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(© 15 October 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

My 40-year study (references, at the end) shows that dietary supplementation of CALCIUM, without the addition of Vitamin-D, can actually INCREASE the risk for the development of cancers in COLO-RECTAL region and other parts of the body.

Even before we can discuss anything about the subject of adenomas or pre-cancerous polyps, or colo-rectal cancer, one should know what exactly we are talking about.  The following little but wonderful video explains that in simple terms: All non-medical people should see this:

The paper we are trying to evaluate today (references are given towards the end of this article) involved some 2,259 people, aged 45 and 73, who had colo-rectal polyps initially. 

Their polyps were removed, and were given dietary
supplementation with Vitamin-D and/or Calcium, or both.
The purpose of this experiment was to see if the Calcium and/or Vitamin-D could REDUCE the recurrence of the problem.

In the end, the Researchers found that these supplementations did not show any positive result.

It has been a big puzzle to all medical professionals as what exactly could be the RISK FACTOR for the development of this polyp or colo-rectal cancer.

(Let us get to know the basics, first:

(a) We know that Calcium, irrespective of its source, in the presence of Vitamin-D, gets fixed mostly as part of the skeletal system, thus increasing its development and growth from the stage of being an embryo until about the 20th year or so. Subsequent input of Calcium (with Vitamin-D) tends to increase the bone density.

In reality, in the process of evolution, since the availability of Calcium mineral on earth’s surface has been abundant, our body has become accustomed to utilising it practically in every part of the body. 

However, such a fixation can occur only in the presence of Vitamin-D.

The natural source for Vitamin-D is sunshine.

Under normal conditions, humans and animals obtain their Vitamin-D, either by exposing their body to sunshine, or by consuming it from food sources*.

(* e.g., Cow gets its Vitamin-D from sunshine. When we drink its milk, we get it. An infant gets it from its mother’s milk.)

(b) The daily Calcium requirement of ADULTS is 450 or 500 mg. The same for children, because of their rapid growth, is about 900 or 1,000 mg.

(c) Calcium is alkaline, and its pH in consumables can vary between about pH 7.1 and 9.00, or so.). (In Baking Powder, it is about pH 8.5 or so.)

(c)  If there happens to be EXCESSIVE Calcium within the body, essentially due to over-consumption of Calcium-containing food/drinks, that would interfere in the normal functioning of the body.

The blood pH is maintained to remain at pH 7.4 by a hormone called Calcitonin, that is secreted in the Thyroid gland.

If there happens to be too much Calcium in the blood, that can raise its pH to more than 7.4, and that can result even in death.

(d) Therefore, all Calcium EXCESSES that enter the body are usually THROWN OUT as part of the URINE. Until such removal, the Calcium EXCESSES keep floating in the LYMPH DUCTS, as part of the Lymph FLUID.

(e) To expel all such unwanted EXCESSES, one must drink ADEQUATE WATER, and should ALSO VOID ADEQUATE URINE.

(f) If a person UNDER-URINATES, then, those Calcium EXCESSES will have no choice except to staying within the body.

The CELLS that make up the tissues/ flesh / muscles / organs become the STORAGE areas for these Calcium excesses.

(g) The cells in the tender muscles, such as the BREAST tissues in women, and the Prostate Gland in men, tend to attract these free Calcium EXCESSES.  In doing so, the brain tries to utilise the Calcium excesses for milk production in women and semen production in men.

If the woman does not feed a baby with her milk, and if the man does not ejaculate out the semen, then such Calcium excesses tend to give rise to lumps in women, and Prostate ENLARGEMENT in men.

(h) A continued accumulation of such Calcium EXCESSES tend to get stored in the soft cells of all other tissues (thus making the person overweight and obese), in the walls of blood vessels (thus making the walls thicker – forming atherosclerosis, and/or blockages in the heart), in liver (as cysts), in kidneys (as stones), and/or in any of the other organs (as tumours and cancers).

(i) If there is VITAMIN-D in EXCESS, then, the Calcium EXCESSES can form as SPURS (spine-like extra bone growth in the feet), or extra growth at the growing tips of long bones (thus forming Chondrosarcoma).

It can also thicken the skeletal system (thus increasing the bone density to become somewhat abnormal).

(j) Vegetables contain abundant Calcium. In order to prevent EXCESSIVE absorption of Calcium, the brain allows some 70 to 80% of the Calcium present in the vegetables eaten, to remain UNABSORBED, and then that gets EXPELLED from the body as PART OF THE FAECES that is defecated every day.

(k) If the faeces remains in an ALKALINE state, it will remain as a SOLID structure with a cylindrical SHAPE.

So, if a person defecates solid and shapely faeces, we can assume that such faeces has efficiently REMOVED the Calcium EXCESSES.

(l) If the person CONSTIPATES, the glandular cells present at the inner lining of the COLO-RECTAL region secrete WATER in order to make the faeces slimy/watery, so that it can be easily defecated.

Once the faeces turns watery, it enhances the Calcium EXCESSES to be absorbed by the same Glandular cells (called Adenomatous cells). This process enhances the ACCUMULATION of the unwanted Calcium EXCESSES.

(m) Thus, the Calcium EXCESSES from the faeces + the same due to UNDER-URINATION, together, end up as HUGE BULKS of the Calcium EXCESSES*.

(* As per my study, 28% of such accumulate Calcium EXCESS comes from the slimy. Watery faecal matter, 26% due to Erroneous Eating Habit, 24% due to under-urination, Calcium-ENRICHED FOOD & SUPPLEMENTATIONS: 22%: For more and exact details, please see my book “All about obesity in a nutshell”: Details towards the end.)

After knowing the BASICS described above, it would be much easier to understand and appreciate the LATEST news item that has been published in Medical Xpress(14 Ocotber 2015).

So, now we know that the accumulation of far too much of calcium, in the absence of Vitamin-D, would NOT contribute to the increase of bone density, or bone growth such as spurs or chondrosarcomas, but would only end up in the SOFT cells of various other organs / parts of the body.

The latter, of course, would give rise to lumps, tumours, cancers, stones, and the like.

The fact remains that all the Calcium EXCESSES that get released from the SLIMY FAECES at the COLO-RECTAL region would now get ABSORBED by the GLANDULAR CELLS present in the lining there.

I have traced that in a person who constantly defecates only SLIMY faces ALL the time, say, for FIVE years or so, the continued absorption of the Calcium EXCESSES tends to give rise to Polyps initially, and then to the development of COLO-RECTAL CANCER.

At this, you may want to read it in Medical Xpress (14 October 2015), through the following URL:

The story reads:

“Despite promise, vitamin D and calcium do not reduce colorectal cancer risk.

“Dennis Ahnen, MD, investigator at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, and colleagues, show no reduced risk of colonic polyps with vitamin D and/or calcium supplements. Credit: University of Colorado Cancer Center

“The New England Journal of Medicine reports results … that dietary supplementation with vitamin D and/or calcium after removal of pre-cancerous colorectal adenomas (aka polyps) does not reduce risk of developing future adenomas.

“… in previous, smaller trials, (there was a) strong evidence against the usefulness of these supplements in the prevention of future polyps. (“polyps” = small outgrowths-Dr.Palani.)

“… Unfortunately, this trial shows that taking vitamin D or calcium is probably not very useful in this setting,” says Dennis J. Ahnen, … one of the paper’s co-authors.

“The study included patients 45 to 75 years old who had colonic polyps removed and no remaining polyps at the time of trial enrolement. PARTICIPANTS AGREED TO TAKE DAILY DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS OF VITAMIN D, CALCIUM OR BOTH. … 43 PERCENT OF PATIENTS SHOWED ADDITIONAL POLYPS at the time of the second screening. (This did not occur in the control group… who had taken one or both supplements.)


“Similar is true of calcium supplementation: In population studies, people with higher calcium intake have lower incidence of colorectal cancer, and previous, smaller human trials have shown promise for calcium in the prevention of colorectal cancer.

“… the authors write that they have “no ready explanation” for these negative findings …”



I am sure, after carefully reading the above news that appeared in Medical Xpress(that originated from New England Journal of Medicine) ANDmy story from the start:

You could have deciphered more meaningful interpretation of the results obtained by the current Authors.

To start with:

*  Calcium with Vitamin-D, would get impregnated into the

bones. So, there will not be any FREELY-AVAILABLE

Calcium to promote NEW Polyp formation.
  • Calcium WITHOUT Vitamin-D, (essentially if it comes from the slimy faeces) would get impregnated into the Adenoma cells at the lining of the Colo-rectal part of the digestive tract, and thereby would produce Polypsprovided that this Calcium from the diet did NOT get absorbed in the earlier part of the digestive tract.
  • Those 43% of the people who DEVELOPED Polyps later, must have either taken MORE Calcium through their food sources that had offset the potentials (beyond the saturation point) of the Vitamin-D (- this would have very little influence), OR could have ACCUMULATED A LOT MORE CALCIUM (without Vitamin-D) through their UNDER-URINATION habit, AND/OR could have also defecated SLIMY faeces most of the time (probably by taking too much of chocolates, over-ripe fruits such as papaya, biscuits, bakery products, etc. – these were NOT monitored in the present study.) So, THAT EXTRA and EXCESSIVE Calcium could have given them the polyps (– these 2 factors could have had greater impact).
(Based on my observation in several cases of this kind earlier, all those 2259 patients must have had their polyps at the start, essentially because of DEFECATING SLIMY FAECES nearly all the time – could have been for three years or so.)

*  After the removal of the polyps they had, may be the 57% of the people who did not get the problem again, could have started defecating solid and shapely faeces because of the alkalinity of the Calcium (with or without Vitamin-D) supplementation, and THAT could have stopped the release of Calcium from the faeces, and thereby the Adenomatous cells at the lining of the colo-rectal region did not get a fresh supply of calcium for the recurrence of the polyps there.
* It is said that in some studies, the supplementation of Calcium had helped in the prevention of polyps.
* This could have been due to the following phenomenon:
When people defecate SLIMY faeces, the previously unabsorbed Calcium from the VEGETABLE MATTER, would get absorbed, thus increasing the potentials for developing polyps. 
* The SLIMY faeces will become SOLID and SHAPELY in the presence of Calcium (or any other alkaline substance). If this happens, the unabsorbed Calcium would not become available for absorption (to give rise to new polyps), but would stay intact in the faeces, and would get defecated.
* Based on this, the 28% of the Calcium (in my study) that must have gone out in the faeces because of the presence of the Calcium supplementation, could have REDUCED the incidence of new polyp formation. 
For that matter, by chance, THIS particular group of patients could have URINATED LIBERALLY, thus voiding out the 24% of Calcium (as found in my study).This too could have helped in the PREVENTION of new polyp formation.
Apart from these two sources, their calcium-enriching Erroneous Eating Habit too (as found in my study), again by chance, could have been the Correct Eating Habit losing another 26% of the Calcium (For details, please see my books: “Obesity: causes, cure, and prevention” that has statistically-treated data, and “All about obesity in a nutshell”.)
The statement:

“Vitamin D has been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells through inhibiting the growth of new blood vessels required to feed a cancer’s growth, and also by directly causing the death of cancer cells…”
The above EXPRESSION may have to be modified in the following manner:
  • “If there happens to be far too much of Calcium excesses meant to be stored, cells divide mitotically and store them.
    Since the Vitamin-D must have fixed the Calcium excesses in the bone, new cells need not form (to store the Calcium excesses).  If new cells are not forming, then, there will not be any need for extra blood supply, and therefore, new blood capillaries will not be needed.”
    (We have to note here that: (a) there is no such thing as “special cancer cells”. (b) Again, none of the cells die. It is just that no new cell will form, simply because, there will not be any need to store Calcium excesses. That is all to it.)
    To sum up, as per my study/finding:
    Calcium excesses, when absorbed essentially from the faeces that turn slimy (or watery) for any reason, will give rise to polyps in the first place.
    Continued absorption of the calcium that way for a prolonged period of about five years or so, may give rise to Colo-rectal CANCER.
  • *******

Dear Friends,

I hope this critique of mine must have enlightened you on the reality of things concerning Colo-rectal polyps and cancers, in relation to Calcium and Vitamin-D supplements.

With best wishes and thanks,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

Bowel Cancer Australia 2014. Head Office Address: Level 2, 65 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060.

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So, what do you think ?