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Part-4: Some Startling Revelations… Part-4:
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The Six Important Observations


Wild animals have a certain lifestyle of their own, and they do not seem to suffer from the many diseases suffered by humans; whereas domesticated animals that are under the care of humans appear to have a wide variety of diseases.

Modernized health-conscious people, often misled by improper health-keeping suggestions, seem to be the ones who suffer the most of dreadful diseases, often claimed as ‘incurable’ by modern medicine.

Excessive calcium accumulation in the soft tissues of various organs, enhanced essentially by under-urination and chronic constipation, appears to be giving rise to many major diseases, including cancer. The use of chemotherapy and radiotherapy does not seem to help in the recovery of total health.

All animals drink water, and NOT juices, soups or beverages.

All the animals urinate instantly on getting the urge. Such urge develops when the urinal bladder gets filled. They do NOT withhold it.

All the animals defecate as soon as they feel the urge to do so. They do not delay for any reason.

Except for the domesticated animals* which depend upon man for their feeds, all animals living in their natural habitats normally do not constipate.

All Ca excesses get removed from the body of animals through urinations and defecations. (The cow-dung and cow’s urine contain large quantities of Ca in them**).

Therefore, they do not accumulate excessive Ca to any unusual / abnormal extent at any time in their life.
(* Man feeds the animals under his care with feeds he believes are rich in nutrients and good for their health, or economical to him in some way.

Many of the feeds tend to contain excessive Ca, in addition to several constipating ingredients.

The animals living in their natural habitats, normally, do not constipate, or get cancers. However, cancers are common among domesticated animals that live under human care).

(** The Ayurvedic and Siddha medical systems use cow’s urine for curing many ailments linked with nutrient deficiency. They call it ‘urine therapy’.

The cow dung is exceptionally rich in its ash constituents (i.e., minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, and the like). These come from the grasses and leaves they graze.

That could be one of the reasons why in Hinduism, they burn the dung in high heat for several hours, collect the clean ash, and offer a little of it to all the devotees to rub on the forehead. “Thiru Neeru” is the special term assigned to the holy ash.

Senior persons, trained by their Gurus, apply Thiru Neeru after mixing it with water, over the neck, chest, arms and the like. The minerals get easily absorbed into the body, and correct the nutrient deficiencies. This seems to make a lot of sense.

Most of the ash constituents (e.g., Ca) being ALKALINE, daily application of the Thiru Neeru on the forehead and other parts keeps the body in a mildly alkaline state. This, in a manner, but better than vaccines, protects the body from getting hyperacidosed and infected with any of the virus diseases.)
· All animals (except for the domesticated ones) feed on what is naturally available in their living habitats.
· They do not consume imported foreign foods, or those containing preservatives.

· Likewise, they do not follow the advice / instructions of any veterinary doctor for choosing the right-kind of feed ***. They just follow their intuitions.

· As a result of the above, they do not end up accumulating too much of Ca within their body.
(***In one of the world-famous zoos in USA, I saw a pair of tigers lying lethargically in a corner of the allocated/fenced zone. They looked very sick and energyless.

An ambulance-like van came to the spot, a uniformed staff came out of it, took a big piece of meat, punctured it with a knife, inserted into it a handful of different tablets from a labelled plastic bag, and threw the meat into the fence, towards one of the tigers. Both the tigers showed no movement at all.

When inquired, the attendant told me that those were vitamins and minerals prescribed by the highly qualified veterinary doctor there.

I was amused, and moved on to see the rest of the zoo, thinking that those ferocious animals could have lived healthily in their own habitat, without any of those tablets.

Human interference appears to be increasing the sicknesses rather than guarding the health of animals and people.)

· Animals living in their own natural habitats do not seem to suffer from any kind of cancer, kidney stones, heart blockages, and/or diabetes.

However, those under domestication, such as the cattle, get benign lumps/tumours, cancers in the eye-lids, in their skin, and so on.

Most people do not urinate then and there. They often withhold their pressure.

Further, when they urinate, they do not void all of the water they consumed:

Under-urination occurs essentially because of losing the body water through excessive sweating.

Profuse sweating occurs due to strenuous exercises, such as jogging, gymnasium work-outs, football, etc., after taking a hot water bath or shower (using water at high temperatures); Sauna or steam bath; sleeping under a fast-running fan; a very dry climate, with a very low relative humidity (RH), etc. can deplete a substantial quantity of water from the body.

A very hot climate, as is found in the desert countries, can dry up the person to a great extent.

All these constitute the causes for under-urination. Voluntary suppression of the urge for urination would also promote profuse sweating, and thereby under-urination.

Most people do not defecate well on a regular basis. Withholding the urge is common practice among many.

Further, regular toileting can be spoiled by the consumption of unacceptable foods. This results in acute constipation (i.e., toileting once in 2 or more number of days).

Prolonged acute constipation gives rise to chronic constipation, where one goes to toilet more than once daily, and throws out slimy, shapeless and smelly faeces twice or more daily.

As a result of the above two (i.e., under-urination and improper defecation), the Ca excesses that are supposed to have gone out of the body through the two sources, stay inside it, accumulating to enormous quantities.

The cells that make up the soft tissues in various parts of the body end up as store houses containing all such Ca excesses.

This enlarges each of the cells (called hypertrophy), and makes the cells divide into two, four and so on, through a process called hyperplasia, resulting in the formation of a lump / tumour.

Invariably, ALL those who under-urinate and suffer from chronic constipation develop a HUGE body (because of the accumulation of far too much of Ca to a great extent, and also because of eating too much of Ca-containing food, to a lesser extent), and become over-weight persons, getting what is called morbid obesity (i.e., disease-causing).

The tumour, at its advanced stage, becomes cancerous, which turns out to be a killer soon.


With very few exceptions, all the ‘modernised’ / educated people who could gain access to health-care literature, not only begin to eat Ca-rich food items, but also end up taking vitamin-mineral supplementations that are rich in Ca, Ca-enriched foods (biscuits, cereals, juices, etc), and Ca tablets.
Most of the people become victims because they tend to believe whatever is said in advertisements they see in their day-to-day life. They often fail to evaluate the truth in them.

As a result of all the above, people’s health situation worsens.

If under-urination and chronic constipation are giving people lumps and tumours, the extra supplements add on to the already gathered excessive calcium load, and hasten the deterioration process.

This way, the slow developing lumps become cancerous at an early date.

In addition, such intolerable Ca excesses also play havoc by giving rise to kidney stones, heart blockages, thyroid swellings and hypothyroidism, and several more fatal diseases.

All animals follow their own instinct when it comes to feeding and reproduction.

Thus, the animals appear to be more sensible than the humans.

People reject their own instincts, and follow the misinformation recommended by their so-called expert health-care consultants.

The latter group of people appear to have messed up the livelihood of the entire human race.

In the process of treating a cancer patient, for want of knowledge, instead of removing the causes that are responsible for the development of the cancer, they try to destroy just the ‘store-houses’ by fire (through a procedure called radiotherapy), and by using poisons (through another procedure called chemotherapy).

Subsequently, soon, nearly all the patients die in agony, after suffering tremendously from the inflicted body pain due to iatrogenic disorders (i.e., problems created in the process of treatment).
All the above six observations indicate that the right approach for curing cancers (and several other major diseases, including kidney stone, diabetes, and the like) is to:

make sure that the person drinks enough water,

urinates nearly all of it,

eats proper food, and

defecates the unused Ca daily.

All wild animals consume food and water from the natural resources available in their immediate vicinity, and they do not drink soups, juices or other beverages. They do not go for imported and preservative-containing foods, fruits and drinks, either.

When it comes to the choice of eatables, they follow their ‘traditional habits’ and instincts, and not the recommendations sponsored by the veterinary doctors or foreign consultants.

These animals void urine and defecate the moment they get the urge, and this habit removes all those unwanted excesses that had unwittingly gone into their body.

As a result of the above, their body does not accumulate any one substance (such as Calcium) in large quantities. Therefore, they do not seem to develop any of the major diseases.

Humans do all those that are not done by the animals, and they become victims of their own faults.

God does not give diseases to humans. We create them ourselves, and suffer by refusing to evaluate the truth in whatever we hear from whosoever it may be. Some of the attractive advertisements tend to be deceptive.

In general, good health management requires proper water and food consumption, and urination and defecations at all times.
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