1. Marriage Compatibility

When two individuals marry, they would live amicably, happily and in good harmony for a prolonged period, only if they have excellent compatibility between them.

Marriages based on mere physical attraction, social or financial status, without adequate compatibility between the individuals, would result in misunderstandings, quarrels, loss of mental peace, and divorces.

The book I am in the process of writing now is getting designed to  describe, based on scientific analyses, the characteristics of all kinds of people, with suggestions that would prove most useful to everybody in choosing the right partner for trouble-free, much enjoyable, and everlasting marital life.

When this science-based ‘horoscope’ hits the market place, one can expect a significant reduction in divorces and related miseries.

2. All About Auto-Immune Diseases, in a Nutshell.

Several ‘auto-immune diseases’, such as hypothyroidism and Type-1 Diabetes, appear to be disturbing healthy living.

The book I am in the process of writing now describes the causes for the occurrence of such diseases, methods for their avoidance, and also curative procedures.

3. Psychology of Women

At all times, all the men keep claiming that a woman’s mind can never be understood, for it is extremely complex, and is ‘deeper than the deepest ocean’.

I have been, based on psychology, attempting to understand women’s mind since my childhood.

What I have analytically gathered during the past about seven decades has given me some insight into the female mind and intuition.

The book I am presently writing will most probably be entitled, “Hey, Woman! I think, I have understood you, at last!”

I intend to pass the manuscript to several women of different walks of life for the ‘approval’ of my findings before publishing it.

4. All About Body Pains, in a Nutshell

I intend to describe and discuss in this book, why do different pains, such as neck pain, back pain, knee pain, stomach/ulcer pain, body ache, menses pain, headaches and migraines occur, and suggest methods for their prevention, and cure if they have already been disturbing.

5. All About Shaping Up Our Body, In a Nutshell

I have developed definite methods for keeping all parts of our body in good shape, until, most probably, our death.

We can keep wrinkle-free oval-shaped face, bulge-free thighs, shapely waist, long and slender necks, cellulites-free shoulders, and the like.

I intend to describe in this book the various methods one can do at home, at ease.

6. Medical Lies People Are Made to Believe

There are too many ‘half-truths’ or even total lies, such as sugar will give you diabetes, salt will give your high blood pressure, oil will give you heart attack, rice will make you obese, wheat products are good for good health, milk is good for you, increased calcium will strengthen bone, for want of calcium, menopausal women would develop osteoporosis,  and the like that are told to people, for various reasons.

The book I intend to write will list all such lies, dig the truth behind them, and correct the misunderstandings.

7. Simple Methods for Living Healthily for 100 Years

I intend to put in this book all I have found in my lifetime.

This will book will show methods for managing the body in good shape, without any disease.

Methods for good digestion, good toileting, good urination, good breathing,, good eye-sight, good hearing, good sex potentials, good sleeping, good cooking, and good selection of foods that will enhance a joyous living for a prolonged God-given life, etc. will form the composition of this book.