Under-Urination, Excessive Body Strain And Toxicity Could Cause Blood Cancer

Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.

(This feature is fifth of the eight part series released every Thursday on a new complementary medicine called Ecological Healing System introduced by the former University Malaya Associate Professor based on his 30 years of research)I have observed some young men and women in their late teens extremely active in sports dying of blood cancer called lymphocytic leukaemia. Two of them were school captains chosen for their top performances in all sports activities.

This has prompted me to develop a hypothesis of the following kind, which requires further and intense research. The explanations offered here should be of some use in our attempt to understand the why and how of this fatal disease.


The same set of reasons that gives rise to several of the heart disorders, stone diseases, tumours and cancers also seems to give rise to blood cancer. Excessive and continued physical stress appears to be another factor for its development.

Leukaemia is the result of excessive and uncontrollable production of white cells in the blood. Normally whenever the body gets infected with some microbes the white cell production increases in order to fight it out.

The white cell production requires free calcium and plenty of it becomes available when a person under-urinates. Excessive calcium makes the body alkaline.

A person who practices regularly for a Marathon run drinks plenty of water (e.g., 5 litres), most of which gets lost in the form of profuse sweat. Such a sweat can remove only a little of the stored calcium. As a result enormous quantity of calcium builds up within the body and this results in the increased production of white cells.

Marathons require a running of 40 km at a stretch. Some undertake to do ‘half a Marathon’. In both cases this effort goes beyond the tolerance limit of the body resulting in the development of severe acidity called hyperacidosis which gives the person a sensation of heat.

An acidified body loses its immunity against virus infections as described in my earlier publications indicated below. A loss of such immunity gives the person frequent sore throat, common cold and fever.

When the body develops hyperacidosis the bones and teeth can dissolve to release free calcium and this can increase the production of white cells. At the same time the acid state of the body allows virus infections which in turn tends to induce the white cell production to a greater scale giving rise to leukaemia.

Acute Myeloid Leukaemia is a different kind of blood cancer. This seems to occur in persons who do not over-strain their body but expose it to excessive radiations. A continuous input of poisonous chemicals such as strong antibiotics and drugs given for tumours and cancers too tend to make the body overly hyperacidosed and give rise to this kind of blood cancer.


Avoidance of over-exercising beyond the tolerance limit of the body, taking strong drugs of poisonous nature, consuming excessive preservatives and pesticide residues and exposure to radiations appear to be the most important aspects of prevention.

Drinking adequate water and urinating liberally without losing it through sweat-out exercises should also be of equal importance for the total avoidance of these two problems.

Pregnant woman may have to refrain from accumulating the above-described toxicity and also avoid over-exposure of their body to dangerous radiations so as to prevent their babies from developing blood cancer in their early childhood.

Chronic constipation worsens several major diseases by enhancing the accumulation of calcium. The same phenomenon could also contribute to the ill-effects of blood cancer.


Chronic constipation seems to be the major cause for pimple formation on face and shoulders. The popular belief that hormonal changes is responsible for this problem does not seem to be right.

Eating foods of refined flour products such as chappathi, cakes, biscuits, groundnuts, chocolates and papaya tends to increase the severity of both the constipation and thereby the pimple formation.

Eating hard jelly helps in easing the problem to some extent. Repeated intestinal cleansing with the use of some herbal laxative helps in the total eradication of even chronic pimples.

Menses-related pimples in women appear to be related to the re-absorption of the rancid-smelling menstrual fluid due to its delayed discharge. This too does not seem to be related to any hormonal imbalance as is popularly believed.

Certain forms of psoriasis and eczema appear to be related to chronic constipation. These too tend to get cleared upon correcting the defecation problem.

Bad breadth called halitosis, frequent release of foul-smelling flatulence, piles, colon cancer, high cholesterol level, etc. also appear to have direct relationship to persistent chronic constipation.

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