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(© 18 Sept. 2015: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

The whole world must have had shock on hearing that a child of just three years has developed the Type-2 Diabetes, that is often found only in adults all this while.

I read the news in
The Star (Malaysian) newspaper this morning.

Now, I am seeing it in the Internet:
Medical Xpress (17 Sept.) has brought out the news to the public. You can read the story through the following URL: email&utm_content=ctgr-item&utm_campaign=daily-nwletter

It is said (all the time) that Type-2 diabetes is life-style-related.

I don’t doubt THAT generalised statement at all!

The point is, the LIFESTYLE that is described as a taboo, in reality, does NOT seem to be the right lifestyle.

It is SOME OTHER ASPECT of lifestyle that should be contributing to the problem. Let me elaborate it:

The 3-year ‘victim’ is said to be of 35 kg (77 pounds), and this weight is said to be correct for an 11-year-old.

By right, she must have been, they say, only about half of it: that is, 17 or 18 kgs. (Her birth weight was 3.2 kg, and is considered normal.)

Following are the symptoms this Texas-USA child is said to have:

1. Excessive weight,
2. Excessive URINATION, and
3. Excessive THIRST.

The above symptoms are ‘normal’ for adults who have diabetes.

The LIFESTYLE factors blamed for the disease are:

1. Lack of exercise, and
2. Overweight

They have found that the family does not keep an account of the amount of (a) calories, and (b) fat consumed by the child.

(I don’t maintain such a record. Do you? Do you think all humans who do not get diabetes are keeping records of their calories and fat content of their diet? Who has been maintaining such records for the past millions years – until about 50 years ago?)

The attending Doctor Michael Yafi of the University of Texas feels that the type-2 disease is due to the epidemic of child OBESITY.

It seems this child was treated with diabetic medicine, in addition to managing her through diet and exercise.

As a result, she is said to have lost 9 kg in six months.


In the first place, do children under 3 practise calorie-losing strenuous exercises, other than their normal ‘gentle’ moving or playing around?

Secondly, the CALORIE & FAT CONTENTS of the food consumed is said to have made the child obese.

Does this mean that no other child has consumed this amount of food so far?

Something ELSE must have happened in the case of THIS child to have got the adult-kind of type-2 diabetes.

Most of the time doctors tend blame the over-weight as the culprit, after attributing that to be due to overeating or excessive calories and fat.

If that is true, why then, those people who take extremely very little fat-free food and very little plain water, put on weight?

Often, researchers tend to include OBESITY as a
culprit on its own.

The irony here is, as per my study, obesity is NOT a contributing factor for any of the diseases.

Obesity ITSELF is the result of some other error – call it “Factor-X”, and that obesity should be considered as a RESULTING disease on its own – on par with type-2 diabetes, blood vessel thickenings
(atherosclerosis), cancers, and heart and/or stone diseases.

Thus, obesity cannot be the CAUSATIVE FACTOR for any of the diseases! It is a disease in itself (as said earlier, it is the result of some mistake we make)!

Let us evaluate the reasons of the other TWO symptoms associated with type-3 diabetes:

1. Excessive URINATION, and
2. Excessive THIRST.

Why do you think the body of the type-2 diabetic patient develops a constant urge to urinate excessively or frequently?

Again, what makes that person develop excessive thirst?

Why do people (and all animals) void urine?

When we eat food, not every bit of it is digested.

That which is NOT digested, gets removed from our body as faeces.

Likewise, when the food we eat is digested and ABSORBED, not all the absorbed items are utilised by the body
(or needed for the well being of the body).

So, the unwanted ones are REMOVED from the body mostly through URINATIONS.

For the body to void urine, it requires water.

If we do not drink adequate water, then, the brain gives us a sense of THIRST.

Following that, we end up drinking water.

Once we drink water, that water takes in it the unwanted ones out of our body in the form of urine.

Functioning of all parts of our body leaves toxic substances as END-PRODUCTS.

This happens all the time – from birth until death, non-stop.

There will be no place to store them within the body. Further, these wastes have no use for our body.

Therefore, all such toxic wastes, along with the unwanted ones, get removed by the urine.

If the day-to-day wastes are considered to be of ‘NORMAL’ quantity, then, it may perhaps be enough for about 6, 7 or 8 urinations to remove such normal quantities, daily.

On the other hand, if there happens to be TOO MUCH of the unwanted substances inside the body, the brain induces too much and/or too frequent urinations.

If too much or too frequent urinations are to be voided, then, the body would require too much of water to be taken, to meet the need/ demand.

If the type-2 diabetic people are feeling the urge for too frequent urinations, and too much of thirst, it should be taken to mean that there is PLENTY OF TOXIC or UNWANTED substances inside the body.

Since the urinations and thirst are MORE than the NORMAL, it should mean that the toxic substances inside the body has also become MORE THAN THE NORMAL.

Now, what could be that substance that has become TOO MUCH for the body to keep inside it, or wants to throw away?

The fat cannot be thrown out by the urine.

So, fat cannot be the toxic or unwanted substance!*

(* I have reported through several of my publications that the overweight that comes merely from the fat is totally harmless, except that it makes the person clumsily obese, without any disease. At the same time, losing it through over-exercising would not help at all.)

Thus, it should be clear, in the case of the 3-year-old child getting type-2 diabetes, the obesity, related to fat accumulation, may not have anything to do with the disease development.

Based on the same principle, the LACK OF EXERCISE too cannot have any relationship to the type-2 diabetes the child had.

If obesity and related over-consumption of fat are eliminated from the list of culprits, then, what else could have been the causative factor in this case
(or in the case of all those who develop type-2 diabetes)?

My study during the past 40 years has clearly brought out that it is CALCIUM in EXCESS (that is far beyond the body’s ability to utilise it, or withstand the excess) that makes the person OVERWEIGHT and OBESE.

Further, it is the same over-accumulated calcium that is responsible for giving rise to Type-2 diabetes, and all other major diseases such as cancers, heart and stone diseases
(Palaniappan,V.M. 2008. The true causes of all diseases).

Let us see how all the above happen?

All food items contain calcium in them (to varying amounts: some more, some less and some mediocre).

Adults require about 450 or 500 mg of Calcium daily.

Children, because of the need for the body’s rapid growth, require double that of the adults: i.e., 900 or 1000 mg. daily.

(At 3, a child may not require that much, anyway).

Infants get their calcium from mother’s milk
(or from factory-made synthesised and enriched milk preparations).

At ‘eating-age’, any other child of 3, tends to end up consuming cow’s milk, eggs, fish, and the like that contain ‘abundant’ calcium.

This kind of food habit CAN give a child MORE than 1,000 mg of Calcium.

Since that is too much for the child’s body to utilise, the excess calcium gets removed from the body
(then and there, on a daily basis) in the urine voided by the child.

As a result, ALL the children, even if they happen to consume too much of calcium, will still be healthy.

Problem arises only when a child  UNDER-URINATES.

Let us
ASSUME the following:

Under normal circumstances, a child needs to urinate 500 ml of urine daily, through 7 times, to eliminate the unwanted wastes and excesses
(which includes the excess calcium of, say, 300 mg, out of the 1300 mg consumed).

If the child happens to consume unusually too much of food daily, naturally too much of calcium will also go into the body along with it, making the total calcium to, say, 1,600 mg.

This may mean, that the child needs to drink MORE water
(may be 700 ml), and urinate more (may be all of it through about 10 urinations).

At this, AS ALONG AS THE CHILD CONSUMES 800 ml OF WATER, AND URINATES 8 TIMES, the child will NOT become obese, and will also NOT get the type 2 diabetes.

(This will be the result, in spite of over-consuming food that contains too much of calories and fat. Removal of the Calcium EXCESS alone, without doing any physical exercise, and without reducing the food quantity, would help.)

Problem would arise only when the child UNDER-URINATES.

If the child drinks 400 ml of water
(instead of the needed 800 ml), and if she urinates only 5 times (instead of the needed 10 times), then, half of the EXCESSIVE calcium cannot be flushed out of the body.

This RETAINED calcium excess tends to get transported mostly by the LYMPH fluid to various parts of the body, in search of the proper location for storage.

During this process, the Calorie EXCESS and the Fat EXCESS remain inside the body, doing no harm to the child’s body.

However, the accumulated calcium gets stored in the soft cells
(the flesh/muscles of face, neck, chest, back, waist, buttocks, legs, arms, etc.) in all parts of the body.

This kind of storage of calcium within the cells, when continues day after day, makes the body HEAVIER, OBESE with ‘tough’ and stiff muscles – not to forget – essentially because of under-urination.

Let me highlight one important point here:

A child
(or an adult) can under-urinate because of various reasons.

Drinking LESS water can be the major reason.

On the other hand, one can drink MORE water, but still under-urinate.

(This can happen if an adult is pre-occupied with his work, or does not find a suitable toilet for urination, or due to highway travel/ traffic congestion, or could be in the midst of a meeting or seminar, or could be in a big gathering, and the like.

I have also traced under-urinations in people who keep inside an air-conditioned room all the time
(the air-conditioner dehydrates the body, and thereby the body water gets reduced, thus lessening urinal pressure and urge for urination).

Those who undertake strenuous physical activities and sweat out profusely also tend to lose their body water, thus resulting in under-urination.)

I have often seen the care-taker of the child
(the mother, or the nurse) tying very tight napkin as an underwear.

This prevents the child
(even it is a female) from voiding.

Avoidance of urination results in the child sweating profusely
(the brain induces hyperhidrosis, to get rid of the excessive water retention within the body).

This can result in the retention of the calcium excesses within the body.

Keeping the child in an air-conditioned environment all the time, or even letting the child to be under a fast-running ran, dehydrates the child, and that too spoils liberal urination.

As said earlier, since the brain ‘feels’ the need to remove the calcium excesses, lest such excesses would damage the body in several ways, gives the person EXCESSIVE THIRST.

Further, since the person is NOT going to urinate on his/her own, the brain FORCES out the urination, at least in several lots of smaller quantities – thus frequent urination occurs.

In fact, the above is the reason for another kind of diabetes called DIABETES INSIPIDUS, characterised by numerous urinations.

At this I have to record here another observation I have made:

THOSE PEOPLE WHO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND UNDER-URINATE, appears to be getting only the type-2 diabetes.

All those who DO NOT DRINK ENOUGH WATER (they drink very little of water, about half a litre or so, or just fruit juices and soups), and under-urinate because of that, then, they appear to be getting BOTH Type-2 Diabetes AND heart attacks, with their blood vessels becoming too thick and stiff (athero / arteriosclerosis, as found in the 5-8 year old children in Eastern Finland I have cited in the previous article in this blog).

We now have an important question to answer:

How does CALCIUM ACCUMULATION within the body give rise to TYPE-2 Diabetes?

This question requires an elaborate answer, for it is based on a completely new thinking.

I have written a several books on the subject. Those that are directly relevant to this question are:

Diabetes: causes, cure, and prevention.2. All about obesity, in a nutshell.
The true causes of all diseases.

(My objective here is not making money by selling my books to you, and hence, I am not giving the purchasing channel. Most of the libraries managed by the Ministry of Information
in Malaysia have these books in their shelves.)

If I am to briefly present the information, I doubt if that is going to be adequate to convince you on the subject.

Nevertheless, let me try:

Sugar canes get their sugar not from the starch they synthesise from sunshine and chloroplast pigments.
(If yes, ALL green plants should taste sweet, with sugars similar to the sugar cane in them.)

While the chemical conversion may stay obscure, the following are some facts that exist:

Sugarcanes raised in a soil that has extremely little calcium produces very little sugar, and it tastes bland.

Those raised in
calcium-enrich soil, contain plenty of sugar, and taste very sweet.

Likewise, mangos and all fruits taste sweet, if the plants are raised in calcium-rich soil.

Sour unripe mangos, if rubbed with calcium, taste sweet after ripening, as compared with the control.

To avoid type-2 diabetes, one should
avoid calcium accumulation within the body.
(It is important to avoid calcium enrichment of the eatables and drinks.)

Calcium rich food
(e.g. sea food) should be consumed in normal quantities, and encouraging people to consume too much of dairy products, fish and the like should be stopped.

Intake of adequate quantities of plain water and urinating adequately should also be taken care of, to the extent of making the Input/Output Ratio to remain at 1.0.
(and not more than 1.2).

Once the calcium excess stuns the insulin secreting activity of the beta cells in the pancreas, any little sugar taken AFTER that, is bound to keep floating in the blood
(for want of 

decalcification of the body should be undertaken for a possible cure of the  type-2 diabetes.

(Only upon decalcification of the body, the patient must be guided to gradually increase the sugar intake so as to induce the pancreas to secrete insulin:

it is absolutely important to follow the methodology I have given in my book on diabetes. Lest, things can go wrong.)

Point-2: When a healthy person takes normal sugar, normal quantity of insulin secretes.

If the person happens to increase his sugar consumption, the quantity of insulin too increases proportionately, to use up all of the sugars.

If the person happens to take UNLIMITED quantities of sugar, exceeding the body’s tolerance limit,
if ALL that sugar is absorbed and sent to the cells, those cells will collapse, resulting in the death of the person eventually.

So, the brain ‘kills’ the beta cells and thereby stops the sugar utility.

We call this phenomenon as “Auto-immune Disease”.

This results in the Type-1, Insulin-dependent diabetes.

If a healthy person REDUCES his sugar consumption, then, relatively lesser quantity of insulin would secrete.

If the person stops taking sugar at all, intake of even little carbohydrates from rice and the like, tends to keep the pancreas alive, but secreting extremely very little insulin – this results in the Type-2 diabetes.

In other words, the VERY AVOIDANCE OF SUGAR INTAKE gives rise to the TYPE-2 DIABETES.

World over, people are told NOT to consume sugar, and that is what gives them the Type-2 Diabetes.

With increasing ‘awareness’ propagated
(as taking sugar will give type-2 diabetes), the number of diabetes victims too has been increasing worldwide.

As long as this existing wrong notion is not given up, the increase in the number of type-2 diabetes will never cease or reverse.

(This must be the reason why the incidence of type-2 diabetes increases in developing countries.

As long as a country is much under-developed, the people keep consuming normal amounts of sugar, and their pancreas keep functioning normal. Therefore, they do not get the disease.

When the country develops, along with the development, mass communications too increase.

Health-care programmes are televised frequently, and we tell the people NOT to take sugar, lest they would develop the disease.

Of course, along with the country’s development, they enter into a ‘modernized’ lifestyle that (a) prevents them from liberal urination, and (b) encourages them to use air-conditioners and fans, and also drinking juices and soups instead of plain water. All these would begin to build up too much calcium inside their body.

Following our ‘ill-founded’ recommendation, they ‘religiously’ start reducing the sugar and carbohydrate consumptions. This, needless to repeat, gives them the much-feared, hither-to non-existent type-2 diabetes.

A while later, on knowing the rapid rate of increase, we would blame the fast food, their increased fat consumption, lack of exercise, obesity, etc. as the culprits for the disease.

We often forget that these people must have been the most hard working ones compared to those in the developed nations. Yet, we blame them for not doing any physical exercise – we do not weigh their hard work for earning their bread and butter as exercise.  Many of us keep telling even the most strenuously working housewives to do more exercises.)


In the case of the 3-year old girl who had the type-2 diabetes, inquiry should be made to find:

(a) If the girl was fed with too much of dairy products
(possibly high-calcium containing synthetic milk preparations), cheese, eggs fish, and the like.

(b) If the girl was defecating SLIMY (a bit watery) faeces most of the time.
(A solid faeces carries in it all the unabsorbed calcium. If a person develops chronic constipation, then the glandular cells (adenoma) at the lining of the colo-rectal region oozes out liquid (water) to soften the faeces so that its evacuation (in small quantities) become possible. When the faeces becomes slimy, the calcium in it gets absorbed by the glandular cells at the colo-rectal region. Often, this calcium is transmitted into deeper-lying tissues. At times, when this calcium accumulates in the cells that are much closer to the lining layer, it can give rise to colo-rectal cancer.)

(c) If the girl was wearing at all times very tight panties (or napkins from birth)

(d) If the child was urinating just two or three times daily
(after drinking plenty of fluids, as said earlier, more of the milk).

(The rapid weight increase indicates that she must have been urinating only twice daily.)

(e) If the child was sleeping under a fast-running fan all the time.

(f) If the child was sweating profusely all the time, even while at rest, with sweating palms and feet
(due to hyperhidrosis).

Based on my study, I have a strong feeling that all the above must have occurred in the case of this 3 year-old child.

If so, A FULL RECOVERY should be possible by reversing all the above erroneous LIFESTYLE habits.

The child need not do any extra exercise than doing just the normal activities similar to any other child of her age.

Of course, appropriate changes will have to be made in other aspects of her lifestyle, based on what I have indicated above.

A calcium-poor diet, and some decalcifications should help in curing the child’s problem.

I have presented a detailed therapy programme in my book “
Diabetes: causes, cure, and prevention
(2011; ISBN 978-967-9988–15-4).

Well, friends,

I hope all those in the health-care industry would soon realise all the facts I have discovered, so that the widespread of ALL major diseases can be halted all at once.

I am sure that is what God’s WILL should be!

If you have any comments, please do put them up.

I will be glad to correct my thinking if that happens to erroneous.
With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

So, what do you think ?