What made Aiswarya Rai put on weight immediately after delivery of her child?

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What made Aiswarya Raiput on weight immediately after delivery of her child?

(© 18 May 2012: Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D.)

You will get numerous sites to choose. 

I visited Huffington Post, and they have put up several photos of this once Miss World. Please do visit the site:

They have also compared her with Kajol, another Bollywood actress, who gained weight and lost it subsequently.

Let me ask you all this question:

Why do you think these once very slim women put on weight in great abundance, bloat up and lose the public attraction?

Remember? Identical things happened in the case of once a very slim girl Ms. Simran – the dream girl movie star in the South Indian movies!

She looks fully ‘filled’ now!

All those who bloat up, put the blame in becoming a MOTHER.

However, I am not aware of the excuses Simran had put up for her newly gained weight.

(According o my research, the factors that made Simran overweight should be the SAME as those of Aiswarya.)

Aiswarya too appears to have said that her weight gain is due to her newly attained motherhood status, and SHE CANNOT BE BOTHERED MUCH ABOUT HER WEIGHT GAIN. 

She seems to have said that she wants to enjoy her status as mother for the time being.

I think, you have to allow her to ‘save her face’.
Do you wish to say anything about the above statement?

I do !

The following will form the scientific reality of the situation:

The truth is:

Aiswarya has put on weight certainly NOT because of attaining motherhood status.

If she begins to believe it, subconsciously she may end up hating her child in due course for having ‘destroyed’ her slimness.

Since that is not the truth, she need not develop any negative thinking at all.

Let me explain step by step the factors that had kept her slim in the first place, and turned her plump now.

If Ms. Aiswarya is going to read it, she would completely accept my explanation, and would, perhaps, seek my help for returning to her original form. (My contact mobile number is : 6-012-2071414.)

I wonder if THIS news would reach her at all. 

If she is lucky (she is !), some of her friends may convey her this message.

To start with, what do you think that kept her slim, slender, beautiful, attractive, sexy, and big breasted, to the extent of getting selected as Miss World?

You will soon find the answer in this article.

What I am going to write here is NOT a hypothesis. It is a confirmed explanation !

(This explanation would apply to Ms. Simran as well as Ms. Kajol  as well.)

ANY girl, irrespective of her parentage, during her growth period, especially between say, 10 and 20 years of her age, doing the following will certainly:

(1) Become very beautiful, with very attractive features,
(2) Become tall and slender,
(3) Develop dimples on either side of her face,  
(4) Develop big breasts, and 
(5) Give out strong BODY ODOUR (Men would have liked her sweat smell because it is a Secondary Sex Character.).

A girl with the above characters, as per my CLASSIFICATION in Ecological Healing System, is called a ‘PSEUDO-SLIM” person, and NOT a TRULY Slim person, categorized in my Classification as  a “PERFECT” person.

The FACTORS that contribute to the above are:

  1. She must NOT urinate more than FOUR times daily. It would be excellent if she can urinate only thrice daily.
  2. She should NOT drink more than about FOUR glasses of WATER. Three glasses would prove even better.
  3. She must eat VERY LITTLE food, whatever that may consist of.
The above THREE FACTORS alone would, without any special effort of any kind, develop the girl into a ‘perfect-looking’ type in her TWENTIES. 

(In reality, it is NOT a Perfecf category, but is a Pseudo-Slim condition).

You don’t have to doubt that, for this is the result of about 37 years of my research.

If the above THREE FACTORS kept Ms.Aiswarya beautiful, what has made her PLUMP now?

Well, let me repeat the said three factors:

They are: 

1. Under-urination, 

2. Reduced water consumption, and 

3.Much REDUCED FOOD CONSUMPTION (in terms of quantity – not necessarily the quality: It can be rich food or poor, in terms of its nutrient contents.).

When Ms. Aiswarya became pregnant, her doctors, along with all her family members, must have persuaded her to EAT MORE FOOD, so that the baby will grow in good health.

As a result of such persuasion, she must have started eating PLENTY of food in terms of QUANTITY as well as QUALITY.

When she did so, if only she drank MORE WATER (about 8 glasses or 2 L. daily), and URINATED MORE (about 8 times daily), she would NOT have put on weight. (and the baby would have developed very well, without any problem.)

Unfortunately, she must have EATEN plenty of GOOD food, but NOT taken enough WATER, and NOT urinated more that THREE or four times daily.

She could have taken fruit juices, soups, nutrient-rich beverages and the like. 

All these things would only add up to the FOOD BULK that were making her put on weight.

As a result of all the above, EXCESSIVE CALCIUM must have accumulated within her body, and that had made her obese, with double chin, and huge breasts.

People, and also Ms. Aiswarya, tend to think that it is FAT that had made her obese. 

No! Not at all! That is not true.

If so, how does it happen?

There is NO food that does not contain calcium.

Every food, whether that be of animal or plant origin, will have certain amount of calcium.

Some food contain very little calcium, while some others contain mediocre amounts, and the rest contain plenty of it.

(I have listed such details in several of my books.)

A child’s body requires about 900 mg of Calcium daily.

A grown-up menstruating woman requires about 500 mg daily.

(Men require about 450 mg of calcium only).

Since plenty of calcium goes OUT OF THE BODY through the MENSTRUAL fluid, a woman doe NOT put on weight, if she happens to drink enough water and urinate liberally, as indicated earlier. 

It is because of this reason, she requires a little more calcium than a male.

At monthly intervals, a woman loses calcium through the menses, and that KEEPS her in her NORM.

When she becomes pregnant, the monthly LOSS of calcium DOES NOT OCCUR. 

Instead of it, it accumulates inside the body.  

In fact, most of this calcium enters into the embryo for the development of bones, teeth, nails, and in fact, all parts of the body of the baby.

If a pregnant woman happens to drink less water, under-urinate, and eat more food – especially those that contain plenty of calcium, then, the baby grows to become BIG-SIZED, and that would necessitate later a Caesarean delivery.

If a pregnant woman drinks plenty of water (e.g., 2 – 2.5 L daily), and urinated nearly all of it through about 8 or 9 urinations, the baby would be of NORMAL size.

If she drinks 12 or 14 glasses of water daily, urinates about 12 times or so, then, most of the calcium would get leached out of the body, thus giving lesser calcium to the developing embryo, resulting in the birth of a VERY THIN BABY – I call it a “Skeletal baby”.

So, now it must have become clear as why Ms. Aiswaryahas put on much weight.

OK, what should she do to get back her original CHARM and SLENDERNESS?

I think, I will give that information a while later – maybe I will wait until Ms. Aiswarya herself seeks help from me.

Let us see if she does.

OK, friends,  bye until next,
Dr. Palani.

So, what do you think ?