Under Urination After Consuming Excessive Water Causes Asthma

By Dr. V. M Palaniappan, Ph.D

(This feature is the third of eight part series released every Thursday on a new complementary medicine called Ecological Healing System introduced by the former University Malaya Associate Professor based on his 30 years of research)KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 (Bernama) — Liberal water consumption (about 4 litres) and under-urination (about thrice daily) along with moisture condensation on skin and lungs jointly give rise to asthma, nagging cough, continuous sneezing, sinus problem, profuse sweating called hyperhidrosis and uncontrollable urinations called diabetes insipidus.

Increased water consumption increases the urinal bladder pressure. If the urge for urination is suppressed, the brain redirects the urinal fluid to the skin to excrete it as profuse sweat. The urine smell is carried as strong pungent body odour.

People seem to under-urinate because of deep sleep, long distance travel, business meetings, functions, watching movies, and a host of other reasons.

Usually the sweat evaporates and leaves the skin dry. However, in the absence of proper ventilation the sweat condenses on the skin and chills the body. This in turn promotes the condensation of air-borne moisture in the lungs blocking the breathing holes called alveoli. This phenomenon is similar to the mist that condenses on the glass windows of a car when rain occurs. Persistent chilling seems to result in asthma.

The blocked alveoli prevent the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen and causes breathing difficulty. As a rescue operation the brain induces sneezing to clear the water droplets. If the clogging continues the sneezing or nagging cough too continues.

Wrapping infants with tight napkins prevents liberal urination, which in turn would give them hyperhidrosis, followed by bronchitis. This in due course makes them asthma-prone.


Repeated water condensation in the nostrils tends to give rise to sinus problems. Nasal sprays used as a remedy for sinus problems tend to dry up the condensed water to provide temporary relief. Nevertheless, urinating at hourly intervals for six weeks has been clinically observed to cure even chronic sinus and hyperhidrosis problems. It takes much longer period to heal the asthmatics.

Allergens such as pollutants, smoke and pollens that aggravate asthma attacks should not be considered as causative factors because they do not disturb the liberal urinating people sleeping in well ventilated bedrooms.

Athletes tend to get asthmatic attacks only because of the chilling effect produced by condensation of the sweat they produce. This in turn condenses the air-borne moisture in their lungs and gives them the problem.

Most asthmatics tend to become victims of their false belief that sleeping under a fast running fan in a totally closed bedroom would save them from these attacks.

For the prevention or cure of asthma, excessive sneezing, nagging cough, sinus problem and hyperhidrosis, one should urinate well without holding the urinal pressure, and sleep in a room where ample exchange of fresh air occurs at all times. Wearing loose underwear would prevent suppression of liberal urinations.

The water intake to urine output ratio should remain at 1.0 at all times to achieve success in the curative procedure.

It appears that any therapy for a cure should be practised non-stop at least for six weeks so that it gets into the brain as a permanent feature. However, the problem would recur if the person begins to suppress his urination on and off for another six weeks at a stretch.

An elaborate and more complete curative procedure is contained in the three books “Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, Sneezing and Sweating”; “Obesity: Causes, Cure and Prevention” and “Human Diseases” by Dr. V.M. Palaniappan. Dr. Palani can be contacted at (6-03) 62722284 / (6) 012-207 14 14 / e-mail: vmpalani@streamyx.com.