Under-Urination Causes Type-2 Diabetes And Heart Blockages

By Dr. V. M Palaniappan, Ph.D

(This feature is the second part of an eight part series released every Thursday on a new complementary medicine called Ecological Healing System introduced by the former University Malaya Associate Professor based on his 30 years of research)KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 (Bernama) — A new complementary medicine called Ecological Healing System reveals it is under-urination that contributes to type-2 diabetes and heart blockages.

This deviates from the conventional belief that sugar intake and lack of exercise are the underlying cause for type-2 diabetes. It also contradicts with the general belief that the consumption of fats and fast foods contributes to disease causing obesity. Probably these misconceptions are the one responsible for the enormous increase in the incidence of these two diseases globally over the years.

A 30-year research that yielded the Ecological Healing System on the contrary has noted that it is habitual under-urination (about thrice daily) after drinking anything between 1 to 4 litres of water and avoidance of carbohydrates and sugars that jointly give rise to type-2 diabetes mellitus and pregnancy diabetes called gestational diabetes.

However, if one under-urinates while constantly over eating excessive quantities of sugars and carbohydrates they would suffer from insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus type-1, previously called juvenile diabetes.

When a person under-urinates and develops chronic constipation, abundant calcium accumulates within the body. To prevent serious damage or death, the brain induces frequent urinations so that the excessive calcium can be eliminated from the body. Defecating small quantities of slimy, smelly and gas-producing faeces more than twice daily is called chronic constipation and this appears to aggravate all types of diabetes.


Nevertheless, in the absence of water, frequent urinations cannot occur and accumulation of the calcium would continue. Excessive calcium accumulation causes blood vessels to thicken (atherosclerosis) and blockages in the tiny arteries of the heart. Blood clotting called thrombus, kidney stones, lumps, cysts, fibroids, tumours and cancers also form because of this.

The thickened and narrowed blood vessels of a person who drinks abundant water but does not urinate or sweat it out will build up an enormous blood pressure that can rupture the fine arteries in the brain region and give rise to stroke. To correct this problem the brain induces uncontrollable and frequent urinations called diabetes insipidus.

Thus someone who under-urinates after drinking plenty of water would get only diabetes whereas someone who under-urinates without drinking enough water would get heart problems.

If a person gets type-2 diabetes it saves him from cancer, heart failure and death. Here the brain’s decision appears to be that living with diabetes is better than death through heart failure or cancer.

Under urination also causes the following diseases: pregnancy outside the womb, female and male sterility, under-sexuality, enlargement of the sperm, delayed puberty and erratic menses, early menopause, white discharges, vitiligo (whitening of the skin), prostate stones, thyroid gland swelling, increase in size and number of white blood cells, tumour of white cells, eye-bags and partial deafness due to cell enlargement called hypertrophy.


The effect of calcium accumulation appears to be more severe in women. Enormous quantity of calcium accumulates in pregnant women who drink very little water and under-urinate. This gives rise to pregnancy diabetes.

If a menstruating woman drinks little water and under-urinates she would get only the type-2 diabetes but not heart attack, because the menstrual fluids remove most of the calcium at monthly intervals. However lumps, cysts, fibroids and tumours tend to develop in those who suffer from erratic menses.

If a menopaused woman drinks little water and urinates less, a rapid calcium build-up would increase her body weight making her breasts bigger and harder. She would also get lumps, fibroids, brain tumours, cervical cancer, blood vessel thickening and massive heart attack resulting in death.

If a menopaused woman takes excessive calcium and vitamin-D supplements beyond the body’s holding capacity she would develop osteoporosis, which appears to be the brain’s way of shedding the excess in order to save the person from death. The female hormone oestrogen has nothing to do with the prevention of osteoporosis or heart attacks as popularly believed.

The cure for all these diseases rests in correcting the causes that are responsible for their occurrences and these will be discussed in the final part of this series.

Dr Palani who has written books on obesity, heart problems, diabetes, sex problems and human diseases discusses all his findings in this eight-part series. He can be contacted at (6-03)62722284 / (6)012-2071414 / e-mail: vmpalani@streamyx.com.