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Misinterpretation-30: Fast food is bad for health. Eating fast food makes school children and even adults obese.

Evaluation: FAST FOOD IS OK.

This forms another misinterpretation based on a misunderstanding of the phenomenon.

Fast foods do not make anybody obese. Neither do they give the person obesity-related diseases.

What are fast foods? Are they not made of carbohydrates, fats and oils, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water?

They are! They are not something that are different from any of the foods consumed by humans.

Why then do all the health advocates keep telling people that fast food is the culprit for many of the major diseases?

Is it a sin to cook foods at a faster speed?

Brain does not crave for poisonous foods. It shuns them. That is how our brain protects us from death.

If this is true, why then our brain creates a strong desire to eat these fast foods?

Based on this logic alone, these fast foods cannot be ‘that’ bad! Let us evaluate the situation a little more:

Through several of my earlier publications that are listed at the end of this book, and also in the second part of this book, I have clearly, with enough evidences, established that the obesity in people is due to only the following three reasons:

Over eating (of high calcium containing foods) of course,

Under urination, and

Chronic constipation

Over-eating refers to the quantity of food eaten in excess of the body’s needs for expenditure for various forms of work.

If the person spends 1,500 calories of food energy a day, and if he consumes 2,000 calories worth of food, the 500 excess would get stored within the body as stored energy, mostly in the form of fat.

This will make the person big-sized, and also somewhat ugly-looking with flabby muscles all around. However, this will NOT give him any disease at all!

However, if he eats too much of the HIGH-CALCIUM-CONTAINING foods, only then, his body would become much heavier, and he would get all the so-called obesity-related diseases.

It is under-urination that makes any person obese. It is this kind of obesity that gives the person many of the major and fatal diseases including heart blockages, kidney stones, lumps, tumours, cancers, and several such problems.

Excessive food consumption gives a person flabby muscles, whereas under-urination gives the person strong, well-toned and tough ‘muscles’. Such a person would become ‘giant’ sized, and, in the words of the health advocates, would ‘look very fit’.

Of course, if the over-eating person happens to be taking too much of calcium-rich foods, and if he exposes his body to too much of sunshine, he would become very heavy, similar to the under-urinators, for the calcium would become part of the bones, because of the vitamin-D.

Cases of this kind too would lead to the development of several of the major diseases. The exact and detailed reasons for this occurrences have already been presented in my book on obesity.

So, the above being the facts, where does the fast food consumption stand?

No, the fast foods as such do not give obesity or any of the obesity-related diseases.

This accusation is put forward by those who are unable to explain the true causes of obesity, for want of proper knowledge.

I hope, on getting enlightened with my true interpretations, the health advocates need not go for alternative escapism.

People can enjoy the fast foods as much as they enjoy eating other foods*.

(* May I declare here that I do not have any direct, indirect or any form of vested interest in any of the fast food establishments! Further, I write without prejudice. Therefore, no one should try to find fault with me. I believe that it is vital that some one enlightens people on such issues.)

Of course, everyone will have to consider the cleanliness, hygienic conditions, quality of the oil used for cooking, and the like before consuming any food in any restaurant. In this sense, home-cooked food is better beyond any argument.

Of course, you should remember that most of the bakery-products (e.g., cakes, buns, pastries, chocolates, nuts, etc.) tend to give you chronic constipation (i.e., defecating smalll quantities of smelly and slimy faeces, more than once daily). If that happens, the unabsorbed calcium present in the faeces will get absorbed (at the colon), and that will make you obese.

Further, you should avoid consuming foods that tend to contain excessive calcium (e.g., cheese, chocolates, etc.). Frequent consumption of calcium-rich foods would make adults obese, whereas, it would make the children grow too tall !

Do you know that the recipe for making even bread necessitates the use of powdered milk (which contains high calcium)*?

(* When I treat cancer patients – including those with benign tumours, cysts, fibroids, the diabetics and those with heart blockages and kidney stones, I prevent them from eating bread. More information on this may be read in my books on Obesity, Heart Problems and Diabetes, Human Diseases, and also in The True Causes of All Diseases).

Again, no one need to blame the provision of fried food (e.g., fried chicken, French fry, fried noodles, etc.) to children in the school canteens (as long as they are preservative-free).

The fried foods do not give any disease to any child or adult. It is the quality of the oil, the cleanliness and hygienic conditions that should matter much, and not the fried food as such.

If children or adults do not eat oily food at all, it will give them gall stones, for the bile juice will be stored in the gall bladder for prolonged periods, and the unused bile juice will harden to form stones, giving more problems that may require a surgical correction.

Thus, advocating people to use non-stick pans and pots and to keep off the oil for good health management is another misinterpretation that should be stopped. I have already discussed this aspect elsewhere in this chapter.

Misinterpretation-31: Viruses are deadly: you need immunity against all virus diseases.


No one will argue against the dangers of ‘virus’ diseases. AIDS, HIV, smallpox, chickenpox, hepatitis, and practically all of the virus-caused diseases, with the exception of common cold, are certainly dangerous.

I have given proper definitions and descriptions in several of my earlier publications as to what exactly a virus is. My book entitled Human Diseases has it as well. Therefore, I do not intend to re-describe the same here.

In short, all the so-called virus-diseases develop only when our body becomes overly acidic. The latter is commonly recognised as hyperacidosis.

When we over-work our body, it will become acidic. In fact, the end product of all metabolic reactions within the body will be acidic.

Thus, if we do excessive work, or if we run long distances, our body will become acidic. Marathon running can make the person’s body excessively hyperacidosed, and that can give the person one of the virus diseases.

Taking strong chemical-based drugs can also make the body acidic, and that too can give a person some form of ‘virus disease’.

Eating far too much of acid foods and/or excessive protein-rich foods also can make the person hyperacidosed.

Drinking pure distilled (not processed distilled water) or rain water and cooking foods using similar water all the time will also make a person’s body hyperacidosed.

Acidity in the body gives a sensation of heat. So, the hyperacidosis will make the person feel feverish.

In a severely hyperacidosed state (i.e., when the acidity goes beyond the body’s tolerance limit), the person would develop measles, chickenpox, hepatitis, shingles, HIV, AIDS, etc. (For more details, please see Human Diseases book, 2008).

When the body acidity is high, but has not reached a level that can give rise to major virus diseases of the above kind, the person gets common cold.

The common cold nullifies the acid state, and turns the body into a neutral state, and possibly to a mildly alkaline state. On doing this, the common cold vanishes on its own, even without the help of any drug.

The person feels nice and comfortable as an after-effect of a common cold attack. Thus, the common cold and the ‘virus’ that causes it should be considered body-friendly, and not a foe.

I wish to repeat here a note that has already been described elsewhere in this book:

If the blood of a person whose body is in a hyperacidosed state is analysed at the laboratory, it would reveal that the person does NOT have any immunity against virus diseases. (Even his ESR (i.e., Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) would read very hight).

The same result will be seen in the blood of extremely thin or skeletal-looking people. In such cases, the doctors would recommend a vaccination to get some immunity.

If the blood of all the under-urinating obese people is analysed, it would show that they have strong immunity against virus.

The difference between the skeletal and the obese people has relevance only to the quantity of calcium accumulation within their body.

The skeletal-looking people have very little free calcium stored in the cells of their soft tissues, for, major portion of all the excess calcium would have gone out of the body through liberal urinations.

Whereas there will be plenty of calcium accumulated within the cells of all the soft tissues in the body of the under-urinating obese person.

So, if the body remains in an alkaline state due to the accumulation of excessive calcium that is due to under-urination or otherwise, the person will have ‘very good immunity against virus’. It is true that he will not get any of the virus-caused diseases.

If the body remains in an acid state due to lack of free calcium within the body, as is the case in the skeletal persons, it will NOT have any immunity. It is equally true that such persons will get any one of the virus diseases.

The kind or nature of the virus disease that will affect the thin person depends upon the intensity of his body’s acidity.

Stronger acidity will give him serious diseases such as HIV, and lesser acidity will give him only common cold, as described above.

The inference arising out of the above correct understanding is, that it does not matter if you do not have any immunity against virus diseases. All you have to do is to make sure that your body does not enter into a strong hyperacidosis state.

If you can allow common cold to develop, without trying to suppress it with the use of drugs or antibiotics, your body will not enter into such a severe hyperacidosis.

On the other hand, with a view to ‘keeping’ good immunity, if you start taking abundant calcium, either through the intake of tablets or in the form of calcium-rich foods then, you would develop not only ‘very good immunity’, but also, for sure, one or more of the obesity-related diseases such as stone diseases, heart attacks, tumours and cancers.

I have not been having any immunity against viruses since I recognised the above facts – since about two decades! I have never tried to develop such an immunity either.


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