

When such a thing happens, the blood stream will naturally NOT retain any bit of the Calcium excesses, for it that happens, the pH of the blood can change to much higher readings than its constant range of being within pH7.35 – 7.45, and that can even result in the death of the person.

Therefore, whenever there is EXCESSIVE Calcium in the body, initially brought through the BLOOD STREAM, almost instantly the CALCITONIN hormone that is secreted in the THYROID gland and floating in the blood stream, would PUSH the Calcium EXCESSES into the LYMPH fluid, for their elimination from the body, through the kidneys, along with the URINE.

One unfortunate mistake can happen at this.

A woman needs to URINATE adequately to eliminate all the Calcium excess. I have recorded this to be about 8 times daily.

In order to expel all the unwanted Calcium excesses, a woman needs to drink about TWO LITRES of water (not juices or soups) so that the removal would occur to its saturation point.

In other words, if the woman either drinks less water, and therefore urinates only about thrice or so daily, or drinks plenty of water, but yet UNDER-URINATES (about thrice or so), the Calcium EXCESSES that are supposed to get voided along with the urine will end up STAYING inside the body.

Such Calcium EXCESSES that are retained inside the body (due to under-urination) will get stored in the SOFT CELLS of the body.

The soft cells in the BREASTS appear to be the first choice for such accumulation / retention / storage.

It is so because, some of the breast tissues (lactiferous tissues / ducts) are designed to SCAVENGE Calcium from all available sources for the production of milk (to feed the baby).

When this happens, it tends to give rise to LUMPS in the breasts, which may end up being CANCEROUS along with a continued Calcium accumulation.

In fact, ALL soft cells in ALL the organs of the woman, including her muscles, tend to absorb the Calcium EXCESSES, resulting in making the woman OVERWEIGHT. A continued process of this kind would make her MORBIDLY OBESE.

However, during this process, the SOFT CELLS in the BLOOD VESSELS (forming atherosclerosis/ arteriosclerosis), the ADENOMATOUS / GLANDULAR CELLS (resulting in inflammation) that line up the digestive tract, and even the LIVER (forming CYSTS) accumulates the Calcium EXCESSES.

This being the case, a woman of this status – that is, with EXCESSIVE Calcium in her body, is bound to develop the liquid medium that is involved in the process of digestion to a HIGHLY ALKALINE pH.

Such an ALKALINE medium, again, is bound to DISCARD the IRON mineral that may come to that location for further absorption into the blood stream for the intended anabolic process.

In other words, the body of an OBESE woman would REJECT the Iron mineral supplement, not because of its excessive presence in the body, but because of the unsuitable reaction medium for it absorption and utilisation.

I have (clinically) observed all the time that, the ABSORPTION of IRON MINERAL SUPPLEMENT in OBESE WOMEN DOES NOT happen as it should, even if the woman happens to suffer from iron-deficiency anaemia.

In other words, I have observed that ALL obese women tend to develop IRON-DEFICIENCY ANAEMIA because of such UNDER-URINATION. Along with it, ALL the OBESE also show signs of ERRATIC MENSES, greying of hair, panting and short breadth for want of oxygen owing to the low blood composition (ref: low RBC count) due to the said iron inadequacy in the body.

As opposed to the above,        the Iron ABSORPTION appears to occur very well in women who are THIN or Skeletal-looking, essentially because of LIBERAL or OVER-URINATING women, in whom even the wanted Calcium would have leached out of the body due to such over-urination.

Such Calcium over-elimination or excessive depletion can ALSO occur if the woman happens to consume too much of ACID foods and drinks, or takes chemical-based drugs of any kind, or even if she happens to over-exercise, suffers from insomnia, and the like that would make her body develop HYPERACIDOSIS.

Often, the pH monitoring of a woman’s body can be easily done by measuring the pH of her urine. Naturally, high acid urine would indicate it.


The above being the case, I am a little surprised to understand the new finding by this team of researchers that the tiny protein called HEPCIDIN may inhibit the absorption of the iron mineral supplement, and that is further related to the time intervals between such iron availabilities.

May be, BOTH the above factors are playing in causing such inhibitions.

I feel like suggesting humbly to the researchers working with Diego Moretti, senior assistant to ETH Professor Michael B. Zimmermann, to include in their future experimental design, if possible, the following variables as well so that the exact cause can be better traced:

1.  Monitor the WATER CONSUMPTION and URINATION details. (The Water Intake Vs. Urine Output Ratio should be in the range of 1.0 to 1.2 or so, and not more. Ratios that measure anything more the 1.3 would indicate UNDER-URINATION. For more information on this, you may want to refer to my publications, listed under the List of References below). 

2.  Monitor the urine pH variations in relation to the intake of iron mineral supplement. 

3.     I have determined the CALF CALCIFICATION (called cH) at the SOLEUS muscles to be the best measure to monitor the obesity status of women (see my publications.) 

The Rate of Iron Absorption of Iron mineral appears to be INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL to the obesity status of women.  

That is, the iron absorption INCREASES along with DECREASING cH (i.e. Calf Calcification), or

The iron absorption decreases along with the increases in their obesity status. 


Well, friends,

Until I come up with some other evaluation or write-up, Bye,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.


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