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Dear Friends,

Did you read my previous posting in our BLOG?

I wrote as how one could get his/her knee pain healed.

That was, in reality, a reply to one the Group Therapy participants.

After reading my reply, that gentleman has responded again.

Here it is, WITHOUT ANY EDITING (except for initializing his full name).

My personal viewpoint in matters like this is, as I used to say often, “Prevention is better than cure“.

Anyway, if a problem has already risen, of course, you have to hunt, often desperately, for a relief, if not a permanent cure.

My way is to find a possible cure through natural means, without the use of drugs to the best possible extent. 

For emergencies, no doubt, the drugs always give a helping relief – at least of the distressing symptoms, making life a bit easy. 

Hence, we still will have to be thankful to the drug researchers and pharmaceutical companies, and also the doctors who prescribe the right drug after a right diagnosis.

(Things, at times, can go wrong only when the diseases get misdiagnosed.)

Anyway, please read Mr.AA’s recent letter which I just read:

Hi, Dr. Palani,

Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, the knee surgery was not helpful. The surgeon was only able to confirm there was no soft tiisue injuries, but the surgery itself had adverse effects. I think my anxiousness for a quick fix had “pulled the wool over my eyes”. But I had learnt useful lessons from it.

I have increased my egg consumption and will increase my meat intake. I’m a non-smoker, but work stress, etc.,  kept me frequently up at night. I will make the adjustments, and will let you know my progress. 
Thank you and good day.


Well friends,
Soon I intend to come up with another very useful article on this subject, with “Do it yourself” kind of curative procedure. This letter is meant just to suggest to all those who suffer knee pain, not to go for surgery – that may solve the problem, and would only create more handicaps.
Until then,
With best wishes,
Dr.Palani, Ph.D.

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