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(This forms an excerpt from the 336-page book
“Human Diseases: How and Why do They Occur, and How to Prevent / Correct Them?” (Palaniappan, 2007: ISBN978-967-9988-12-3).
Those who read this may have several doubts on various statements made here.
(For a fuller understanding of the subject, one will have to either read the above book from the beginning, or wait until I finish presenting the whole lot of it in this BLOG, in due course – Author.)

Under-urination gives rise to body odour. Liberal urination removes it.

The urine voided in the toilets and urinals, if left without flushing off, would emit unbearable, nauseating odour.

This is essentially due to the composition (e.g., urea, ammonia, etc.) of the urine itself.
At times, some of the food substances eaten would also release some unpleasant odour through the urine.

If a person drinks abundant water (e.g., 3 L = 12 glasses), the urine constituents get diluted in the first place. Subsequently, if the person urinates liberally, say, about 10 to 12 times or more, then, the urine may not smell much.

If a person drinks plenty of water, but urinates much less, then, most of the remaining water in the body will have to escape only in the form of sweat, through the skin.

Since the sweat is nothing else but the urine, the skin surface would start emitting urine smell all the time.

If a person drinks very little water daily (e.g.,½ L), he/she will have no choice except to urinating very little, which may measure just about a quarter litre or so.In this case, the urine composition tends to be extremely thick, and therefore, the sweat smell too would become unbearably pungent and repulsive.

The best and easiest way to get rid of the body odour is to drink about 2 – 2½ L of water at regular intervals through the day, and void almost all of it, without losing it in the form of sweat.

The above can be achieved only if the quantity of water taken (i.e., Input) and the quantity of urine (i.e., output) voided are equal. In other words, the Input/Output Ratio should read 1.0.

All those who under-urinate will ‘automatically’ become obese. Likewise, all those who over-urinate, will become skeletal-looking.

A very small number of the under-urinating people who eat extremely little food would still be slim, but of course, would emit pungent body odour. This group of people form an exception to the rule.

Based on the above finding, all obese people are bound to release very strong and pungent body odour.

If a young person in his/her twenties has just started on his new habit of under-urinating, he/she would not have become obese yet, but yet, would release the repulsive body odour, without realising that he/she has the problem.

The body odour, if it comes from a beautiful young person, it will be much liked by a person of the opposite sex. This is so because, body odour forms a secondary sex character. However, people of the same sex tend to hate it.

-Dr.V.M.Palaniappan. Ph.D

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