Disease Causing Factors And Health Keeping Procedures Within A Nutshell

Dr.V.M.Palaniappan, Ph.D.

(This feature is last of the eight part series released every Thursday on a new complementary medicine called Ecological Healing System introduced by the former University Malaya Associate Professor based on his 30 years of research)All the diseases seem to occur due to one or more of the following causes:• Accumulation of poisons due to erroneous lifestyles: The improper lifestyle includes reduced water consumption, over-exposure to sunshine, and under-urinations due to sweat-out exercises, hot water bath and fan usage. Excessive calcium and vitamin-D appear to be the major toxic substances.• Consumption of improper foods and drinks, in terms of quality and quantity: This includes under-eating, or over-eating of refined flour products that gives rise to chronic constipation, consuming too much food of animal origin, eating unclean, pesticide and preservative containing vegetables and fruits.

• Inhalation or retention of poisonous gasses: This refers to the retention of one’s own carbon dioxide due to short breath or facial cover and flatulence due to constipation, in addition to toxic gasses from sprays, mosquito poisons, sewerage / industrial / traffic emissions.

• Upset in the pH (acidity / alkalinity) of the body fluids: This occurs due to consumption of alkaline or acidic foods and drinks, in addition to factors related to metabolism.

• Impeded lymph and blood flows: This can be caused by tightly worn clothes, under-wears, belts, socks, neck-ties and sedentary lifestyle.

• Getting subjected to invasive diagnosis and treatments at hospitals: The use of radioisotopes, various scans, radiations, biopsies, ultra-strong chemotherapies, highly poisonous antibiotics and a wide variety of different medications, drug interactions and redundant surgeries that tend to give rise to what is medically called iatrogenic disorders.

• Injection of venom from co-habiting animals and plants: This can give rise to a wide variety of health problems that may lead to death.

• Induced or spontaneous accidents: Apart from all the above, these tend to interfere seriously with the health-keeping programme one may practice.

• Genes as carriers of diseases: A belief that is fast becoming popular nowadays has relevance to the genetic inheritance of some of the diseases. When this notion is logically evaluated, it becomes evident that none of these health disorders could be genetically linked. This is so because Nature may not choose to retain in their genes something that is against the principles of evolution and inheritance.

• Nature chooses the best fit, and not the worst, for speciation and improvement of life forms. Ruining of what has already been selected during the past millions of years cannot be the basic principle of evolution. Further, saying that Nature chooses diseased, unfit and the worst appears to be an illogical statement.

• Cells as carriers of diseases: It is quite possible that some of the characters of the parents, including their diseases, can be carried to their children through the cytoplasmic constituents of the reproductive cells (sperm and egg) themselves, and these are called somatic transfers.


This forms a scientific and research-based total health care programme developed over a period of 30 years. It is designed to make a person almost-completely disease-free by setting right the causes of a problem. Drugs and synthetic vitamins have no place here.

The healing procedure requires the use of some alkaline or acid foods and fruits, correction of water consumption and urination procedures, changing of eating pattern and training to perform proper breathing, body-rubbing and body towel massage.

In the process of health restoration, the following six steps are undertaken: (1) elimination of toxic substances from the body, (2) prevention of newer input of poisons into the body from internal and external sources, (3) provision, supplementation or subsidy of whatever is missing in the body with the use of natural resources, (4) stabilisation of the bodily functions, (5) correction of the misconceptions concerning health management, and (6) a beautification programme to shape up the body, arms, legs and face.


In short, the following constitute simple to practice rules that would help in the maintenance of the body in a perfect state of health:

One should drink 2 – 2½ litres of clean water daily, at two hourly intervals while awake. Every water intake should be followed by urination which may add up to about 8 – 10 times daily. The water consumption/urination should work out to a ratio of 1.0. In other words, almost all the water consumed should be urinated out.

One should avoid eating excessive food, and also food containing pesticide residues and preservatives. Avoidance of constipating foods and maintaining good toileting practice are of great importance. Consuming groundnuts, biscuits, chocolates and powdered milk should be avoided.

Some foods are acidic in nature, and others are alkaline. It would be better to consume 40% of acid foods, and 60% of alkaline foods.

Working adults should not play violent games that would produce excessive sweating. However, sedentary retired people should undertake brisk walking for short distances daily.

Elaborate and complete information in this regard may be read in my book “Obesity: causes, cure and prevention”, where step-by-step guidance can be read for the upkeep of perfect health.