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 (© 11 March, 2012: Dr. V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D)

US Food and Drug Administration appears to have approved silicone gel-filled implant for breast reconstruction or augmentation.

This was the latest news I read in HealthDay, and it is dated Friday, March 9th, 2012; This Yahoo news can be read from: http://news.yahoo.com/silicone-breast-implant-approved-220408751.html

Augmentation is used to increase breast size.


I have, in one of my previous postings in this Blog, given a natural method for increasing one’s breast size.
If women can understand what makes the breast smaller (or bigger), it would become a lot easier for them to manage it in a manner they like most, without going for an artificial and expensive implant that tends to have some side-effects.

Big-sized breasts will occur even in a genetically thin-built woman, if she: 

(a) drinks lesser quantities (e.g., one litre) of water, 

(b) under-urinates – just thrice daily, and 

(c) eats more of calcium-rich foods (including calcium-enriched eatables).

The breasts would become much bigger if a woman drinks much lesser amount of water (e.g., half a litre, daily), urinates only twice, and takes calcium supplements, besides eating calcium-rich food.

Huge, ‘giant-sized’ breasts would form if a woman drinks only juices (about 2 glasses, and not water), urinates twice daily, and of course takes calcium-rich eatables and supplements in greater quantities.

The above methods would certainly work – and am not joking, for sure.

(More and elaborate information can be read in my book “Sex Problems: Causes, Cue and Prevention”.)

A word of caution – you can take it as a warning:

Any woman who wishes to try this method for breast enlargement would be taken to have (a) indemnified me from all possible mishaps, without any reservation, and (b) remember the following:

When you begin to practice the above, and eat INCREASED quantity of food, not only your breasts would enlarge, but your whole body would become BIGGER and HEAVIER (overweight initially, then obese, with all obesity-related problems!).

Again, no doubt about that!

Your body would begin to emit strong sweat-smell – the unpleasant body odour.

Plenty of foul-smelling white discharge (Leucorrhoea) will form in your vagina.

If you continue to under-urinate for prolonged period – a few years, you will develop lump in your breasts.

Further prolongation can result in turning such a benign lump cancerous.

You can get polycystic ovaries, cysts and fibroid in other locations as well.

The wall of your uterus can develop cysts necessitating, hysterectomy – the removal of the womb, through surgical means.

Your menses cycle as well as the quantity of menstrual fluid discharged will become erratic.

You can become infertile when you reach 35 or 40 years of age.

Your interest in sex relations will diminish.

You tend to become lazy and lethargic as well.

In spite of all the above, YOUR BREAST WILL CERTAINLY BECOME HUGE! You need not doubt that!

While doing all the above, if you happen to eat only VERY LITTLE FOOD all the time, then, the following would occur:

You will remain THIN, of course your breasts would become bigger – but not ‘giant-sized’.

However, the body odour and white discharge would inevitably occur.

The chances of getting lumps, cysts, fibroids, cancers, etc. will be only minimal – most probably only lumps may develop. Cancer may not occur.
All the above story telling does not seem to be appealing, is it not?

Let me give you a suggestion:

Instead of over-doing the under-urination and related practices, if you can do all the requirements to a mediocre level, your breast would also develop to a mediocre size.

In my opinion, as a male, mediocre breasts are more attractive than huge-sized ones.

If I were a woman, I would definitely not try to have huge breasts.

In fact, those girls who have FLAT CHEST now – like a Tomboy, must be drinking plenty of water daily (e.g., 3 L or so), urinating 10, 12  or more number of times, and eating much LESS food all the time.

If you can reduce your water intake to about 1¼ L (about 5 glasses), urinate about 5 times daily, eat slightly MORE food, and also consume calcium-rich and enriched eatables and beverages, your breast would develop without any other extra effort.

Other side effects described earlier may not occur. If they did, it would only be minimal.

However, once you have developed mediocre-sized breasts, you should revert to following a better life-style:
You must then drink about 2L water, urinate about 8 times daily, and eat reasonably well, avoiding calcium-enriched food and supplements.

This should be considered a safe approach.

You may want to test the truth behind my words. This can be easily done. 

All you have to do is to do the following:

Ask any of your women friends who has BIG breasts, and find out if she URINATES only 3 times daily. 

She would confirm my findings. Some may say “4 times”. That is alright. Such small variations are OK.

Then, approach another woman who is flat chested, who  looks like a boy, or who wears padded bra (which is difficult to recognize from outside), and ask her is she drinks abundant water, and URINATES more than 10 times daily. She too would give a positive answer.

After that, go to a girl who LOOKS THIN, but has well-formed BREASTS, and ask her to find the number of times she urinates.

She would say “3 or 4 times”. 

Then, watch her eating habit.  

She would eat VERY LITTLE food, all the time.

While doing the above questioning, remember to find if these women are emitting BODY ODOUR.

The under-urinating woman with huge breasts would emit very strong body odour. It would be much less immediately AFTER a shower, and it would be very strong as the day goes. By evening, her sweat smell would become much repulsive.

If the above woman happens to be in a highland, in temperate countries (e.g., Europe, Canada, and the like), or in an air-conditioned room in the tropics, the sweat odour will be LESS pungent, and less noticeable. 

A woman who urinates more than 10 times daily, and with much under-developed breasts, would NOT emit any body odour at all!

The THIN woman, eating VERY LITTLE FOOD, with well-developed breasts, would also be emitting strong body odour.

A woman who urinates about 7 or 8 times daily, eating mediocre quantities of food, can be seen having mediocre breasts.

Studying the above, which will form a mini-research, will excite you a great deal, and from then on, you will become pre-occupied with observing the breast sizes of women all the time. 

A few of my friends have become ‘addicted’ to this evaluation research. 

The moment a woman comes in front, their eyes automatically go towards her chest area!

Don’t blame me for that. You can take it as fun. 

Well, men folks, I have suggested the above only to women – for a comparative study. 

In my view, if a man directly gazes the breasts of a woman, it can be very, very embarrassing.  Please do not do that!  If her husband is with her, much undesirable results may occur. 

Men need not undertake the above study. I think, you should leave it to women, so that these observations would give them a lot of peace of mind.

To tell you the truth: 

In my study, I have found that all women who have smaller breasts are the most healthiest ones! 

OK, women: I would like to emphasise the following:

By doing any of the above, if you happen to get any adverse or undesirable results, you SHOULD NOT BLAME ME or find fault with my writings.

If you are to put to use any of the information given in this Blog, it would automatically mean that you have already indemnified me from any possible mishaps you may suffer.

The above information is given to enrich your knowledge – that is all to it!

Until World Health Organisation recognises / approves my findings, you may have to refer to your family doctor before putting any of my suggestions to use.

My LADY Friends,

I certainly believe that ALL my findings will get fully recognised by the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) soon, for these form the TOTAL TRUTH (and not ‘half-truths’).

Once these get approved, you can then boldly apply my methodologies for the improvements of your personality.

Until then, based on the prevailing LAW, you have to consult your PLASTIC SURGEON or some registered and relevant medical specialist, get his/her approval, and only then you can try my suggestions – not otherwise.
Well, bye until I come up with another news,
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.

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