(Registered at the Malaysian Society for Complementary Therapies: OP1421)

The modern-day environment has been progressively destroying human health. New germs, synthetic chemical poisons in the names of pesticides, preservatives, medicines, vitamins and minerals, unrecognisable rays, radiations, a variety of toxic pollutants, etc. have started affecting humans beyond curable measures. A solution to overcome all these may be found in “Ecological Healing System” – a scientific and research-based total health care programme. This was developed over a period of 30 years, by a single person – Ecologist Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, Ph.D., as a complementary / alternative to the Western medicine.

This has been designed to make a person lead an almost-completely disease-free life, for a prolonged period of time. In this System, the causes of a particular problem are first traced, and then they are set right through a process of reverse-engineering.

Drugs, synthetic supplements, sweat-out exercises, conventional diet restrictions, etc. have no place here. However, certain scientifically explainable vegetable matter that constitute day-to-day food are to be consumed during the process of recovery. After the treatment, this System educates the person to manage his/her body in a healthy state throughout his/her extended lifetime. He/she is expected to eat well, and live an active, youthful, energetic, and disease-free life for a very long time. This probably is the very latest and most suitable healing system for the 21st century.

Several diseases with causes ‘unknown’ until now, or those considered as ‘incurable’ by Western and/or several other alternative systems, have been successfully prevented through the practice of this System. The following are some such ailments: migraines, breast lumps, cysts, fibroids, most cancers, certain virus diseases, profuse sweating (hyperhidrosis), fluids in lungs (pulmonary oedema), frequent cough, bronchitis, asthma, sinus problems, high/low blood pressures, palpitation, heart blockages, diabetes (NIDDM), kidney, gall and prostate stones, pains in the neck (spondylitis), knee caps and other parts of the body, duodenal ulcers and gastric problems, psoriasis, memory failures, chronic pimples, hair dropping, patchy baldness, dandruff and itch, bad breadth, insomnia, female and male sterility, impotency (erectyle dysfunction), insomnia, Parkinson’s Disease, Shingles, etc.

Method of treatment

The procedure includes (a) detoxification programmes, (b) use of some herbs, (c) corrective procedures of lifestyles and food habits through practical guidance, etc. This does not involve any sweat-out exercise at all. Even walking for the sake of exercising is considered redundant. Most of the foods you were prevented from eating can be eaten during and after this therapy.

Normally, a doctor treats a patient on one-to-one basis. But, in this system, the treatments are given to a large number of people (having different sicknesses) at a time, keeping all of them in a group. Therefore, it is called a “Group Therapy” or “Group Healing”. Until the end, every one’s personal health problems are kept totally confidential.

Each Group Healing Session will be held for 9 hours at a stretch. There will be 4 such sessions, held during a period of about 2 months), usually between 9.30 a.m. and 6.30 pm. These are normally held on Sundays, either in English or Tamil as advertised. Any one joining the Group Healing should attend all the 4 sessions. Details concerning the exact time, date, place, language medium, etc. can be had from Neo Health Care (see address below)

A “PREVIEW” session will be held for about 3 hours, a week before the beginning of each Group Healing Programme. Every individual visitor will have to pay a small Entrance Fee, for which a book in English language, entitled “Health Problems: Diagnose Yourself” written by Dr. V.M. Palaniappan, will be given away freely.

Subsequently, Ecologist Dr. V.M. Palaniappan will (a) ask you just two simple questions before diagnosing all your health problems by touching your calf muscles, (b) let you know whether your problems are curable, (c) inform you of the total fee payable, and (d) will explain to you all about the Group Healing Programme. You can get all your doubts verified during this session.

At the end of the Preview, you can either go away, or stay back to join the Group Healing. If you decide to participate, you would be required to pay a small non-refundable deposit on the spot, and this will be deductible from the total fee payable later.

During the Group Healing sessions, several aspects of your physical health will be recorded and monitored from the beginning until the end of the treatment. This would reveal the transformation in you towards becoming healthier. Here everything is kept totally confidential. No one would know about your health status/sicknesses. Even a wife would not know the details of her husband, or vice versa.

The health care procedure during a Healing Programme:

In the process of seeking health restoration, the following five steps are undertaken: (1) Elimination of toxic substances from the body, (2) Prevention of new input of poisons into the body from internal and external sources, (3) Provision, supplementation or subsidy of whatever is missing in the body, with natural resources, (4) Stabilisation of the bodily functions, and (5) Correction of the misconceptions concerning health management. On completion of all the above five steps, a person achieves an almost perfect state of health. Since a beautification program, that includes shaping up of the body, arms, legs and face form part of the Therapy, the person would start looking young and beautiful.

The body systems that are cared for in this procedure

In an ecological manner, steps are undertaken to upkeep all the following body systems in the best of health: gastro-intestinal, respiratory, cardiovascular, haemic and lymphatic, urogenital, endocrine, nervous, musculo-skeletal and reproductive systems.

State of “Perfect Health”

A perfectly health person is expected to (a) eat very well, digest all, have no wind and stomach bloating, and be very energetic at all times, (b) go to toilet very well, without fear of piles or bleeding, (c) breathe easily without panting, short breath or bad breadth, (d) have good quality blood, without fear of high/low blood pressure, or heart diseases, (e) have steady nervous system without twitching and shaking, with good memory and reflex, (f) have improved eye-sight and hearing , (g) be able to sleep very well, (h) live without any menses problems, PMT, lumps, cysts, kidney stones, body pains, migraine and headaches, (i) be with a very fertile body, fully energetic to lead an active sex life, (j) be youthful, with smooth skin, without the many signs of ageing.

For the rest of your prolonged life, you would not worry about your health at all, for your body would be in a PERFECT STATE OF HEALTH, capable of working for 16 hours a day, even in your senior years, WITH PERFECT MEMORY & VIGOUR.

Identical programme for schools, colleges, offices and industries, with a view to creating a generation of disease-free citizens, and to increase productivity with reduced absenteeism, can also be conducted. (See ORDER FORM for further particulars.)