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(© 2011, 20 February, 2012: V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.)
One of our friends has asked me to express my opinion about the pros and cons of cervical cancer vaccine.  She wants to know if it would work.
Here is MY opinion:

Without prejudice, let me copy-paste here what I have written in chapter 19, on CERVICAL CANCER in my book “Cancer,: Causes, Cure, and Prevention“, between pages 261 and 270:
(In order to keep the text length short, I intend to skip certain sections that may not be directly relevant to the question asked. Those interested can read them in my original book on cancer)
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What is cervical cancer, and what causes it?
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Other rare cancers of the cervix
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Who gets cervical cancer?
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Symptoms and signs of cervical cancer
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How is cervical cancer diagnosed?
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Prevention of cervical cancer
A vaccine is available for girls and young women for a protection against the four types of Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) that cause most of the cervical cancers (MedlinePlus, 2008). (MedlinePlus (2008). Cervical Cancer. http:///www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ cervicalcancer. html. Retrieved: 4/8/2008.) 
Treatment available
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I wish to repeat here what I have been saying for all other cancer types: 

Cancer is the result of accumulation of EXCESSIVE CALCIUM in the soft cells[1]

[1] (Therefore, saying that Human Papillomaviruses (HPV) is the causative agent for the development of cervical cancer may not be acceptable. 

Such an interpretation resembles the claim made in relation to the development of Duodenal Ulcer, which they say is caused by Helicobactor pylori (H.pylori) bacteria, when in fact it can only be a Secondary Invader, and not the causative agent. 
I am of the firm opinion that cervical cancer is caused by calcium accumulation.

At its threshold point, the brain activates the production of lactic acid (which happens because of the fermentation process due to the absence of oxygen). The need to neutralise the calcium there, appears to be the purpose of this function. 

In the acidified environment (at the cervix), being suitable for the existence of viruses, the HPV invades and begins to thrive. When sampled, the cervical tissues are bound to show the presence of HPV. This tends to give a false impression that it is HPV that forms the causative agent for the cancer, when in fact it is only a secondary Invader there.)      

At early stages of calcium absorption, the cells enlarge in their sizes, and we call that hypertrophy

At later stages, the cells divide, become benign tumour, and then turn into cancer.

Once the cancer reaches as advanced stage, it is commonly believed that it spreads to other parts of the body (called, metastasis), and give secondary cancers.

You may want to read the chapter “Let us understand the cancer phenomenon” even before continuing to read the rest of this chapter, for a better understanding of the cervical cancer. 

Now, Let us see further the details that are specific to cervical cancer: 

Most of the risk factors that give rise to vaginal cancer in a menstruating women appear to be giving rise to cervical cancer as well. 

The pre-coital secretions (the slippery liquid that oozes out when a man / woman develops a strong desire for sex), being alkaline and rich in calcium, tends to get absorbed by the cells of the cervical lining. 

Towards the end of coitus (i.e., sexual union), the calcium-rich seminal fluid gets ejaculated into the vagina. 

Most of the forcibly discharged semen enters into the cervix[2].

The calcium content of semen gets absorbed by the lining cells of the cervix, and gives rise to cancer later. 

[2]  (The purpose being to travel further so as to fertilize the egg for reproduction.)

During menstruation at monthly intervals, the calcium-rich ruptured uterus walls flow out almost non-stop through the vagina as menstrual discharge. 

Such discharges may occur for 2 or 3 days in some women, whereas, in some others, it may go on for several days. 

A continuous flow of the menstrual fluid for several days can contribute a substantial quantity of calcium to the cervical walls to develop a cancer there. 

Thus, all those women who suffer from prolonged menstrual discharges (for 10, 15 or more number of days) tend to become more susceptible for cervical cancer. 

Likewise, those who have frequent sex too may become susceptible to cervical cancer. 
The term “frequent sex” in this case should refer to mostly prostitutes who tend to have numerous sex relations daily. 

Having sex once nightly, amounting to anything between 16 to 22 times a month does not seem to interfere with good health. 

In fact, I have recorded in my book “Sex Problems” that such a regular sex relation keeps a woman very healthy and youthful for a prolonged period of life, and the menopause too gets postponed to later years, even to 55 or 60. 

Many women who do not experience orgasm in their sexual relations with their husband, stop secreting the pre-coital secretions a few years after marriage. 

The same thing can happen to those women who have loveless, or forced sex relations. 

Most of the menopausal women too may not secrete it. 

As a result of this, the vaginal tract becomes dry, making sexual union very difficult and painful. 

In order to ease, the women tend to apply certain creams or lubrications. 

If such lubrications contain calcium as their main ingredient, then, that too can contribute to the development of cervical cancer. 

It may be of interest to note that several of the ‘undesirable’ habits and occurrences described here can also give rise to vaginal cancer. 

You may want to read the chapter “Vaginal Cancer” in this book for more details.
Prevention of Cervical Cancer:
Practicing what has been said in the chapter entitled “A standardised method for the prevention of all types of cancers and their precursors” should prove very useful for perfect health.  

Let me repeat here a small part of the much-needed information that is required for the understanding of any type of cancer:

Accumulation of excessive calcium appears to be responsible for the development of all types of cancers. 

The following causative / risk factors that are common to all cancers are relevant to Breast Cancer as well (Table-3, Fig.1 &2): 
*  Reduced water consumption. 
*  Under-urination.

*  Consuming excessive (calcium-rich) food, essentially because of rapid   eating habit.
*  Profuse sweating 
*  Avoidance of acid foods and fruits. 
*  Consumption of chocolate beverages, calcium-enriched foods and supplements, powdered milk, if men – beer drinking, and 
*  Chronic constipation.
The following, in addition to what has been suggested in the said chapter should prove useful:
I would like to highlight here only a few salient points that are more relevant to cervical cancer, even if they happen to be a repeat of some of the details already included in the above-said chapter: 
*  The naturally secreting pre-coital secretion too tends to contain plenty of calcium. 
However, it need not be wiped out, for the chances of that entering into the cervix is only minimal and insignificant. 
*  Prolonged menstrual discharges may mean an unhealthy state. Necessary steps (as suggested in my book Human Diseases, 2008) should be taken to correct it. A three-days’ secretions should be considered normal. 

If a woman drinks 2 – 2.5 L of water daily, urinates about 8 times or more, eats food slowly, avoids consuming excessive quantities of calcium-containing and enriched foods, avoids calcium supplementations, does not take chocolates and calcium-rich beverages including milk and other dairy products, takes some acid vegetables and fruits, and also takes care of the toileting, then, her menses would ‘automatically’ get corrected towards being ‘perfect’, and that would prevent cervical cancer formation to a very great extent. 

In other words, just practicing the preventive measures suggested in this book alone would correct a woman’s menses problems. 

*  If a woman happens to be skeletal or thin, and if she does not wipe of the excess seminal fluid that flows out of the vagina after a sexual union, it may not mean anything. In fact, it may help her put on some weight. 
However, all over-weight and obese women should wash off the vagina with water so that the seminal fluid that has not entered into the cervix can be removed from the body. 
*  Women who do not produce the pre-coital secretion for any reason, should avoid using calcium-containing lubrications. 
Instead, they can apply over the vaginal tract a few drops of unadulterated, pure gingerly (cold-pressed sesame seed) oil[3]. 

[3] (If not available in your place, you may contact Neo Health Care for the product, that is being manufactured after my name as “Palani’s Conditioner” oil. See Order From for more details.)
This would provide lasting lubrication unlike some of the synthetic chemical preparations, would kill the germs there, and also would heal wounds. For more details, please read my book “Sex Problems” (2007).
Cure for Cervical Cancer:           
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*  *  *  *  *  *  *
Well, friends,
I hope I have given here enough information for you to think about the possibility of receiving the vaccine, claimed to help in the prevention of cervical cancer.
If I happen to be a woman, most probably, I will not go for it.
I used to say this to all my friends:
Whatever you hear from whomsoever it may,
Evaluate the truth in it, before accepting it.
I wish you all, all the best.
Dr. Palani, Ph.D.


So, what do you think ?