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Anyone who uses fan at high speed regularly, especially while asleep, will certainly have his/her sex potentials extremely spoiled*.

The same will be the effect of air-conditioners that are set at very low temperatures (e.g. at 23 degrees Celsius or less, worst at 18 degrees!).

Water-borne poisons and other water-soluble toxic substances, including the unwanted excesses of some good nutrients such as calcium, that enter into the body, get thrown out through regular and liberal urinations*.

If we sleep under fast running fans, it tends to promote insensible perspiration (i.e., loss of sweat without we realizing it).  As a result, most of the body water tends to get lost through the dehydration process, directly from the skin. This results in under-urination. Only lesser quantities of urine gets voided through lesser number of times.
When it comes to the use of air-conditioners, that too ‘sucks’ the moisture from the room initially and then from our body, and the air-conditioner ‘URINATES’ on our behalf! (This refers to the water that drains off from the Unit).

As a result, the quantity of urine that is voided gets drastically reduced, and the toxic wastes stay within the body, accumulate to enormous quantities, and pave ways for the development of stone diseases besides spoiling most of the metabolic activities*.

All these tend to interfere in the upkeep of good sex potentials as well (see my book on Sex Problems: Causes, Cure, and Prevention).

(* I have found the optimum number of urinations required for efficient removal of such wastes to be 8 times, daily, after drinking about 2 L of water.

When we consume calcium more than the body’s needs, those excesses tend to get removed along with the urine we void.

If those calcium excesses stay within the body due to under-urination, then they are stored within the soft cells in all the organs. This makes the person over-weight, obese, and then morbidly obese.

Calcium, being highly alkaline, prevents the absorption of IRON present in the food we eat – such as in green leafy vegetables. This can result in iron-deficiency anaemia, which would make the quality of the blood poor. 

‘Good blood’ is a must for the transportation of oxygen and digested food, which in turn form the essentials for best sex performances.

Thus, water removal from the body by fast-running fans and intensely cold air-conditioners that may result in under-urination can spoil the sex potentials in people.

This is why ALL the truly obese people have REDUCED sex desires and potentials. They tend to be very poor sex performers compared to those who are THIN who liberally urinate.

Obviously, all thin people either sleep without the use of fans and/ or air-conditioners, or use them at low speeds only for a short duration, and not throughout the night.)

Fans, if used, should be set at very low speeds such as in 1. It would be even better if the fan is kept aloof, or if it happens to be a ceiling fan, the bed should be positioned at a distance, so as to avoid the air directly hitting the body. 

The air-conditioners do not seem to harm the sex potentials if they are set at slightly higher temperatures, such as 24 degrees Celsius or higher*.

(* I usually set it at 25 degrees, switch it off after 20 minutes, and leave the windows open: Note: My home is in Kuala Lumpur, a lovely city in the Tropics, with absolutely beautiful climate, except for the presence of high Relative Humidity – the RH.
I have set my car air-conditioner only at 25 degrees C, and that keeps me comfortable.)
Colder air emitted from the car air-vent, hitting your shoulders directly, can give you shoulder and neck pain – also called
Frozen Shoulder” and “Cervical Spondylosis” respectively. 

This happens due to the shrinkage of the muscles due to the cold temperature, while the scalp under the hair and rest of the body (the back, for instance) remain warm due to the clothes we wear. Owing to varying temperatures, the muscle twists and gives rise to intense pain. (See page 237 in my book “Human Diseases“).  
Sleeping (without any body movement) under such a cold condition makes things worse. Working  under it during daytime does not seem to be that bad!
Apart from ruining the sex potentials, they tend to make the person obese as well.
All those who work in intensely chilled offices would gradually develop a round, moon-like face, and also would PUT ON WEIGHT over a period of a few years.
Apart from that, if the cold air from the air-conditioner (especially if that happens to be a window unit) blows over one side of your neck or shoulder, you are bound to develop NECK PAIN / SHOULDER PAIN, as said earlier.
You can observe such a thing happening in people working in IT offices.
However, exposure for a short while to much cooler temperatures does not seem to have any adverse effects.
The RULE should be:

Avoid sleeping under high speed fanning and/or under intense air-conditioning, if you wish to (a) keep up your sex potentials, (b) avoid becoming obese, and (c) live healthily without neck or shoulder pain.

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