Under-Eating Is Not The Correct Approach For Disease Prevention

Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.

(This feature is seventh of the eight part series released every Thursday on a new complementary medicine called Ecological Healing System introduced by the former University Malaya Associate Professor based on his 30 years of research)The mineral calcium not only builds up the bones and teeth in a person, but also the soft tissues all over the body. Thus the face, shoulder, belly and thigh bulges should be due to the accumulation of calcium and may not be because of the fat deposition or adipose tissues as is popularly believed.

Practically all food substances contain calcium in them, some have plenty of it, while others have it to lesser levels.

A person eating large quantities of food is bound to accumulate plenty of calcium. If the food happens to be calcium-rich, its build up in the body too would become enormous. This would naturally make him appear big-sized.

If a ‘big-eater’ drinks plenty of water (e.g., 2–2½ litres) and urinates most of it through about 8 – 10 urinations, a substantial quantity of the water-soluble calcium would get leached out of his body.

If he happens to under-urinate (about thrice daily) either after drinking plenty of water or less, his body would accumulate the free calcium and that with the help of vitamin-D gets fixed in the soft tissues in various parts of the body making him obese.


If a person habitually eats very little food only very little calcium would enter into his body. If such a food happens to be poor in its calcium content, the body may even end up in calcium deficiency.

When a ‘poor-eater’ drinks 2 – 2½ water and urinates nearly all of it, most of the calcium would get leached out depriving the body of its minimum requirement. Such a situation can become worse if he drinks 3-4 litres of water and urinates all of it.

Such a calcium shortage tends to give the person many of the diseases described in the previous part. Developing a skeletal body frame, under-developed breasts, etc. are some of them.

If the under-eater happens to be an under-urinator (about thrice daily), some amount of calcium would remain inside his body, and that appears to make him look thin and tall. Girls of this habit tend to retain a slim body but with big breasts. However, both genders would emit strong and pungent body odour owing to the excretion of urine as sweat.


We have seen earlier that over-eating under-urinators tend to become obese and get serious health problems such as diabetes, heart and stone diseases, tumours and cancers. Whereas, under-eating under-urinators, for want of excessive calcium build-up, do not seem to get these diseases, and kidney failure alone appears to be the only major exception.

Kidney functions well only if it is constantly used for the flushing of the toxic wastes, with the use of plenty of water as its medium for the cleansing. Under-utilised kidney components including the filtration system tend to get spoiled in the long run, resulting in what is called necrosis.

This new concept raises another important question. As of today, everybody seems to emphasise in the reduction of food quantity consumed or in losing calories through physical exercises for better health keeping. Whereas the present finding indicates that this approach can help only to a partial extent.

A reduction in food, without increasing the water consumption and urination, or exercising to lose the extra calories obtained from the over-eaten food, not only do not help for perfect health keeping, but tend to produce some amount of adverse effects, such as kidney failure and pungent body odour, as pointed out earlier.

The correct approach for perfect health management appears to depend upon the consumption of optimum quantity of water (about 2 litres daily), urination of nearly all the water consumed and avoiding over-eating of food that are rich in calcium. Avoidance of chronic constipation and over exposure to sunshine also helps in the prevention of these diseases.


Blurred vision, partial deafness, severe hair dropping that leads to balding, momentary muscular cramps, sense of laziness, lethargic state and development of thicker skin as is found in buffaloes constitute temporary or permanent impairment of body functions.

Most of the impairments appear to be related to impeded lymph circulation. Appropriate massages, such as the Body Rubbing Exercise, Body Towel Massage and Breathing Exercise tend to help in correcting or preventing these problems. These are described my book on obesity.

Development of black coloration in the tongue, sixth finger, split lips, changes in the morphology of the blood constituents, etc. constitute deformities. These appear to be the result of toxic substances that have gone into the body either knowingly or inadvertently.

Pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits, mosquito poisons, food preservatives, food supplements made of synthetic chemicals, several of the drugs that are administered for the relief of body distresses, drugs given for abortion of pregnancies and poisoned alcoholic beverages constitute some such toxic substances. At times, these substances give rise to total blindness, deafness or even death.

Some defects such as the tongue’s black discoloration and blood spoilage, can be reversed. Such cures centre around certain detoxification processes that include voiding plenty of urine after drinking distilled or rain water for about a month and cleansing the digestive tract with the use of some strong herbal laxative.

Malfunctioning of the body caused by the venoms that are advertently injected into the body by other organisms, along with mechanical injuries caused by accidents, form altogether a different category of illnesses. Exercising caution would help in the prevention of these disasters. Methods found in modern medicine and several of the indigenous medical systems appear to contain adequate procedures for overcoming these problems.

The methods cited here can be read in the books on “Obsity: causes, cure and prevention”, “Heart problems, diabetes and related diseases” “Sex problems: causes, cure and prevention”,and “Human diseases” by Dr. Palaniappan. Dr. Palani can be contacted at (6-03) 62722284 / (6) 012-207 14 14 / e-mail: vmpalani@streamyx.com