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(© 2 November 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
 The following news came out in Medical Xpress yesterday (1 Nov., 2015): I got it through Google search, and the story was put up by the Society for Endocrinology:

Vitamin D pill a day may improve exercise performance and lower risk of heart disease

You can read the original news through the following URL

Dr Emad Al-Dujaili and Dr Raquel Revuelta Iniesta, researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh have found that a daily supplement of Vitamin-D can, as the heading says, lower the risk of heart disease, and also increase the stamina for work.


I have the following INTERPRETATIONS in addition to the above observations:

We know that Vitamin-D will fix the CALCIUM in the BONE.

What would happen in the ABSENCE of Vitamin-D?

The answer is:

It will be floating (NOT in the blood, for the Calcitonin hormone does NOT allow Calcium EXCESSES to be in the blood stream, as that would adversely change the blood pH to produce detrimental results) in the LYMPH fluid, and then would get into the URINAL BLADDER, via the KIDNEYS, so that that would get VOIDED out along with the URINE.

A problem would arise if THAT Calcium EXCESS does not get thrown out of the body, because of UNDER-URINATION .

If a person does NOT urinate adequately to remove these Calcium EXCESSES (for, more water has to be drunk to void all of the excesses by the urine at the saturation point), only then, such EXCESSES can ACCUMULATE within the body.

Now, again, for want of choice, the unspent Calcium EXCESSES (since NOT fixed in the bone, for want of sunshine or Vitamin-D) would get transported by the LYMPH fluid to the SOFT CELLS present in various organs of the body, including the muscles.

When these Calcium EXCESSES get into the soft cells to become part of the cytoplasm, those cells ENLARGE owing to the dumping, and become HEAVIER, making the ENTIRE person BIG-SIZED and also OVERWEIGHT.

(When such Calcium EXCESSES enter into the SOFT milk-forming duct CELLS present in the BREASTS, for instance, LUMPS form there, with potentials for turning into BREAST CANCERS later, if such Calcium accumulations continue to happen.)

Similar to what happens in the breasts, the Calcium EXCESSES tend to get impregnated into the soft cells present in the blood vessels, thus making the lumen narrower and the walls thicker – giving rise to ARTERIO- or ATHEROSCLEROSIS.

This process would also create BLOCKAGES in the heart, with potentials for MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION (heart attack).

If the FREE Calcium gets FIXED as part of the BONES with the help of Vitamin-D, then, there is no ROOM for the development of ARTERIOSCLEROSIS AND HEART BLOCKAGES.

One more point that has probably been overlooked (that is, missed to monitor / observe) by the Researchers Dr Emad Al-Dujaili and Dr Raquel Revuelta Iniesta, while performing this study is:

The unutilised / unspent free Calcium EXCESSES, in the ABSENCE of Vitamin-D or sunshine, would ALSO give rise to form RENAL CALCULI (kidney stones).

Yet another even that can happen in the absence of Vitamin-D is the development of HYPOTHYROIDISM.

Under such a circumstance, the body would also gain, as said earlier, OVERWEIGHT and OBESITY.

Along with all these, in the case of WOMEN, ENDOMETRIOSIS, POLYCYSTIC OVARY, BLOCKAGES in the FALLOPIAN TUBES, ERRATIC MENSES, IRON DEFICIENCY ANAEMIA, LEUCORRHOEA, etc. (+ panting and short-breadth, indigestion, energylessness, memory failure, etc. at lesser level) WOULD ALSO OCCUR.


You may want to know how does exercise performance improved with the input of Vitamin-D.

Calcium EXCESS, when present inside the body, because of it very high alkaline pH, interferes in the absorption of IRON mineral that comes from the food.

We know iron is a must for the formation of BLOG – the RBC.

When Vitamin-D fixes the free Calcium in the bone, the iron would get absorbed, thus helping the nocturnal reformation of the lost red blood cells, on a daily basis.

A blood that is rich in its RBC composition would naturally have increased potentials for transporting the much needed oxygen that is necessary for the digestion and combustion of the food material for energy release, and that can increase the stamina in people.

Since the above sequence does not happen in the OBESE, those people tend to be lazy, lethargic, and energyless.


In the current study by Dr. Emad Al-Dujaili and Dr. Raquel Revuelta Iniesta, if they monitored all those I have indicated above, they could have almost certainly had POSITIVE RESULTS (THROUGH A MULTIPLE CORRELATION ANALYSES OF THE RESULTS).

They would have most probably come up with the following results:

(These are hypotheses for them, at this stage):

Vitamin D pill a day may improve (1) exercise performance, (2) breathing and digestion potentials, (3) lower risk of heart diseases (blockages, arterio- atherosclerosis, hypertension), (4) lower several of the women’s diseases including endometriosis, polycystic ovary, erratic menses, leucorrhoea, etc. (5) lower type-2 diabetes, (6) lower ALL cancers, and (7) lower morbid obesity.

THE FACT SHOULD REMAIN THAT I HAVE ALREADY FOUND ALL THE ABOVE THROUGH MY 40 YEARS OF STUDY, through the practice of ECOLOGICAL HEALING SYSTEM, an evidence-based, scientific alternative medicine.


More information on this may be read in my following publications, and also by browsing the numerous articles I have posted in THIS BLOG.

OK, friends,
Let me come up with another write-up soon.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.


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