Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, also known as Dr. Palani, had his early education in his hometown Taiping, Perak. He then studied in different universities to obtain B.Sc (Biol.), M.Sc. (Physiol.) (Annam), M.Sc. (Ecol.), Ph.D. (Microb. Ecol.) (Malaya), Post-Doc. (Nutri Ecol.) (L’pool), Post-Doc. (Toxicol.) (IRRI). He has been a recipient of the following high-level, merit awards: (1) Academic Staff Fellowship of the Assn. of Commonwealth Universities in London. (2) UNESCO Research Fellowship Award. (3) Fellowship Award of Liverpool University, England. (4) Fellowship Award of the International Rice Research Institute. (5) Faculty Adjunctship Award of San Diego State University, Ca, USA.

After, serving as a Science Teacher in Maxwell School, KL, for a short while. Dr. Palani joined Radio Malaysia as a Broadcasting Assistant in early 1964. He was a playwright, producer, newsreader, commentator, announcer, and a creative storyteller: he has narrated 980 stories for children during a period of 23 years, and that earned him the name “Palani Mama”.

He joined Univ. Malaya in 1967 to be a researching Tutor initially, and then a Lecturer, and an Associate Professor in subsequent years. All his lecturer and researches centred around various disciplines of Ecology, including Plant Nutrient Ecology, Enviromental Ecology, Acid Rain Ecology, Microbial and Decomposition Ecology, Reclamation Ecology, Soil Nutrient Ecology, Ecology of Medicinal Plants, etc.

By 1993, Dr. Palani already had to his credit some 105 publications on different subjects, from science to demography. He has also been a free-lance writer to newspaper “The air-conditioner in your vehicle can turn into a killer” (NST), “Carbon monoxide may be a killer in our midst” (NST), Ecologist’s tips on coping with haze” (NST), etc. are a few of his popular articles. His book “Hair Problem” was a sold out in the 80’s. His latest book “Obesity” has been marvelled as a “masterpiece of scientific research”, “an outstanding contribution of the century”, “a scientific tome” etc. by senior scientists and medical professionals.

Dr. Palani has guided a total of 57 BSc Hons, Msc and PhD research projects during his long career as an academician – a number that should be considered quite an achievement, for such a task in the area of Ecology is not easy to accomplish! He has also conducted several international conferences and workshop sessions.

Dr. Palani has been an active member of some 22 organisations and scientific bodies. He has given some 36 noteworthy consultations, which includes being a Consultant Ecologist to His Royal Highness the Prince of Japan. He was a member of the “Botanical Exploration Tea to Nilgiri Upper Montane Regions”.

He has created/ formulated “Palani’s Seehai Kai Shampoo”, “Palani’s Digester”. “Honey Ginger”, “Palani’s cH Meter”, several motivating hypnotic cassettes, and herbal medicines meant for serious illnesses such as breast lumps, heart blockage, kidney stones, psoriasis, erectile dysfunction, etc. which are in the process of being registered and/or patented.

Dr. Palani keeps himself occupied by giving Group Therapy consultations to the sick and needy through the practise of the complimentary medicine he has pioneered – the “Ecological Healing System“.


Full Name: Dr.Palaniappan s/oViswanathanMuthiah.
(Dr. V.M.Palaniappan). (Short Name: Dr. Palani / Dr. Niappan).

Academic Qualifications:        

School Education: St. George’s Institute, Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.
Higher School: Intermediate Science: Annamalai University.
B.Sc. (Botany, Zoology) Annamalai University): 1956-59
M.Sc. (Physiology) Annamalai University: 1959-61.
M.Sc.(Ecology) University of Malaya: 1966-69.
Ph.D.(Micro-organismic Ecology) University of Malaya:: 1970-1975.
Post-Doctoral Research-1 (Nutrient Ecology) Liverpool University, England:1975-78.
Post-Doctoral Research-2 (Toxicology) IRRI, Philippines: 1979.
Post-Doctoral Research (Ecological Modelling) San Diego State U; Ca;USA”.1980.

1. Academic Staff Fellow of the Association of Commonwealth Universities in London. Awarded in 1975.
2. Fellow of Liverpool University, England. Awarded in 1976.
3. Fellow of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation,Paris (UNESCO). Awarded in 1978.
4. Fellow of the International Rice Research Institute. Awarded in 1979.
5. Faculty Adjunct of San Diego State University, Ca.,USA,1981

Date & Place of Birth: December 1938; (75 years); Madurai

Nationality: Malaysian.

Place of Origin: Sirukudalpatti, (Chettinadu), Sivagangai District, Tamil Nadu.
Migrated to Malaysia in 1948/1949.

Current Occupation: 
1. Consultancy Services, Health Care.
2. Conducting Group Therapy Sessions for the Sick and Needy.
3. Writing Scientific Articles & Health Care Books.

Employment details: 
Science Teacher, Maxwell, School, Kuala Lumpur: 1961-63.
Radio Broadcaster in Tamil Language: Radio Malaysia: 1963 1966.
Tutor, Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer:
Associate Professor: University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur: 1966-1994 (28 years).

Postal Address:
A-20-7, Penthouse, Villa Angsana Condominium,
56,JalanKrian, Taman Rainbow,
Off: Batu-4, Jalan Ipoh,
51100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Clinic Address:
Neo Health Care,
D-3-21,PutraMajestikCondo Office Block,
JalanKasipillay, 2nd Mile, Jalan Ipoh,
51200 Kuala Lumpur, WP.,Malaysia.

Contact Details:
Mobile: (6) 012-207 1414.
Fixed Land Line / Fax: 603–624 234 14..
G-mail: vmpalaniappan@gmail.com
Blog: http://ecohealingsystem.blogspot.com/ (In a highly active state)

Proficiency in Languages:
1.  Malay (Spoken & Written: Very Good).
2.  English (Spoken & Written: Excellent).
3. Tamil (Spoken & Written: Excellent).


  • Ecological Healing System: A complementary scientific medicine.
  • Diagnosis of Human Diseases, based on Calf Muscle Density.
  • Obesity: Causes, Prevention and Cure, and Obesity-related Diseases.
  • Diabetes Mellitus: Type II, Gestational Diabetes (Except for Type I)..
  • Cardio-Vascular Diseases.
  • Erectile Dysfunction, Sterility, and Sex Potentials.
  • Breast Lumps, Cysts, Fibroids,
  • Cancers (All forms: All Stages, with the exception of bedridden state).
  • Menstruation, Menopause and Osteoporosis among Women.
  • Asthma, Bronchitis, and Sinusitis.
  • Epilepsy; Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Alopecia, Canities, and Related Problems
  • Medicinal Plants & Plant Nutrients
  • Toxicology
  • Environmental Pollution


  • Soil-Plant Nutrient Ecology
  • Wasteland Reclamation Ecology
  • Tin Tailings Ecology
  • Litter Decomposition Ecology
  • Acid Rain Ecology
  • Medicinal Plant Ecology
  • Weed Ecology
  • Microbial Ecology
  • Plant Community Ecology
  • Human Hair & Health Ecology
  • Tamilology.


(1) Member, Malaysian Invention and Design Society, since 1992-98.
(2) Member, Malaysian Scientific Association, since 1990-98.
(3) Life Member: International Society for Tropical Ecology, since 1972.
(4) Life Member, Malaysian Epilepsy Society (for Research), since 1988.
(5) Member: British Ecological Society, 1970-1986.
(6) Member: Malaysian Society of Applied Biology, 1979-84
(7) Member: Association for Tropical Biology, 1977-79.
(8) Member: Environmental Protection Society, 1970’s.
(9) Member, Malaysian Society of Soil Science, 1980-92.
(10) Member and Selangor State Secretary, Malayan Nature Society, 1970’s.
(11) Alumni, International Rice Research Institute, Manila, since 1988.
(12) Alumni, Annamalai University, India, since 1960’s.
(13) Member, INTECOL (International Association for Ecology)1990-1993.
(14) Life Member: Muthamizh Padipagam (Literary Society) since 1976.
(15) Life Member: Malaysian Thanavaisya Youths Association, since 1976.
(16) Life Member: Malaysian Hindu Youths’ Association, since 1985.
(17) Life Member, MAIUG (Malaysian Asso’n of Indian University Graduates):1970’s.
(18) Member, Global Organisation of PIOs, 1998-99.
(19) Executive Council Member, Internat. Association for Tamil Research, 1986–96.
(20) Member, International Association for Tamil Research, since 1986–1993.
(21) Member, Academic Staff Association of University of Malaya, 1970 – 1994.
(22) Member, Faculty of Science, University of Malaya, 1974 – 1994.
(23) Life Member, Kovai Nagarathar Sangam, India: since 2001.
(24) Member, Malayan Nature Society, Selangor Br. 1966-86; Since 2007.
(25) Member, Persatuan Veteran RTM, Since 2013.
(26) Member, Malaysian Society for Complementary Therapies: Since 2006.


1. Health Science for the Tropics, Maxwell School, Kuala Lumpur: 1961/67.
2. Biology, Botany & Ecology, ‘A’ Level Syllabus, Cyma College, K.L. 1961.
3. General Science: ‘O’ Level Syllabus, Maxwell School, 1962-63.
4. Plant Taxonomy, Agiculture College, Serdang: 1968-70.
5. Ecosystem Concept: To B.Sc.Year -4 Students, at Field Studies Centre,Ulu Gombak: 1968-70.
6. Biology & Taxonomy of Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms, Angiosperms, Anatomy and Morphology, Plant Physiology: Tutored toBSc.II and III years in Univ. Malaya:1967-69.
7. Vegetation Sampling & Classification: ToB.Sc.YearIII Students, at Field Studies Centre, Ulu    Gombak: 1973-75.
8. Soil Ecosystem: A One-week Training Course Offered to the Teachers of South East Asian Countries, at the Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics (SEAMEO/RECSAM), Penang: l974.
9. Soil Survey & Soil Ecology: ToB.Sc.YearIII Students, at Field Studies Centre,UluGombak: Since 1976.
10. Introductory Ecology: Pre-Science: A Preparatory Course for Pre-University   Students,PusatAsasiSains: 1975-78.
11. Introductory Ecology:B.Sc.YearII: University of Malaya: 1970-78.
12. Monera and Lower Cryptogamic Botany:B.Sc.Ed.YearIII: University of Malaya:  1977-79.
13. Soil Science:B.Sc.YearIII: University of Malaya: 1972-1993. (Course Ref: SB309).
14. Soil Ecology:B.Sc.YearIV: University of Malaya: 1975-1994 (Course Ref SB415).
15. Biology and Control of Weeds:B.Sc.YearIII: Unive.  Malaya: 1984-87 and 1988-94. (Course Ref: SB311).
16. Ecology of Soil Micro-organisms:B.Sc.YearIV: University of Malaya: 1976-1989. (Course Ref: SB416).
17. Wasteland Reclamation Ecology:B.Sc.YearIV: University of Malaya: 1976-94.   (Course Ref: SB424)
18. Methods for Organising and Conducting Seminars: B.Sc.Year IV, University of Malaya: 1979 – 1997.   (Course Ref: SB491)
19. Methods in Plant Ecology.B.Sc.YearIV: University of Malaya. 1993/94.
20. Creative Thinking, Innovation and Plantation Management: Course taught to Plantation Managerial Staff, at University of Malaya Centre for Continuing Education, as a Visiting Professor: 1999 – 2000.


1. Military Training: Cadet, Lance Corporal and Corporal in theNational Cadet Corps,Senior Division at  the HQ 6th Madras Battalion NCC Unit in Annamalainagar, 1954-57.

2. Graduated with a B-Certificate, at the Examination of the Infantry Battalion, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, held in 1957.

3. Underwent Leadership Training as a Gram Sevak (Community Service for Village Development), sponsored by     the Government of Tamil Nadu, India: 7 days’ camp in Ghandi Gram, 1957.

4. Served as Gram Sevak (Community Service for Village development): Part of the Block Development inPalladamDt; Coimbatore, India, for 35 days, June, 1957.

5. Participated as a member of the Botanical Exploration Team, Annamalai University, to study the upper montane  flora of the Nilgiri Hills, South India, 1959.

6. Served in the Social Service Camp of the National Cadet Corps, in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India. : July, 1955.

7. Served as a Teacher in the Social Service League, affiliated to Annamalai University, India: 1956 – 1957.

8. Served as a Broadcasting Assistant in Radio Malaysia (RTM) in Kuala Lumpur: Initially as a Part-timer in 1962.  Became a full-time Government Servant: 1963 –1967.


  • Wrote scripts for multivariate programmes.
  • Translated news, programme materials, and a popular daily news commentary called “Window on the World” by Patrick Keith and several other popular journalists, from English to Tamil and vice versa.
  • Read news: national and regional programmes.
  • Performed ‘Conty’ duties: broadcasting of day-to-day programmes, making announcements.
  • Produced a variety of disc programmes: weekly regulars, ‘Karuthum Kaviyum’, ‘Isaiyum Karpanayum’, ‘Isai Sollum Kathai’, ‘listners’ requests’, birthday programmes, motivational songs, instrumentals, etc.
  • Gave running commentaries for numerous functions (other than sports activities) such as convocations, opening of parliamentary building, Malaysian Indian Congress conferences, coverage of parliamentary sessions, governmental and non-governmental functions, Thai Poosam Festival at Batu Caves, etc.
  • Art critique: essentially on paintings and sculptures, related to National Art Gallery
  • Acted in various social & literary dramas/ radio plays, etc. produced by co-workers.
  • Wrote radio plays.
  • Produced various radio and literary plays, written by popular Malaysian writers, besides mine.
  • Produced a weekly programme “UN Speaks”, in Tamil.
  • Wrote stories for children, at weekly intervals.
  • Narrated stories for children, at weekly intervals (details below).
  • Produced children’s weekly magazine programmes.
  • Produced weekly science magazine program “Ariviyal Ulagam”.
  • Produced weekly youths’ magazine programmes “Ilaignar Ulagam
  • Produced weekly magazine programmes for women “Magalir Ulagam” (for 3 months).
  • Produced psychological warfare (daily) programmes (against political terrorism)“Ullum Puramum”.
  • Produced a weekly programme “Neyar Mandram”, where listeners get clarifications.
  • Produced stage shows “Kalappadam”, involving popular Malaysian artistes, for later broadcasts.
  • Voiced daily share market reporting.
  • Served as Co-ordinator for Programme Exchange between Radio Malaysia and Radio Singapore.
  • Served in the organising committee for annual radio festival “Vaanoli Vizha
  • Served as Duty (Supervisory) Officer for Indian Services, at monthly intervals, for a year.
  • Auditioned voices for selection of radio artistes.
  • Served on the committee for the selection of scripts for broadcast.
  • Served as accompanying journalist for Ministers Tun V.T. Sambanthan and Tan Sri Manickavasagam.
  • Covered First International Tamil Conference held in University of Malaya in 1966, organised by the Conference Co-Chairman, Professor Xavier S. Thaninayagam.  Disseminated all aspects of the conference to Radio Singapore, Radio Ceylon, BBC, and All India Radio.
  • Produced (and also interviewed) 40 lectures of eminent scholars who were delegates to 6th International Tamil Research Conference, which included Professors M. Varadarajan (“Mu Va”), V.S.P. Manickam (VaSuPa), eminent personalities such as Ki Va Jeganathan, TK Shanmugam and numerous others.  These were then aired at weekly intervals for next three years.

9. Creative Story Teller for Children in Radio Malaysia, under the name “Palani Mama”:1962-87.   (I have narrated a total of 980 stories).

10. Graduated in Dale Carnegie Course in 1976. President of Class No.61.

11. Visiting Fellow to Agriculture Research Centres in Thailand, IRRI Research Centres in the Philippines and Agriculture Universities and Plantation Crops Research Institutes in India, under the Visiting Fellowship Award of UNESCO,1979/80.

12. Created a New Formula for a Hair and Body Shampoo of Herbs in 1980: Commercialised as “Palani’s Herbal Shampoo”  by Visalam Hair & Health Care Sdn. Bhd.,PetalingJaya.

13. Earned Certification at the Malay Mail Big Walk for Men Junior Veterans, 1980

14. Created a Formula of Herbs for the Curing of Digestive/gastric Problems for Visalam Health Care Sdn.     Bhd.,PetalingJaya, 1987, and is being commercialised.

15. Developed a Technique for the Isolation, Multiplication and Commercialisation of Idly (Rice Cake) Yeast. Marketed byVisalamHaiar & Health Care Sdn. Bhd., since 1986.

16. Served on the Academic Committee of the 6th International Tamil Conference held in University of  Malaya, KL, 1987.

17. Marathon Co-ordinating Organiser: 1989/90, Science and Chemistry Societies, UM.

18. Organising Chairman for Scientific Sessions: The First World-Congress of Siddha Medicine, held in Kuala Lumpur: 29.3.92 – 1.4.92.

19. Member of the Panel of Intellectuals, appointed to advise Radio-Television Malaysia (RTM), by the Research Division of the Ministry of Information, Malaysia: w.e.f. 10.4.1993.

20. Pioneering a new alternative medicine for human health care, called Ecological Healing System, since 1975. Ecologically-oriented methodologies were developed to treat, cure and prevent human diseases.

21. I have treated some 2500 patients for various illnesses during a 25 year-period: 1975 – 2000.  (Data records of 1400 patients were used for the study of obesity, prior to a publication on the subject (see List of Publications).

22. I have conducted 291 Group Therapy Sessions to 64 Groups of People (suffering from a variety of ailments from diabetes, heart blockage to cancer) through the practice of Ecological Healing System during a period of 33 years: in Malaysia, Singapore, and India, between 1975 and 2008.


  1. Served as Consultant on Tropical Ecology to His Imperial  Highness the Prince of Japan, during His State Visit to Malaysia duringApril l970, and received His Appreciation through the Japanese Embassy in Malaysia.
  2. Consultant to Cambridge Examination Syndicate to assess the Higher School Certificate Examinations held in Malaysia, 1970-1973.
  3. Served University of Malaya Education Faculty as Examiner of Peer Teaching of B.Sc.Ed. Final Year Candidates, 1970-73.
  4. Served as Member of the Student Consultative Committee, Universiti Malaya: 1970-74.
  5. Served as a Consultant Member of the Committee to English China Clay Ltd., England, l975/76.
  6. Served in the Committee for the Formation of the School of Biological Sciences in University Malaya.
  7. Member of the Working Committee for the Formulation of New Degree Structure for University of Malaya, 1970s.
  8. Provided consultancy services to the Cambridge Examination Syndicate in the conducting of ‘A’ Level (HSC) Biological Sciences Practical Examinations: 1970-73.
  9. Consultant to Malaysian Ministry of Education Examination Syndicate for SPM and STP Examinations, 1973.
  10. Consultant in Ecological Studies to RECSAM in Penang, offered to SEMEO-SEADAC countries, 1974.
  11. Served in the Committee for Reclamation of Disused Mining Lands and Pools, Malaysian Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, 1974.
  12. Provided consultancy services to the Forest Botanist in the Forest Research Centre at Sandakan, Sabah, for the establishment of Soils Laboratory: 1977-78.
  13. Served as a Consultant to the Ministry of Health on Matters Relating to the Use of  Neem Oil, 1986.
  14. Served as Consultant to the Indian Chamber of Commerce for Standardising the Quality of Curry Powders in Malaysia, 1987.
  15. Served as a Consultant Referee to Pertanika Journal published by  Universiti   Pertanian Malaysia
  16.  Served as a Consultant Referee to Wallaceana, published by Zoology Departement, Universiti Malaya.
  17. Member of the Working Committee for the Formation of Departments from School of Biological Sciences.
  18. Member of the Working Committee for the Training of Technicians in Physical Sciences, Science Faculty, UM.
  19. Member of the Botanic Garden Management Committee, Univ. of Malaya: 73-74.
  20. Member of the Faculty of Science, University of Malaya: 1974-1993.
  21. Member of the Board of Examiners, University of Malaya: 1970-1993.
  22. Botany Department Safety Officer, University of Malaya: 1976-93.
  23. Managed Chemical Store for Ecology Division, University of Malaya: 1970-75.
  24. Managed Votes and Stores for Botany Department, University of Malaya: 1976-77.
  25. Managed Ecology/Botany Honours (Year-4) Laboratory, Universiti Malaya: 1970-93.
  26. Co-ordinator of B.Sc.Year Four Honours Research Projects, Botany Dept, University of Malaya: 1977-79.
  27. Co-ordinator for Field Study Centre Teaching Courses,l977-89.
  28. Organiser of Botany Student Seminars 1976-94.
  29. Science Programme Producer, Radio Malaysia: 1962-67.
  30. Consultant to Visalam Hair & Health Care Centre & Ecohealth Sdn. Bhd. to treat hair and health problems: since 1975 – 2000.
  31. Consultant to Educational, Welfare & Research Foundation Malaysia, 1985-92.
  32. Consultant to Projek BAKA: Teaching of Ecosystem to Gifted Children, Faculty of Education, University of Malaya, 1984-86.
  33. Consultant to the CHILD Information Learning and Development Centre, 1988.
  34. Presented a Program in TV-3 on the Ecology of Human Hair, 1988.
  35. Demonstrated Scientific Vegetarian Cooking in TV (RTM) for 30 minutes under the “Sudut Selera” sponsorship, 1988.
  36.  Trained B.Sc.Honours Year Four Students on Methods of Organising Seminars, Chairing and Delivering Research Papers, in the Depart. of Botany, UM: 1977-1997.
  37. Offered Training to Kindergarten Teachers on the Methods of Creative Story Telling to Children, a week’s program sponsored by EWRF, held in University of Malaya, June, 1993.

 PUBLICATIONS (In Chronological Order):

(Theses, Books/Sections/Parts in Books, Publications in Journals, Conferences Organised, Publications in Conference Proceedings, Papers Presented Conferences, Seminars and Public Lectures, Scientific Reports, Publications in Newspapers, Essays for Public Circulation, Talks Aired in Radio Malaysia & T.V. Malaysia Programs, Hypnotic Programs in Cassettes, and Educational Film Strips):

1. Palaniappan, V.M.(1960). Autecological Studies of Cleome icosandra,L. M.Sc.Thesis Submitted to Annamalai University, India.

2. Palaniappan,V.M.(196l). Effect of Sound Waves on the Growth of Eleusine corocana,L. M.Sc.Thesis Submitted to Annamalai University.

3. Palaniappan, V.M.(1963 – 1966). “World of Science”.  Wrote scripts and produced a weekly 30 minutes’ serial magazine in Radio Malaysia.

4. Palaniappan, V.M.(1963 – 1966). Nalla Kudumbam.  Wrote and produced for Radio Malaysia a weekly drama of science, with fun. 120 segments


6. Palaniappan, V.M.(1963 – 67).  Written large number of RADIO PLAYS, SHORT STORIES and ESSAYS for a variety of programs in Radio Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

 7. Palaniappan,V.M.(l970). Studies on the seral stages of plant succession on areas of tin mining industries around Kuala Lumpur. M.Sc.Thesis submitted to Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur,187pp.

8. Palaniappan,V.M.(1971). Vegetation Succession in Tailings Areas. Paper presented at  the Internat.Pacific Science Congress, Singapore. 21pp.

9. Palaniappan, V.M.(1972). History, flora and edaphology of tin tailings areas around Kuala   Lumpur. Tropical Ecol. 13(2):202-225.

10. Palaniappan,V.M.and FongFooWoon(1973). The chemical composition of Curculigo latifolia in relation to the fertility of its habitat. Tropical Ecol. 14 (2):3l-45.

11. Palaniappan,V.M.(1973). Effect of human interferences on the fertility of the forest soil. Uthayam (Tamil) 1-6:pp 11.

12. Teh,H.H., V.M.Palaniappan, et al (l973). Report of the Committee for Utilization of Disused Mining Lands  and Ponds. 39pp. Report Submitted to the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

13. Palaniappan,V.M.(1974). A Manual of Practical Ecology for Tropical Schools.  A Guide Book Released to SEAMEO Countries by RECSAM, Pulau Pinang.50pp.

14. Palaniappan,V.M.(1974). Ecology of tin tailings areas: plant communities and their succession. J. Appl.  Ecol. 11 (l) 133-150.

15. Palaniappan,V.M.(1975). Litter production and fungal decomposition of Xerospermum muricatum leaf litter in a Malaysian mixed forest ecosystem. Ph.D. Thesis, submitted to Universiti Malaya. 419pp.

16. Palaniappan, V.M.(1975). Plant Succession on Tin Tailings Areas. Educational Film Strip for the Teaching of Ecology in Malaysian Secondary Schools. Ministry of Education. 40 frames.

17. Bradshaw,A.D., Roberts,R.D., Skeffington,R.A., Newnes,W. and Palaniappan,V.M.(l976). The Ecology and Reclamation of Some Difficult Types of Derelict Lands. Report submitted to English China Clay Ltd., England. l3pp.

18. Palaniappan, V.M.(1976). Malaysia – A Country With Abundant Natural Resources. Seminar Presented at the Liverpool Rotary Luncheon Meeting in 1976.

19. Palaniappan, V.M.(1976). Ecology of Tin Tailings Areas in Malaysia. Seminar Presented at University of Liverpool, England.

20. Palaniappan,V.M.and Chan,D.(1977). Appendix for Biology: A Functional Approach by MBjVRoberts. Heinemann Educational Books.3pp.

21. Palaniappan, V.M.(1979). A Guide to Nagarathars of West Malaysia.  MalaysianThanavaisyaAssocition. 315pp.

22. Palaniappan, V.M.(1979). Utilisation of Natural Resources in Malaysia.  Special guest lecture delivered at the Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Coimbatore, India.

23. Palaniappan,V.M.and Palaniappan,S. (l979). The Scope of Palm Oil Mill Effluent Usage in the Reclamation of Sandy Tin Tailings Areas. Paper presented at the International Tropical Ecology Symposium held in Kuala Lumpur,April, l979.

24. Palaniappan, V.M.(1979). Microbial Degradation of Organic Matter. Seminar Presented in University of Agriculture, Bangalore, India.

25. Palaniappan, V.M.(1979). Ecological Principles Pertaining to the Conservation of Human Hair. Seminar Presented at the University of Agriculture, Bangalore, India.

26. Palaniappan, V.M.(1979). Planting Crops in Tailings Areas in Malaysia. Seminar Presented in Kasergod Plantation Crops Research Division, Kerala, India.

27. Palaniappan, V.M.(1979). Ecological Approach to Human Hair and Health Care. Seminar Presented atSirCVRaman Lecture Theatre in Madurai Kamaraj University, India.

28. Palaniappan,V.M., R.H.Marrs and A.D.Bradshaw (1979). The effect of Lupinus arboreus on the nitrogen status of China clay wastes. J. Appl. Ecol. 16, 825- 83l.

29. Palaniappan,V.M.and Palaniappan,S. (1980). Utilisation of palm oil mill effluent as a source of nitrogen. Proc. Conf. Soil Sci.Agric. Dept. in Malaysia. 243-258.

30. Palaniappan, V.M.(1980). How to Get Our Daughters Married:A Scientific Approach to Eradication of Dowry System Among the Tamils. Personal Publication. 18pp.

31. Palaniappan,V.M.(198l). Hair Problems: Causes and Preventive Measures.  Visalam Publishers. 223pp.

32. Palaniappan,S. and Palaniappan,V.M.(198l). Palm oil mill effluent as a manure for plant growth. Proc. UNESCO Reg. Symp. Biotech. Utilisation of Renew. Resources.UniversitiPertanian Malaysia.

33. Palaniappan,V.M.(l981). A Method to Speed-up POME Decomposition for Use as Manure.  Paper present at the UNESCO Regional Symposium  on Biotechnology and Utilisation of Renewable Resources, Universiti Pertaninan Malaysia.llp.

34. Palaniappan,S. and Palaniappan,V.M.(1981). Fungi associated with the early   decompostion of POME (palm oil mill effluent) residues.  Paper presented to the PORRIM Coordinating Committee for POME/POS utilisation.  13p.

35. Palaniappan,V.M.(1981). Effect of Pollution on Human Hair”, Luncheon Talk delivered at the Kuala Lumpur Rotary Club.

36. Palaniappan,V.M.(1981). “Hair Problems: Causes and Preventive Measures”.  Luncheon Talk, delivered at the Klang Rotary Club.

37. Palaniappan,V.M.and A.B.Sim (1982). Ecology of the rhizoplane fungi of Hibiscus esculentus L. Malaysian J. Sci. 7:2l-26.

38. Palaniappan, V.M.(1982). The Ecology of Tin Tailings Areas in Malaysia. Seminar Presented In San Diego State University, Ca., USA.

39. Palaniappan, V.M.(1982). Hair Problems and Preventive Measures. Paper presented in San Diego State University, Ca.USA.

40. Palaniappan, V.M (1982).  Healthy Living.  Seminar Presented atKursusLembagaPerancangKeluargaNegara Malaysia (National Family Planning Board).

41. Palaniappan,V.M.and S.R.SaaidanKhadri(1982). Efficiency of certain nitrogenous fertilizers for vegetable production on Serdang Series soil. Paper presented at Seminar on Nitrogen in Malaysian Agriculture. 9pp.

42. Palaniappan, S., SyedSophieand Palaniappan,V.M.(1983). A study on the land application of palm oil mill effluent. Paper presented at the Seminar on Land Application of Palm Oil and Rubber Factory Effluents.UniversitiPertanian Malaysia. 14pp.

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  • To write and publish books, based on my own research, in the area of Ecological Healing System, with a view to using them as TEXT BOOKS / REFERENCES for the teaching of Ecological Healing System in an Academic Institution.
  • Initial Objective: To establish a College / university for the Teaching of Ecological Healing System (EHS) /  EcoTherapy so as to create a large number of EHS Practitioners, for the perpetuation of this important complementary medical system, that could benefit humanity at large.
  • Final Objective: To establish a disease free / a totally healthy Human Population world wide.