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(© 30 June 2014: Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

I read with great interest the news that came out in the Malaysian THE STAR newspaper recently (Sunday, 22 June 2014: p.8: People).

If you wish to read the story in full, you may want to click the following URL in the Google search engine:

The story concerns Dr. Mehmet Oz, the famous TV celebrity surgeon in USA, and his claims about the cures for losing body weight.

* * * * * * *

A few years back, after watching The Oprah Winfrey TV Shows, I was trying to communicate with Ms. Winfrey to put up my observation on losing weight, particularly because, I felt much uncomfortable about Dr. Oz’s suggestions (in the show) on the subject.

Unfortunately, all my attempts failed, and I had to be contended at that.

* * * * * * *
One of the suggestions recently put up (at a later date, I guess) by Dr.Oz on losing excessive body weight was to take the extract of Carcinia cambogia – a tropical fruit.

That has been said to reduce the blood cholesterol, improve body metabolism, etc., besides helping in the reduction of body weight.

How true can that be? If yes, how EXACTLY does it work?

Well, let ME explain the reality of things here.

I will explain what Mr. Oz can never explain, but would, of course, agree.

* * * * * * * *
I have very clearly established that it is NOT mere fat cells (adipose tissue) that gives a person all the diseases.

Fat cells, or simply fat, can make a person big-sized with flabby flesh, but will NOT give him / her any disease.

All food items contain some amount of CALCIUM.

Certain foods have less calcium, while some have mediocre, and a few have abundant.

When calcium enters into the body in small quantities, it gets used up, and the person remains healthy.

If excessive calcium enters into the body, often inadvertently, such excesses get rejected by the body.

Such rejections happen through the following means:

(a)  Through URINATIONS: the water-dissolved, free-floating calcium excesses, regulated by Calcitonin enzyme (from Thyroid gland), get out of the blood stream, enter into the lymph fluid, and form part of the urine that is regularly voided.

(b) Through FAECES. Some 70 or 80% of the UNWANTED calcium EXCESS that is contained in the VEGETABLE matter eaten is rejected by the brain/body/intestine, and that goes out of the body through the FACES, defecated on a daily basis.
(c) Through various ‘holes’ in the body: as slippery secretion through the naval, as slippery secretion; ears as wax; nostrils as ‘dirt’ accumulation; anus as ‘nocturnal’ discharge; through vagina or penis as white or brown discharges; and, through the tongue as plaque.

In addition to all these, all the sweat pores too help in the elimination of these calcium excesses, in tiny bits.

If for any reason, the first and the second modes of eliminations of the calcium excesses do not happen, then, those excesses tend to stay within the body, accumulate in the cells of the soft tissues of many of the body organs.

(The bones would accumulate these excesses to become much heavier, or even ‘grow out’ spurs, if the body has enough of Vitamin-D.)

The calcium retention increases the size and weight of EACH of those cells, and results in the overall increase, thus making the body overweight and obese.

As noted above, if the body became big-sized, simply because of the added FATS, nothing happens.

However, if the body had accumulated the calcium excesses, then, the body develops MORBID OBESITY – that is, several of the major diseases would develop.

It is this EXCESS calcium that gives rise to:

1.    Type 2 Diabetes(See my book Diabetes: Causes, cure, and prevention),

2.    Hypothyroidism,

3.   Kidney stones,

4.   Heart blockages (see my book “Heart Problems…”), and

5.   Cancers (of all kinds) (see my book “Cancers: Causes, Cure and Prevention”).

Gathering the free-floating water-soluble calcium in the lymph fluid by the soft cells of organs can be easily understood.

How about the ‘locked-up’ calcium in the faecal matter?  How does it get released?

The following would explain the phenomenon:

Calcium is alkaline.

The 70 or 80% undigested / unabsorbed calcium from food sources keep the faeces in an alkaline state – in a consolidated solid and shapely state.

At this, if the person consumes substances that are ‘overly’ rich in high fibre, or highly acid eatables (e.g., mango, peanuts, chocolates), or over-ripe fruits, especially papaya, then, the faeces that has been hitherto solid, becomes SLIMY.

In other words, the alkaline faeces turns ACIDIC, brought about by fermenting faecal bacteria.

This change in pH releases the hither-to unabsorbed calcium, and it is in a water-soluble state, making it easy for absorption by the glandular cells that line up the colon, called the Adenomatous cells.

While some of the calcium excess that get absorbed by the colon enters into the blood stream / lymph fluid, and get transported to various soft tissues of different body organs, the remaining calcium tends to stay within the glandular cells themselves, and this can accumulate to enormous quantities if the faecal matter continues to be slimy for prolonged periods.

This can then, probably after about five years or so, give rise to colo-rectal cancer .

Prior to this, the body keeps on becoming increasingly obese due to the progressive nature of this calcium absorption.

* * * * * * * * 
Now, let us see at this point, once again, the effects of retaining the solid state of the faecal matter:

If the faeces remains solid, and if it does NOT turn slimy, then, ALL the UNWANTED calcium excesses would naturally go out of the body, and would NOT get imbibed.

If additional calcium is NOT added on, naturally again, the body would NOT become OBESE, and thereby would NOT get any of the major diseases.

* * * * * * * *  

So, if a person does NOT want to get into any of the obesity-related problems, then, it becomes absolutely important that his/her faeces does NOT turn slimy.

If so, what keeps the faeces in good shape?

Or, what turns it into slimy?

As pointed out earlier, chocolates,  peanuts, over-ripe fruits and their juices (e.g., papaya), very high fibre eatables, etc. turn the faeces slimy.

So, in the first place, we have to necessarily AVOID eating all these.

Secondly, there are certain items that have the potential to keep the faeces in tact – in a solid state:

They are:

1.   Agar-agar jelly – thickly prepared, not soft and tender.
2.   The powdered pericarp (the outer shell) of the fruit of mangosteen.

(The Botanical name of mangosteen is Garcinia.mangostana. Plenty of it is found in Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, and several other South East Asian countries.)

I have found, to a highly significant extent,  nearly ALL the people suffering from any one or more of the MAJOR diseases, such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Heart Blockages, Kidney stones, Cancers, and the like, defecate SLIMY faeces, in ADDITION to UNDER-URINATION.


Further damages could occur because of the consumption of calcium-ENRICHED eatables or calcium SUPPLEMENTS.

I have found that the powdered form of the pericarp of the fruits of mangosteen, when given to people defecating slimy faeces, keeps it shapely and solid.

This, in turn, prevents the additional input of calcium into the body.

As a result, people’ s major diseases come to a HALT.

I then, proceed to decalcify the person’s body through other means – that removes the already accumulated calcium from within the body.

These two together, reduce the body weight of the person in the first place. Subsequently, the sicknesses get gradually cured.

This forms an essential part of my curative procedure for curing many of the major diseases, especially type-2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.

* * * * * * * *

At this, based on all the above I have explained, the claim by Dr. Oz about weight reduction possibility through the use of Garcinia cambogiaextract,  appears to make sense.

After all, Garcinia cambogia is just another species of the genus Garcinia. It is quiet probable that the fruits of both the species have identical properties.

* * * * * * * *
Well, calling Dr.Oz,

I know you are a man who wants to help humans substantially.

Why not you kindly uplift me? You have all the potentials… if you can bring me to limelight, I will become popular worldwide overnight.

That will save humans from all of the sufferings.

God will be pleased with your gesture, and you too will have the satisfaction of having helped humans to an immeasurable extent.

* * * * * * *
Another note:

Under existing conditions, I believe, worldwide, doctors qualified in WESTERN medicine, CAN recommend / prescribe herbs and herbal medicines, even if they know nothing about them.

The irony is, the alternative or complementary medicine practitioners, even if they have an excellent knowledge of the herbs and their effects, are NOT allowed to speak about it – even if it happens to be the truth.

Again, the latter group of people cannot prescribe or even talk about the drugs that may often contain undesirable side effects.

Where lies justice here?

Anyway, if the subject is taken to a Court of Law, the Judge would heavily depend upon a Western medical practitioner’s advice, and not on any of the alternative / complementary practitioners.

Whenever I succeed in curing a diabetic patient, I have no right to tell the patient to stop taking the diabetic drugs prescribed to him/her by the Western medical practitioner.

Therefore, I always direct my patients to go back to their ‘regular’ doctor, and get his / her APPROVAL to stop the medication, AFTER testing and confirming of the cure.  

Often these patients come back to me telling “Dr. Palani, I went to my regular doctor, he tested my blood sugar, found it was OK, but yet, he said, I should not trust your kind of treatments, and that I may die if I do not take at least half a tablet of such and such drug daily, as a precautionary measure…

The general understanding is: If Western medicine cannot cure a particular health problem; no other medicine can cure it. Even if cured, it is expected not to last long. 

It is as though that herbal medicines are not ‘permitted’ to cure a disease that cannot be cured by Western medicine.

What a mockery!

Freedom of speech is restricted, in the name of unilateral protection of Western medicine, simply because, the Laws are written in consultation with the Western medical practitioners.

I know that I have DISCOVERED the true and workable preventive and curative procedures for various major diseases, including obesity, morbid obesity, diabetes, cancers, etc.

How am I to take this news to the public, or World Health Organization (WHO), or even the Nobel Prize Awarding Committee?

Will I succeed?

In the first place, ALL the people – the approving Authorities in all the above institutions are only WESTEN Medical practitioners.

Calling The Director General of WHO Dr. MARGARET CHAN::

Will the great and respected Lady Doctor be kind to evaluate my works, at least read my books to see if there is any truth in my claims?

I will send her a few of my books, especially, “The True Causes of All Diseases”,  Diabetes: Causes, Cure and Prevention”, and “All About Obesity In a Nutshell”.

Dr.Oz, please help me in this regard.

I will send my books to the Nobel Prize Committee as well.

Will any of their Western medicine-qualified consultants recommend my publications as worthy of their consideration?

How about you, Dr.Oz?

The above will have to happen, for (a) it is high time for people, at least at the top positions, to listen to alternative sources to save mankind, and (b)  God Himself will make it happen, for it is He who gave me this knowledge!

* * * * * * *
Well, friends,

I have been crying aloud, with the hope that this will be heard by people in power …

I thank you for reading this article.

With best wishes,

Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

So, what do you think ?