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Dear Friends,

Be prepared to read a LENGTHY ARTICLE.

I received a mail from one of our friends from … sorry, I did not ask for his place of work or living.

Here is his reply mail which he sent me AFTER reading my reply to his questioning:

“I received your mail. It is a very sensible one. 

This should prove very useful to all the readers, and why not you post in your Blog?

With thanks,
Mr. X.”

Here is the question Mr. X asked me earlier:

“Hi Dr Palani

I have read your blog and all your books.
You have mentioned about obese girls turning to perfect category, by having the right urination habit.
What do you think about obese girls going for expensive slimming treatments, and losing 50% of their body weight, without increasing their urination? Example, a girl weighing 100 kg, becoming 50 kg?
Will they become Perfect category?
In your book Sex Problem, you have written this:
If a Thin man is going to marry a fat woman, they are bound to have problems.
What will happen if a Thin man marries a Thin woman, who has become Thin through the above mentioned slimming programme, without increasing her urination?
Will they become compatible couple, in terms of sexual needs and lifestyle?
I don’t know if you knew, the slimming centres usually use a special machine to slim down a girl rapidly.
In addition, they also subject the fat girl to eat a special diet they suggest.
Thank you very much.

Here is my reply to his above question.

This is based on my serious study conducted between 1975 and 1998, mostly in Malaysia, Singapore and India.

I still have the Data Record Sheet, and the Statistically treated table.

The samples were obtained NOT by randomisation, but only by a systematic procedure. This method of sampling can have some error due to a few reasons, including the Researcher’s BIASED viewpoints.

However, I tried my best to be fair in trying to achieve my objective. Hence, I personally believe that my report is CORRECT. Many friends have put my findings to tests, and they too have accepted the correctness of may findings.

However, if you happen to be the affected party, sure, you may not like to support the truth. When such a situation arises, I can only apologise to you for hurting unknowingly your feelings.

While trying to study the behavioural pattern of people, I had to exercise a lot of comparative observations before I could come to a conclusion.

Hence, I expressly admit that some of you may not approve the discussion, logic, interpretations, and conclusions derived in this study.

However, our Friend who asked the question, feels my reporting was acceptable to him.

You too may find it correct, or you may find it totally erroneous, for various reasons of your own – you too can be BIASED!

Please consider that this is an OPEN PLATFORM. Your sincere opinions based on definite observations are most welcome, and I will try to publish them as long as they not offensive or undesirable.

Whatever, please do not condemn me. If necessary, you all now that, I am a person who will be willing to accept my mistakes if I have done any, and I will also not hesitate to extend my apologies in such cases.

Please read the findings now:

Marriage compatibility between a THIN MALE and an OBESE WOMAN, TURNED THIN through SLIMMING TECHNIQUES

Do you have a copy of my book “Sex Potentials“?

I have discussed in it the compatibility between ALL the eight different types of MEN with ALL the eight different types of WOMEN. That makes a total of 64 combinations.

Out of this, when it comes to marriage compatibility, I have taken into consideration only 49 different types of couples for the study and evaluation.

The above is so because, there is no much point in comparing old folks who have entered into the “W” category or “Withered Stage” who are mostly aged and sick people.

I have not discussed in my book the matter that concerns people AFTER SLIMMING treatment.

This may become very useful for many young people who are planning to marry through ARRANGED marriage.
If two people have fallen in LOVE, I don’t think they should bother about what is written here, and it is better that they do NOT read this article altogether. 

* * * * * * *

Now, coming back to Mr.X’s question:

It is very important to know the ages of the boy and the girl, before assessing the compatibility.

This is very important, for the behavioural pattern of nearly ALL obese + thin people (or, all categories of people) in their teens (until about, let us say 18) appear to be nearly the same.

However, from then, along with increasing age, the behavioural and thinking patterns of people appear to be changing.

In other words, the following appears to be true:


A thin girl of, say 15, and a thin boy of say 16, will have identical behaviour and thinking.

As they grow into twenties, thirties, forties and fifties, both will still be the same.

In other words, all their likenesses and deslikenesses, emotions, etc. will be identical. Harmony will prevail in their family, and their children will loving, and would love both parents alike.


A FAT girl of 15, and a THIN boy of 16, may still have identical everything. Because of their young age, their body physiology operates in nearly the same way.

However, differences appear to be setting in them as they grow increasingly older.

That is, say at 25 and 26 respectively, their opinions, wishes, likes and dislikes – all behavioural patterns and thinking’s start showing SOME AMOUNT of difference between the two.

At35 and 36, the differences tend to become more pronounced, and they themselves can feel the differences between them. If they were married already, by now, they would start feeling that their marriage was a mistake.

At 45 and 46, they become completely DIFFERENT from each other, and their compatibility falls apart. If married earlier, by now, they may want to split realizing that both of them are like North Pole and South Pole in every respect. We often call this, “Middle-age Crisis”.

In the above case, often, it will be the THIN MAN who would feel life miserable, whereas the FAT woman who would then be VERY LAZY in every respect, may not talk of divorce, but may stay tolerating everything.

When it comes to the relationship with children, the THIN father would quarrel with the children often, whereas, the children, often spoilt with too much of freedom by the FAT mother, would love the mother.

In this case, the THIN FATHER must have been the one who must have really extended to the children tremendous love, affection, education, and all other comforts in life.

This would make him terribly disgusted with life, and will be very much frustrated for not being unable to reverse or undo anything.

Likewise, the reverse is also true.

That is, if the girl in the above example happens to THIN, and the husband happens to be FAT, the compatibility will be nearly IDENTICAL as per description above.

In this case, the FAT MAN would be lazy and easy-going, but the woman would become very fussy, and would still continue living without talking of divorce or separation.

The children would love their FAT FATHER, although he has done totally nothing to them, except giving them enormous amount of freedom.

They would dislike the mother, in spite of she having sacrificed her whole life for all of them.

This tends to put her in immense distress.

All the above refer to people who are NATURALLY, without any manipulation, THIN and OBESE.

All these, and a LOT more can be seen in my book “SEX POTENTIALS”, where I have also given reasons.

Your question is very much different from the above, and requires some special thinking. Let us evaluate it here:

* * * * * * *


The MAN has been THIN all the time.

The WOMAN WAS FAT. Then she underwent a severe Slimming Programme, and has become SLIM now.

What will be the compatibility?

That is your question!

The THIN husband will be active throughout his whole life. He will active in his normal life as well as in his sexual behaviour.

He will be artistic, full of dreams and imaginations, can even write poems, likes flowers and things of beauty, fashionable, loving, kind, highly short-tempered, will be a perfectionist, with clean habits, very hygienic, hard working, very fertile, would want to have sex daily night, and will have the capacity to reproduce any number of children.

He will have a lot of ambition to come up in life.

He will keep expecting full cooperation from his wife.

He will be honest, highly trustworthy, never tells lies, and cannot tolerate liars as well.

He knows how to plan his life, and will be thrifty when it comes to money matters.

He would eventually become rich.
(Do all the above look similar to some sort of Indian horoscope predictions?
Actually, they are derivative information, based on scientific observations.
Every statement has a reason behind it.
I can explain it.
Once you learn the method and procedure, you too can predict nearly accurately!)

As per explanations I have given in the book “SEX POTENTIALS“, we know the FAT woman will have characters that are nearly just the OPPOSITE of all the above.

The basic reason appears to be the various chemicals that have accumulated within the body of the woman.

Now, let us imagine for the sake of argument, that a Plastic Surgeon CUTS OFF 50 kgs of flesh from the buttocks and thighs of a FAT woman, and makes her weigh, say 50 kgs, from her original 100 kgs.

AFTER this, will the chemical composition in her body change?

No! It will not change in the composition.

However, there may be 50% LOSS of the chemicals from her body.

In other words, based on the logic of it, the FAT woman’s character and all aspects may get REDUCED to about HALF.

However, the chances are that she must have got USED to the habits (she developed while being FAT) all these years.

So, it can be somewhat difficult to change her habits, or it may take a while for a natural change to occur.


We know that majority of the people who undergo slimming programmes, get back to their original weight once they stop practicing all those that were taught to them.

This can happen because, under most of the slimming programmes, they do NOT teach the FAT girl to URINATE properly so as to maintain her Water INTAKE / Urine OUTPUT RATIO (after drinking about 8 – 10 glasses of water or 2 to 2.5 L), TO REMAIN AT 1.0, as I have indicated in the APPENDIX page of my Diabetes book.

This should mean, that she would get back to her OLD habits soon.

If so, the marriage compatibility can become questionable again.

HOWEVER, if the FAT girl became a SLIM girl through the process as described in Ecological Healing System method, as described in the book “OBESITY: CAUSES, CURE and PREVENTION, and maintained the Input/Output Ratio to remain at 1.0 all the time, she can become a PERFECT FIT to the SLIM MAN.
* * * * * * *
I hope I have answered your question very well.
DISCLAIMER: The write-up is done as a contribution to knowledge only. and is not meant to be practiced without consulting a registered medical practitioner or a psychiatrist. All readers of this article hereby indemnify Dr. Palani or publishers of this Blog from any mishap that may occur due to any misadventure or develop out of any misunderstanding between people, or on the part of the reader. The explanations are given without any prejudice to anybody, and is given in good faith.
OK, friends, if you wish to have your problems/ compatibility analysed this way, you may write in.
However, I may or may not answer them!
Those who wish to comment, please be gentle, and kindly don’t kill my enthusiasm by attacking me harshly… Thanks.
With best wishes,
Dr. Palani.

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